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Is a Plant-Based Burger Healthier Than a Regular Burger?

Is a Plant-Based Burger Healthier Than a Regular Burger?

The debate on the healthy nature of plant-based burgers in comparison to their meaty counterpart has been ongoing for a long time. The reality is that there is not much difference between your regular meat burger and a plant-based one. 

According to research by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), an average of 2.4 burgers are consumed daily in the United States, which means over 50 billion burgers are consumed yearly.

However, the emergence of plant-based meat substitutes like Beyond and Impossible Burgers has recently contributed to a decrease in those numbers. Still, these substitutes are also processed, except for natural produce like peas, jackfruits, lentils, and tofu, and the options found at online stores such as

The problem with processed foods is the unnatural ingredients mixed with them. These foods are usually high in calories, fat, and high sodium content, which could endanger consumers with health issues. How do you know if your vegan hamburger meat and veggie burger is healthier than the regular one? This article will discuss some of the most beneficial plant-based alternatives you can use for your snacks.

Healthier Plant-Based Alternatives 

Regardless of your filling, if your burger has the same ingredients, there’s hardly any difference between their health benefits. Some highly processed plant-based alternatives like the Beyond products are just as high in saturated fat and sodium as meat. 

It’s true that many people stop eating meat due to personal reasons. However, if you are switching to plant-based alternatives due to specific health issues, you can try soy for your burger.

Soy-Based Alternatives

Soybean is a rapid-growth annual plant that you can substitute as vegan mince meat Eat me at. Although native to Asia, it is grown worldwide, and its products are known for their flexible texture and mild flavor, making them the perfect fit for meaty dishes. Some soy-based produce you can opt for include:

  • Soybean

You can add soybean to various recipes like stir-fry. You can also mash it or use soy protein in your burger. It gives it a relishing taste that’s not too strong or noticeable.  

  • Tempeh

Tempeh is made from fermented soybean. You can cut it into strips to make a Tempeh Veggie burger or use it as an extra addition to your stew and tacos.

  • Tofu

If you watch Korean movies, tofu is the spongy white cake that ensures you never go back to jail. Tofu is made from soybean and water into blocks of white cakes. You can cut it into different shapes, add it to your sandwiches, or mix it with your vegetables. You can even eat it raw.

Final Notes

There are several benefits attached to plant-based products. Many people prefer a non-meaty food due to their aversion to beef. Switching to a plant-based burger for its healthy nutrient is almost not that different from the alternative, but many believe it offers a healthier choice.

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