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How to Make HOT SPICY TURKEY WINGS | Basic Pan Oven Recipe

Turkey Wings – are perfect for people that don´t want to make a whole turkey, or maybe your family just like the wings. Turkey wings take a lot less time to make and inexpensive. Try my recipe for a deliciously perfect and yummy Supa Dupa Spicy Turkey Wings dinner, you will love it.

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Ingredients: (Supa Dupa Spicy Turkey Wings)
* Fresh Tomatoes
* 2 Onion Bulbs Red & White
* 2 Gloves Garlic & Ginger
* 1 -2 Scotch Bunnet Pepper
* 3 Fresh Long Red Paprika
* Spring Onions
* Parsley
* Olive Oil
* Badia Seasoning
* Salt

Marinade: (Supa Dupa Hot Spicy Turkey Wings)
Salt – Black Pepper – 1/2Ts Curry Powder – 1/2Ts Nut Meg – Thyme – Rosmarin – 1Ts Chilli Powder –
Badia Seasoning – 2Ts Soy Sauce – 2Ts Olive Oil
Mix Thoroughly & Freez For 1 Hour or more.

Serving Suggestions for (Supa Dupa Hot Spicy Turkey Wings)
Rice – Roasted Potato – Beverage Drinks

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