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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]what’s going on my gosh chuckling todayit’s a girl queen I come to our thingwith another mm-hmm got a pic of the dayy’all so today I got some macaroni andcheese I was praising macaroni andcheese with some mozzarella cheese ontop oh my gosh I was craving it so badso I saw that and yeah I have someturkey wings smoked turkey wings I did alittle slight turkey wings boil you wantto say that you want to call it orwhatever I have some smoked turkey wingsand hold on y’all I mean these okay so Ihave some smoked turkey wings and then Ihave some potatoes in there and I gotsome board eggs and I have it in mydelicious my very own sauce and you guysare part of my songsit does include none other then myfavorite you’re making pepper sauce niceplace and it takes some good and ofcourse I got my hot sauce heremonitoring is freshwater pepper sauceyeah I know I painthey eat without a Pingo at it so I gotthat and then I got me a cup of kool-aidso we’re going to go ahead and sayprayers and then I’m gonna go ahead andbegin okay Heavenly Father yes I needhis name will come before you right nowto simply say thank you so much for allthat you’ve done and thank you so muchfor being who you areHeavenly Father mean when you please meand allow this food to be nourishmentover my mind body and soul in your sonJesusa man oh I’m so hungry you guys Ipurposely did not eat nothing today just coming here and do this banky’all bring y’all back another one nowbefore I begin let’s not forget you guyscoming like share and subscribe to myvideo make sure you get the notificationbell so whenever I drop a new videoy’all know what’s going on that and I’mhoping that’s the only way that we cangrow excuse me back oh but that’s theonly way we can grow it’s the commentlike share and subscribe so you guyslet’s go ahead and begin because I’m sohungry oh where should I start first I’mgonna start with just turkey first let’sstart with this oh yeah see[Music][Music]and I’m gonna stand uphmmyou guysthis house is still hotI love you but sometimes you get stuckin my teethit was like I love TurkeyI mean our next oh I love crystal on myturkey yeah I love itokay I love it good some of itwe’ll make some bell pepper and some inehuh yeahthis is something sort of theyeahhuh find another picture skiing yeahyeah I know I don’t like spin say knowwhat yeah and doublemeat on that skindon’t like skiing who else like theydon’t like ski on a mehmmhey I didn’t my macaroni you knowI spoil my macaroniwhoa I ate a lot just that quick hang onyou guys let me clean the mouth one moretime okaymacaroni I’m on macaroni lovers oh wegot a cheese pull yeah I won’t sign mmmthat might just be my thumbnail whoknowsOhperfectcool eh I have cherry today I’m okay Ican see it what I was feeling but I havecherry kool-aid today you guys seecherry mmm kool-aid be so goodI’m to think about kool-aid you gottamix it you got to mix the right kool-aidand you gotta do it the right wayit’s couldn’t you got another court toface to it like I know what you’re doingto make kool-aidhey I’m gonna go with certain well onlygo right with certain mealsoh yeah hey steel macaroni oh my fatherhmmhmmI’m notso theaahhmmI’m stopping them bell pepper night onthathmmmm-hmmmm-hmyou like this or something so so so sothey’re so goodthis is really good you arethis is really really good like reallygood as five sitting in the back of thethroatI see forgetting I think you gotmacaroni mom today like thatwell father’s you guys okaythat is what am i potato stealing nowbutfrom them for from just about going tobe honest with you guys I’m just aboutfourit’s gonna be the last fight for me ohmy throne they know my baby y’all seenher she’s poor who doesn’t love a greatcheese fool I know I love routine school[Music]so theremmm now that was good you guys I’m doneexcuse me I’m done so like I said I’mgonna comment like share share shareshare sharing is caring sharing iscaringI got subscribe and hit thatnotification bell so you guys can see mewhen your girl drop another video andsee what I’m bringing to y’all for theday I mean come on let’s love each otherthen shut up let’s bring more lovingless for because there’s still bringenough we’re out here in this world ingeneral we’re gonna see a color creedrace time doesn’t matter we all are inthe world world wide war you hear mewe’re in a spiritual war thought we in amental work up financial warfareeverybody in some way is being affectedby this whole jános going onI need like to say the name but the Cocomain thing everybody in some way andadults and children and everybody isaffected in some way you know so I justcontinue to keep pushing keep goingstay deepen our friends continue to geta higher power to faith the love and theglory and latina magnify his name enoughNewton with praises that’s the team tobe positives to one another as well astheir for each other and others so don’tforget to be good to yourself man don’tget to be good man so are we gonna havetoo much another company on today andtalk about it was just mainly based offmehonestly being hungry but I was hungryUmbreon at home where I didn’t hungryhippo he say thatOh hungry nah I were 3/4 on mac andcheese left I’m fourso I hope y’all enjoy yachting I hopey’all yeah day was very prosperous Ihope it was very wonderful I hope youguys make a positive impact somewaysomehow somewhere in somebody’s lifetodayI hope the idea guys are deed todaybecause idea manyeah they’re just the team to uplift oneanother and continue to say fatherCameron spread here these kids eagerthat day but yeah man let’s continue tostay positive without missing oneanother so again I’m out but account Ijust got off work about an hour agoand good thing I had my turkey wingsalready was slow cooker cooking up I putthem on from early morning this morningI even went to work I put wings on mysmoked turkey wings on and just put themon oh they’re so good oh those toastedyou guys are so satisfying as anybodyelse get like excited when you get someholding this good and you get full offof it or they just me being a fat kid aslim fat girl let me say um yeah butthat’s a fool didn’t realize so I cancontinue to like comment share andsubscribe don’t forget that notificationbell see you can know when I’m droppingon the video and you can stand so on andin tune with me and my channel and comeon y’all come here down below I likecoming watch out come in talk to thegirl talk to me talk to me cuz I cameout the backtalk to me young I love him from yeah sogo ahead and hit that like button andwith that being said I am

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