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Turkey Legs on the Vertical Offset Smoker | Smoked Turkey Legs

Turkey Legs on the Vertical Offset Smoker

This was a very basic turkey recipe we used. We used a simple brine recipe and soaked these legs for 24 hours. We used two of our favorite BBQ Rubs, these turkey legs were juicy and flavorful. Give them a try!

• 6 Turkey Legs
• 1/2 Cup Killer Hogs Hot BBQ Rub
• 1/2 Cup Killer Hogs AP Rub
• 1 Gallon of water
• 1 Pouch of Hi Mountain Poultry Brine Mix
• Cooking Spray

Mix the brine recipe according to the instructions. I placed the turkey legs in a plastic tub and covered them completely with the brine. I brined these legs for 24 hours overnight. We then rinsed the turkey thoroughly. Pat try the legs and coat with the cooking spray. I seasoned three of the legs with the BBQ Rub and three with the AP Rub. I tied string to each leg and hung in our vertical smoker. I sprayed the turkey with apple juice periodically to keep the legs moist. We smoked these for 2 ½ hours at 275 degrees using apple and hickory until the internal temp reached 165 degrees.

Get you some!!!!

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