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Turkey Leg and Thighs Test Cook on MasterBuilt 1050

Doing a test cook of legs and thighs to target cooking temps and times. The MasterBuilt is very different from my weber kettle. This has changed my known temps and times to something different for me. In my learning I am moving closer to my expected meals. The cook in this video was a bit off in the meat was just a bit tougher and not quite as juicy as I like. My guess is temp was a bit to high and temps reached a little to fast. if you are cooking on the MasterBuilt 1050, what temp on cooker and what temp on turkey would you be looking to do.

So to help fix this for me I went to MasterBuilt Recipes to see what the boss sez to do. So my cook was way to high. Dah so here is what is suggested….

 From MasterBuilt ……..


1 whole turkey (about 19 pounds), thawed if frozen

Your favorite injectable marinade or chicken broth

Your favorite Cajun seasoning


1. Remove slides from Gravity Series grill. Grates should be SMOKE side up. Open charcoal hopper doors. Pour in charcoal if needed and fill hopper. Light. Turn on and set temperature to 275˚F.

2. Rinse and dry the thawed turkey. Using a marinade injection syringe, inject turkey with your favorite injectable marinade. Season outside and inside of turkey with your favorite Cajun seasoning, rubbing it into the skin.

3. Place turkey on grates and close lid. Smoke for 5 1/2 hours or until internal temperature in breast reaches 165˚F. (This total cooking time is for a 19-pound whole turkey. Based on the weight of your turkey, you will need to adjust the total cooking time. Estimated time at 275˚F is about 18 minutes per pound. Make sure your internal temperature in the breast reaches 165˚F.)

4. Smoking Tip: Add wood chunk(s) to the Gravity Series Ash Bucket for additional smoke flavor.

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