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Smoked Wild Turkey Leg on the Pit Barrel Cooker | Barlow BBQ

Today, we show you how we smoked a wild turkey leg on our Pit Barrel Cooker. Our good friend, Jamie recently got himself a nice spring gobbler and he brought over a leg for us to BBQ! We thought it would be appropriate to bust out a bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon to celebrate, so we used it to make a bourbon-based bbq sauce and used it to sauce ourselves a bit, too lol. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey it’s real good to see you today onBarlowe barbecue let me tell you what wejust got done trying out some wildturkey that we smoked on the pit barrelcooker now I don’t mean this kind ofwild turkey I’m talking about a wildturkey leg that came courtesy of ourgood friend and neighbor Jamie that’sright last week I was able to get outthere and finally get my first wildturkey with my compound bow here hellyeah brother that’s right it was a quitean experience right here on this bowfortunately I was able to bring a few ofthe trophies back which is the beardfirst of all oh yep that’s the beardthere yeah on the bird it’s like alittle more around their chest but thisone has a lot of green in it some grayin it so I think it’s like an older birdwe also got this cool wing section andlast but not least where it’s this andthat so the wild turkey that we aregoing to prepare for today’s cook camefrom this bird right here and that’spretty cool y’all so let’s get into howwe prepared the wild turkey leg for thepit barrel cooker now take a look atthis turkey leg now that is a wild lookand turkey leg to me Jamie it sure is soI think the first thing we’re going todo is just do a little light spray ofsome cooking spray on both sides yeahand then we’re gonna add some rub whichI actually put together it has a littleextra kind of black pepper and cayennejust to give it a little bit more spicesounds good that sounds good we’ll havea recipe for it right down below in thedescription box yes indeed I thinkthat’s looking pretty goodyes sir we got it on both sides I thinkit’s time to get out there and get thatpit barrel going oh yeah that’s rightman I think the charcoal the charcoal isready so I’m gonna go ahead and dumpthat in the pit barrel and then we’regonna add some pecan wood oh yeah pecansare nice if you’re using enough you’recooking poultry I think pecan is a goodchoice for smoking wood so we thoughtit’d be pretty cool to hangthis turkey leg in the mid barrel solet’s go ahead and get this closed upwe’re gonna let this smoke for an hourwe’re gonna go for an internal temp of aat least a hundred and sixty-fivedegrees on this turkey leg alright tocelebrateJamie’s wild turkey going into the pitbarrel we decided to pour ourselves alittle bit of wild turkey as well wesure did cheers y’all yes so I thinkwe’re gonna just let that turkey leg ripthere for a little while yeah I mean weset a timer for an hour yeah we’ll checkon it then yeah really excited we wehung it up in there and it looks reallygood oh it’s looking good already yeahbut y’all have to stick around if youwant to see how it’s doing later on andyeah we’ll check back with you guys in alittle bit stay tunedalright folks it’s been an hour so wethink it’s time to check out that turkeyleg see what the temperature is and thengive it a little spritz of apple cidervinegar and of course some wild turkeyalright this turkey leg is lookingreally good you guys and what we’regonna do now is check temp so we got alittle digital probe thermometer herewe’re gonna take a look and that isreading around 146 147 and we’ll goahead and check the other side too andwe’re reading there around 145 on theend there so this is looking good we’regonna cook this until it hits aninternal temp of about 165 minimum let’sgo ahead and give this a spritz with ourapple cider vinegar wildit doesn’t look like we’ve got too muchlonger to go with this turkey leg I’mthinking it’s gonna be another 20minutes until we hit our internal tempof a hundred and sixty-five degrees butin the meantime we’re gonna put togethera little barbecue sauce for this turkeyand Martha’s here she’s gonna show youhow to put that together in honor ofthis wild turkey day I thought I’d makea saucy sauce now before I make a saucysauce I think it’s best to get a littlesaucy and pro tip if you drink yoursauce out of a coffee cup no one willask you what time it is so cheers to youdelicious it gets smoother with everystep let’s get startedthis barbecue sauce is gonna start outwith a classic ingredient ketchup youcan add some brown sugar Worcestershiresauce Chipotle Tabasco sauce which israpidly becoming our favorite hot sauceapple cider vinegar some bacon fat twotablespoons of Jamie’s spice mix atablespoon of honey and a quarter cup ofwild turkeyand we’re just going to keep this on topof the pit barrel to keep it warm andkeep that bacon grease liquid alrightit’s been about thirty minutes and Ithink it’s time to sauce this bird[Music]all right folks this bird is lookingreal good without barbeque sauce now wecan’t forget the other side so let’sflip that over and get some sauce onthat side and then we’re gonna get thisback in the pit barrel all’s it needs isanother 10 to 15 minutes and let thatsauce set up a little bit and this birdis gonna be done see it real soon we’vegot this bird sauced up we’ve beenletting it set up in there for about 15minutes and temps are looking great Ithink it’s time to pull that bird Ithink it’s time to pull that bird y’alllet’s take a lookall right this turkey leg is lookingamazing y’all so we got our handy dandydigital thermometer here we’re gonnacheck the internal temp and again we’regoing for an internal temp of 165 andthat is reading at 173 right now so Ithink this is good to gowe’re gonna take it off the pit barreldo a little slicing and give it a tastetest[Music]well I don’t know about you folks but Ifeel like I’m hanging out with a lot ofturkeys right now yeah yeah speak foryourself hey cheers y’all we go yes alittle bit left of this wild turkeybourbon my ear juice thanks for hangingout with us todayoh that’s good now last but not least weeach got a bite of some wild turkey nowthis is my first time ever having wildturkey me too from the woods y’all I’vealways gotten my turkey at Thanksgivingfrom the grocery store but thanks to youmy friend this one came from the woodsy’all so let’s try this out mom yeahwild turkey is sure chewy it’s a littlebit chewy but yep it’s real tasty it’sreal tastyI love the smoked flavor that camethrough definitely Jamie your rub forthis turkey is really good and Marthasaw us kickin it we’re gonna have us apiece for everything right down below soyou guys can make this at home if youwant we’re gonna have Jamie’s rub andMartha sauce right down in thedescription box so go check it out ifyou’d like to follow along I reallyenjoyed this this is really good it wasquite delicious it was greatyep it’s really good wild yep that’sright yeah boom and cheers to you guyscheers to you as always and we reallyappreciate you guys hanging out with ustodaywe love you and we’re gonna say untilnext time everyonesmoke them if you got them that’s rightBabayou[Music]

6 Replies to “Smoked Wild Turkey Leg on the Pit Barrel Cooker | Barlow BBQ

  1. Hey, Jamie is a natural! And that was one sexy application of the saucy-sauce. It must have been fun hitting all the sauce on this cook! 😉

  2. Nice looking turkey leg! I have been watching the wild turkey here on my mountainside a lot lately, it’s mating season!

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