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Bbq beef brisket ninja foodi

My husband Donnie makes a Bbq beef brisket in the ninja foodi deluxe. This can be done in the instapot or any pressure cooker. Even in a slow cooker for 8 hrs.

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Video Transcription

hi guys this is my husband he’s going tobe helping us show us how to do a beefbrisket inside the ninja foodie today hiRick you smoked beef brisket in a coursethe first thing I want to do is turn tothe foodie on the saute because we wantto sear our meat on all sides it’s gonnagive that nice crust that we all like soyou’re gonna sautee automatically onhigh and while that’s heating up I’mgonna do my dry rubI do equal parts of all the spicesI got a tablespoon of everything on thaton the plate a little bit less salt anda little bit less regular black pepperI’m not big on salt mmmso yeah all right I got chili powderI got smoked paprika I got red cayennepepperI got ground cumin I got onion powderground mustard garlic powder and thenlike I said a little bit of salt anotherblack pepperI wanna mix all these together a nicelittle Bowl hereI’m going to take our briskets nice fatbriskets put some of the seasoning onboth sides here they’re all nice andcoated we’re gonna coat the fat side toobecause it’s gonna get a lot of theflavor mixed in with the meat while it’scookingso while he’s doing that we’re going totake a break and make sure that thisgets to hot enough and then we’ll comeback we didn’t realize that you’re gonnapush this in it’s an actual button thatgets it started just turning the knobdidn’t do the trick it’s our first timeusing our 8 quart so I got the brisketsseasoned on both sides now we’re gonnadrop them in here one at a timesear all the sides it says it shouldtake about three minutes on each side toget them nice and crispy for you sowe’re going to come back when they’reall done but yep in they go threeminutes each sideI got oil on the bottom but that’s thekind of question looking for and eachside that’s your season getting allcaramelized on the meat and I flip itoverwe’re doing the fat side but a side notewhen you’re done searing the meat turnoff your pressure cooker let it cooldown and then empty out the oil youdon’t want to pressurize oil it won’t beprettyalright so briskets are out nice andcrusty while the pressure cooker iscooling down enough to where I can pullit out and get rid of the oil to cleanit up I’m gonna make my barbecue sauceso I start with our base maybe thebarbecue sauce is fine I like sweet babyRay’s the household necessity at ourplace that’s about it you guys this isnot measured at allwe just need a lot because we needenough to cover the briskets to the topwhen they’re in the pressure cooker andgoing for a little over an hourwhat pairs well with barbecue sauceketchup Worcestershire sauce because itis deep and requires extra sauce a nicesmoky meaty flavor this one I don’t doquite as much as the ketchup andhoney with a sweep you can’t havebarbecue sauce without honeyhe’s basically eyeballing everythingowes much to your taste and you willtaste it quite a few times you’re prettyyou’re actually happy with it so andthen he’ll be adding more stuff I gotgarlic paste here you can do freshgarlic cloves garlic paste is super easygonna die so squeeze to pop it on sotell you what this story about thisthing we went to a hot air balloonfestival a couple years ago and therewas a guy who had a booth there who hadhis own beet farm and he was selling hisown honey which we ended up buying somehoney we also got some vinegars that hemade into marinades that are honey basedthis is hatch green chilies and honeyvinegar I’ve tasted it it’s amazing I’vegone through a bottle already this isthe second bottle we’re gonna break insoon and it’s called the slide Ridgehe’s based out of I want to say not mendin Utah guys based out of mint in Utahslide Ridge honey but got some awesomemarinades the honey was great youprobably looked it upget some of you wanted to try ityourself so the vinegar cuts in on thesweetness a little bit of acidity toyour Burmese last and I’ll probably adda little bit more of that later allright then we’re gonna do liquid smokebecause liquid smoke and the pressurecooker is gonna give it that I’ve beensitting on a grill for you know half aday kind of flavoring and and it smellsa little bit of that a little bit goes along way and then because we do need alot and we need it to be a little bitrunny so it penetrates the meat a littlebit we are going to add chicken brothchicken broth is nice and light andagain I didn’t add a lot of salt to therub because chicken broth has quite abit of salt in it so quite a bit ofchicken broth because we didn’t eat alot I would say he added about a half acup to a cup like I said we are going totaste this many times before Iunsatisfyingkeep in mind we’ve already got lots ofsavoury in the season so we’re gonna gomore like sweet eat with the barbecuesauce that’s what the the chili vinegarthe sweet baby Ray’s ketchup honey youget a lot of sweet heat and then thespice from the rub should teareverything up quite nicely see myconsistency look at that that’s barbecuesauce tasteand to me that’s that’s really reallysweet and tomato yeah I’m gonna go alittle more vinegar maybe a little bitmore water sure and definitely morechicken brothdefinitely so remember it’s runny you’reour leader gonna saute it lets you takethe first get out yeah I think you’renot sure the meat we’re going to use thesame sauce to serve with too so you’llsee that turns the end of the video whenwe put pressure cooker back on saute andbring the sauce to a boil so you canrender out some of that meatthat’s damn good that’s perfectit’s tangy it’s sweet a little bit ofheat right at the end love it with thebrisket so I’m going to come back afterwe get the the pot all cleaned up andlayer up our briskets in there pouringour barbecue sauce and set it I’ll goover that yeah all right pots allcleaned out barbecue sauce is maderoasts are the briskets are nice andseared now we’re gonna get them into thepressure cooker I got my tongsI’m a little bear claw here they’restill pretty hot throw these in therethey are gonna stack because all rightdecided we needed a close-up with thisso all right so meats in the pressurecooker here comes the sauce hopefullyit’ll be enoughagain this is supposed to cover bothbriskets and I am going to need more andthen we’ll get it set to pressure andwe’ll go over that with you guys in thevideo when we come back all right so Iactually rejected the meats in therekind of turned them one on the side andmove one over we’re good now they’re allnice and covered that’s when yourpressure cooking it’s going to saturatethe meat anyway so we’re just gonna thatand we’re gonna go back around to theother side pressure cooker so you cansee what we did here turn it onswitch it over to pressure alright we’regonna go up to pressure you gotta makesure this is over to seal seal okay sealand then push button to start oh wait nosorry hey it’s that time feeling notventing time all right so for the twobriskets we’re gonna go about 75 minuteswhich I’m this ninja is a lot of turningthat’s an hour and 15 minutes now youpush the baby now it’s going to come topressure however long that’s going totake on this one and then it’s going tocook pressure cook for 75 minutes thenyou know vent when it’s done and we’llcome back do we have to natural event orI’m sorry it’s gonna it’s gonna naturalvent okay so let it come steaming andI’m venting on its own then you can goaheadall right so meet cook for 75 minutes itreleased on its own took about 15minutes or so and then we let out therest of the steam now I’m going to pullabout these just snow amazingall right so meats out put it back in alittle bit you’re going to sit this turnoff first back on set it down to sauteon high start what we want to do is thesauce is still in here we want to startcooking it up bring it to a boil andthen the fat that melted off that megoing to start to render up points atthe top and we’re gonna scoop all thatoff and this is gonna be our barbecuesauce that we serve with beef so good togo on that we’ll come back and show youwhen it’s all done all right so it’salready boiling we’re going to get somenice fat out of here you get some nicebarbecue sauce to put on itthat’s the little spoon with a filter onitjust keep doing that to get all theremnants of the fat out all right soscooping out all the fat right I got allthat big bowl of fat that rendered offthe meat it’s pretty much coming outclear now though it’s just nice andliquidy barbecue sauce a couple pieceshere and therewe’re gonna strain this off into a bowltube to get the rest of it out and it’llbe our topping for our dinneryou

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