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Raid the Fridge Season 01 Episode 04 Watch Free Online

Raid the Fridge Season 01 Episode 04 Descriprion

Burgers and Birthday Parties!
Host Dan Ahdoot welcomes four chefs to a burger battle in the first round, as they raid fridges from a junk food foodie, fitness fanatic and more. Then, the competitors are challenged to make a meal for their vegetarian boss, and one chef finds their fridge to be a little “ruff.” In the final round, the two remaining chefs face some puzzling fridges as they attempt to whip up a sweet and salty dessert that will impress judges Jamika Pessoa and Jordan Andino and win them a fridge full of $10,000.

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Raid the Fridge Show Summary

Four professional chefs in a head-to-head battle to turn ordinary items from mystery refrigerators into top-notch dishes. Hosted by comedian, actor and food podcast host Dan Ahdoot, each episode begins with the chef competitors using their intuition to choose a refrigerator based only on how it looks on the outside, with clues from the photos, magnets, calendars and art on the door. But looks can be deceiving and sometimes a bachelor pad’s shelves are better stocked than the family of four, so there’s always an element of surprise. After three rounds of cooking challenges using only the mix of fresh ingredients, packaged items and leftovers from their chosen refrigerator, judges Jordan Andino and Jamika Pessoa determine which chef wins a fridge full of $10,000.

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