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Australian BBQ Beef Ribs slow cooked on a hood gas BBQ.

A simple method for anyone to prepare BBQ Beef Short Ribs on a standard gas BBQ for their next dining occasion.

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Video Transcription

i sambar key all of the times I speak topeople and they always say they want todo some short ribs in the barbecue butdo they have to get a weber do they haveto get a bull of smoker no you don’t ifyou’ve got a traditional gas barbecuewith the hood you can do just as good ajob and I’m going to show you how to doit here today as part of you know anexperience for your family for lunch ordinner so we’ve got some short ribs herenow short ribs are traditionallyunderneath the Scotch filler there’s therib cage come around and we’re going towith some beautiful nice grass-fed shortribs here you can see the bones aroundthe knife and the meats on the top whatI’m just going to add to them is nothinghard just salt and pepperI’ll make sure that we rub it in now I’mnot adding all oil to it because it’senough fat on the top of these shortreads to cook I’ll turn those over I’mgetting a bit of a season on the bone aswell and short ribs are one of myfavorite cuts of beef to cook causethey’re nice and gelatinous at the endand all they need is a bit of love andhere so here’s the pepper cumin whiteliberal covering of pepper and I don’tneed to turn them around that’s fine forme now if you come over here to mybarbecue what I’ve got here is just yournormal four burner barbecue I’ve let itpreheat now what I’m going to do is I’mactually going to turn the right twoburners off and we’re going to put ourshort rib here and when the hoods downthe residual heat will come up aroundand cook if I put the short ribsdirectly on the burner here we’ll burnthe bottom of them so I just want thatheat to transfer over to the short ribsso leave these burners on leave theseoff put this under here just so the oildoesn’t drip down and spark up my jet tomy barbecue what I’m simply gonna do isI’m just gonna put these two on the topworming rocky that’s all I’m not puttingin director in the pipe what I’m noteven getting that oneand then we’ll pop this down now what Iwant to do now is I’m gonna make aspritz so people might ask what’s thespritz so it’s 50 percent water 50percent apple cider vinegar we’re gonnaspray it through the cooking process toyou know just add a nice moisture thisto the ribs as they cook so they don’tdry out right the temperature I’mlooking to get on your little needlehere is about 120 degrees for 6 to 7hours so we’re starting to progress nowit’s about 12:30 and these will be readyabout 6 o’clock tonight for the kids tooyou know so down that goes we’ll comeback a bit laterand what spritz them up alright it’sbeen about an hour now let’s just overchicken our ribs have you noticed thetemperature here it’s flush on about 120just a bit over so the thing I loveabout this is that it’s really a set andforget if you get the temperature rightyou can go off and go for a walk you cando some other housework and just comeback and give them a spray every now andthen so 50% apple cider vinegar organicI like to use because it with the motherand 50% water just a normal mix then upwe go here in one hourand we just want to make sure that wegive it a nice spray all around the ribsyou can see those bones starting torecede now we’re off to a cracking startcome across Isabella just show them fromthis side you want to make sure that yougive it a nice liberal sprayand just let the barbecue do its workit’s really a set and forget kind of wayof cooking red meat young guys the hoodwe’re about to go off and do our dailyexercise mean is the bill we’re going tocome back and you know lunch is done doa salad enjoy we’ll see you soon wellsix hours later so let’s have a look atthe end result I’m pretty happy of thisso like I said a lot of people stressedabout not doing it over charcoal and Iunderstand not everyone has got thesefeat pitbull smokers and they want tohave a go at doing some reasonthemselves this is not smoking okay sowe’re not gonna get the smoke ring whenwe cut these ribs open let me just tellyou this however it’s a wonderful way todo barbecue ribs all we’ve done is saltand pepper and that’s rich with thevinegar in the water there’s no barbecuesauce on this whatsoever so these areready to pull six hours on on the dotthose meat juices are just somethingspecial so bring this over here to ourcarving table like I said it’s just saltpepper and the meat juices and have alook at this tenderness that has beendone in just a standard four burner gasBBQ and it’s pretty hot but the juicesare just to die forso we felt further adieu straight downthe intercoastal well stand up what am idoing sitting here if you’re not happyis that I don’t know what you’re happywith straight down the intercoastalagainEmily do you want just getting my brushover there just my basting brush andbring it back over well wellunbelievable just nice tinder short ribsnow right at the end I’ll just give it abasic of a barbecue sauce that I’ve doneso this barbecue sauce apple cidervinegar tomato sauce brown sugar touch amustard seed some garlic just hit me upon the messager for youtube or throughFacebook and I’ll send you the recipebut it’s just a based on at the end sothere you have it I think you’d bepretty happy if that you’re not going toget your smoke ring like I said becausewe haven’t smoked itbut we’ve slow barbecued it so six hoursinto the barbecue spritz 120 degreesfinito I’m sad but enjoy your weekendstay safe and this is really rewardingfood to do while you’re at Coby 19 andyou’re at home to something to have atinker with and you can feel proud of itwhen you serve it to your family andthat’s what Australian red meats allabout enjoying it family friendsindulgence thank you

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