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BBQ Pork Ribs – Award Winning Recipe with Super Smokers

Barbecue World Grand Champion shows you the secrets to his multi award winning Memphis style BBQ Ribs…

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Video Transcription

it’s the largest long back rib on themarket today that’s a two and a halfpounder and that’s what we use becauseit has a good marbling of meat and alsoyou can cook it a little slower and alittle longer one of the first things wedo now this particular slab because theones we buy are already skinned but ifyou’re gonna cook in a rib competitionyou’re going to have to take themembrane off the back well the easiestway to do it is take a flat headscrewdriver and what you do is youinsert the screwdriver right underneaththe edge of the bone you reach in therewith your fingersit’s actually just peeling off once youknow that you have the slab of ribstrimmed up the way you want it it’slooking good and you apply your dry rubI’m going to have skip show you theexact application there’s a certainamount you can’t really measure it outhow you do it you know if you ask me isit a tablespoon is it a teaspoon wedon’t really do it that way it’s it’smore by look you can tell by this lookright here but this is what we’relooking forwe just want a good even coat on it notover you know not too much anddefinitely not too little if you don’tget enough on there then the spicesaren’t going to aren’t going topenetrate the flavor the rib isn’t gonnapick up the flavor from the spices whereI want the dry rub every place thatthere’s meat that way it’s gonna havethe same flavor any to any place youbite it sprinkling a little on the backbecause remember this ribs been skinneda super smokers secret don’t rub the rubnow that’s a key thing to remember don’trub it around on a competition type ofmeat on a slab of ribs like this justleave it like that the way he sprinkledit on there now on some other types ofmeats you might really rub it in maybeif you’re doing a pork shoulder orsomething like that you may really betrying to rub it in or on a hog youmight be trying to rub it in but on thisparticular slab of ribs we don’t wantthat effect what are you what are youtrying to do is skip what you’re tryingto doyou’re trying to paint a canvas you wantthis product to look exactly like youwant it right now that when it comes outof the smoker it looks identical to itour last thing we’re going to do to theribs before we put them on the smoker iswe’re going to seal them almost likeputting an extra coat on the ribs andwhat are we doing here skip well we’retaking some just brown light brown sugarand we’re actually just gonna pile it onthe rib and we’re gonna let it sit hereuntil the moisture starts drawing out ofit and it’ll actually form go back to amolasses base the brown sugar is goingto start to liquify and it’s going tomelt down on top of the ribs when itdoes that it’s going to put a sheen overthe dry rub and keep those nice spicesin that great dry rub right on top ofthe meat and it’s going to help hold itin there so that when it starts cookingit’s going to draw down into the writedown into the meat right into the bonesof those ribs and one of the things welike to do is just take a light dustingof the rub and put it back on top of thebrown sugar just as an insurance barrierwith the cooker settled at 250 degreesjust like that my manwhere she goes we won’t see that slab ofribs again for about another 60 minutesafter our ribs have been on therotisserie smoker for about an hour it’stime to put a mop on them we have ourfavorite marinade that we mop our ribswith you ought to have your own ifyou’re into competition cooking here wego Skip’s going to show you how to mopthese ribs are going to cook for fourhours so we’re going to mop them atleast four times once every hour I guessour true flavor statement is Applewoodbecause we just don’t over smokeanything we we like to put smoke on meatyou have to be careful when you when youcook with Hickory because you can easilyover smoke and it will give you a prettyharsh aftertaste or a long-lastingaftertaste that’ll stay with you for awhile fruit woods such as apple cherrypeach won’t won’t give you along-lasting aftertaste you just have tobe careful in their application cherryin particular will if you overuse cherrywood it will make your meat really dark

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