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Smoked Turkey Wings

Is it BBQ season or turkey season? Why not both? Turkey wings are bigger than chicken wings and just as delicious. Head to for more savory recipes.

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Video Transcription

my name is Leslie Rowe Ark Scott I’m thebarbecue princess and I am from newbonds restaurant in Yazoo CityMississippi we started about about fourhours ago working on some turkey wingsfor y’all so I’m gonna start off byshowing y’all this is a Big O turkeywing man we we took these wings we wetalked them with some of our dry rub andwent from went straight into the smokerwith them these these cooked for aboutfour hours three and a half to fourhours at 200 degrees and and so we’vewe’ve just got them to that point we’vedone it an internal temp on them wecooked into a hundred and sixty-fivedegrees and so one of the things thatyou’re going to look for is to haveclear juice that’s one of the ways thatyou know that you’re getting close we’vemade chicken wings all over the countrythis year and we bring a little bit ofMississippi flavors with us wherever wegoJakub um we’ll go ahead and I’m gonna goahead and do I’m gonna do the dot therewe go let’s seenow so my dad my dad made this sauce wenamed it you buy after my grandfatherand the sauce comes from my greatgrandmother’s kitchen look at thesethese are gorgeous so we just did thisstraight I mean just straight in thesmoker nothing extra let it Coast forfour hours add a little bit of extrawood to our Royal Oak lump charcoal soJacob is hitting these these wings withjust a little bit of extra flame that’sgonna give the skin an extra littlecrispy pop and it’s gonna set the glazeso it’s not super runny[Music]those are pretty we may have to askfolks to share it turns out it’s okay toshare a turkey wings they’re giant

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