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Smoked Turkey Legs On Camp Chef Pellet Grill

2 Jumbo Turkey legs. Brined over night. Rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with Code3 AP, Traeger’s Pork & Poultry Rub and a little Boars Night Out White Lightning Double Garlic Butter. Smoked between 250-300 until internal temp of 165-170. Sprayed every hour with equal parts of water, Worcestershire & soy or liquid amino. These massive legs took about 4 hours.

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Video Transcription

all right what’s up everybody it’s gonnabe pretty hard to top our prime rib thatwe did yesterday today we’re doing someturkey legs I got these turkey legs frommy local butcher up the street here andthese things are freaking massive I’mnot sure how long to go to take itsfirst time doing turkey on the camshaftright here but they’re huge I think theones like 2.7 poundsI’ve seen some other dudes cooking andyou know they’re like 1.5 pound turkeylegsthese things are double so like I saidI’m not sure how long this is gonna takefor me so right between 250 and 300somewhere in that range I think I’mgoing to start at 250 and we’ll go fromtherewe’re looking at between a 165 175internal tempso there’s really nothing fancy throwthem on there and wait until we hit our10th season today hit it with this codethree AP all-purpose rub this pork andpoultry from Traeger apple honeyphenomenal and I just actually pickedthis one up so I wanted to try it out soI I hit him you know hit a little whitecoat on that on the turkey drums withsome boars night out White Lightningdouble garlic butter about every hour orso you’re gonna we’re gonna springthat’s my big fear with these I don’twant to dry them out because it’s not inturkey legs aren’t real fatty so I don’twant to dry out that spray I got so it’sequal parts water or Shire you caneither do soy sauce or Liquid aminospretty much the same thingI actually went with the Liquid Amino Ithink it’s got a little bit betterflavor and so that’s all this iswe’re gonna spring them probably aboutevery hour so yeah it grills aboutwarmed up so we’re gonna we’re gonna getready to throw them onall right so quick rundown what we’reworking with here I’m peeling back theskin on these I already got this onekinda started for this first coat and Ihit it with some a pea coat three spicesall-purpose rub then I hit it with thisTrager pork and poultry apple honey rubthis stuff’s awesome protected flavorand I actually just picked this upboar’s Night Out White Lightning doublegarlic butter like I said I just pickedit up so I wanted to get my shot so Idid a little light coating to this afterwe did that peel the skin back overwe’re gonna rub it with a little bit ofoil and then hit it with some more spiceon the outside layer of the skin[Music]he’s pretty good

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