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Today we are going to start the curing process for homemade bacon. This easy homemade bacon recipe is super simple. We are using our Bradley smoker with apple bisquettes to smoke the bacon and in this part 1 we’ll be curing bacon with Morton’s Tender Quick and brown sugar. If you want to know how to make bacon at home then follow along. This home cured bacon recipe is one of the easiest and best tasting bacon recipes you’l find. You can even spice this diy bacon recipe up by adding Jalapenos, onions, or any other flavors that you like during the curing process. Just use 1 tbsp of Morton’s Tender quick per pound of uncured pork belly and brown sugar. Place pork belly in a 2 gallon ziplock bag and seal. place in refrigerator, turning over every day, for at least 5 days or up to 7 days until meat becomes firm. Remove and rinse off all spices and Tender Quick from outside of cured pork belly. fry up a small piece and test for saltiness. if to salty for your tast soak pork belly in cold water for 15 minutes and replace water with fresh cold water. After a total of 30 minutes fry another small peice and taste test for saltiness. Continue with this process until you have your desired salt level taste. Apply a good coat of black pepper and smoke on smoker using hickory or apple wood until an internal temperature of 150 degrees is reached. Remove from smoker and allow to cool to room temperature. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, over night is preferred. remove from refrigerator and slice to desired thickness and enjoy. We normally vacuum seal in 1 lb packages and freeze until needed.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everyone welcome back I’m CarltonDuncan today we’re going to be doingsomething that I’ve been requested by anumber of people to do and that is showyou how I make homemade bacon and allwe’re going to do we’re gonna seasonthis up a little bit we’re gonna putsome cure on it so let’s get going okaywhat I have here is a five pound pieceof pork belly that the butcher cut forme our local butcher cut for me and it’sa pretty good pretty good-looking pieceof meat here so what I’m going to do thefirst thing I’m going to do is we’regoing to apply some cure for it andwe’re going to be using Morton’s tinderquick and what we’re gonna do it callsfor this is a five pound piece of meatand what it calls for is one tablespoonper pound of cure so I’ll in this out inthis little empty shaker I have I putfive tablespoons of Morton instanceaquick and what I’m gonna do I’m gonnaput half of it on this side then we’regonna flip it over and we’re going toput half of it on the other side andthis is a really easy way to just gonnaput half of it on here we’re just goingto take our time so that we get abouthalf of it on okay and what I’m gonna doI’m going to do one end and one side[Music]and we’re just going to keep going overit till we get about half of it on anddon’t worry about what we’re what alittle bit we’re spilling out here onthe side I’ll show you how we take careof that because we’re going to use allof this and then when we turn it overwe’re going to do the other side and theother end and the other long sideall right we’ve used about half so whatI’m going to do we’re going to turn thisover and we’re going to put the rest ofthis on this side the fat sidejust comekeep applying it can you go on over itdid we use all of this because we wantto use all because it’s tender quick youuse per per pound of meat and this sincethis is five pounds you want to use fivetablespoons of cure and this is acountable this process takes about aweek but man when you get through you’vegot such outstanding bacon it’sincredible the bacon that you get out ofthis okay we’ve got it all put on herejust a few little rocks in there we’lltake care that later all right now thenwe’ve got that done next thing I’m goingto do I’ve got some brown sugar here andwe’re just gonna just we’re just goingto take about five tablespoons of thisbrown sugar and we’re just gonna spreadit out on herethen have to be perfect I’m just gonnaput a little bit of brown sugar on itpress it in okay now we’re going to turnthis back over and we’re going to putsome more on this sideand I’m not too worried about the chunksin here because over the next five toseven days that this is curing there’sgonna be a lot of moisturepulled out of this pork belly during thecuring process and these will dissolve[Applause]all right now what I’m gonna do I’ve gota two gallon ziplock bag here storagebag and what I’m going to do I’m goingto put this pork belly into this bag andI’m not worried about the brown sugarand stuff falling off of it that’s notan issue for me because what we’refixing to do we’re going to take all ofthis to cure and everything that we kindof spilt on themand we’re putting that in here too[Music]and over the next seven days this’ll allincorporate so that what little curethere is will be in there now we’regoing to take what’s the little chunksleft in this and we’re going to dumpthem in there okay now what I’m going todo I’m going to seal this up really well[Music]okay see if we get some of this air outof itthere we goall right now what we’re going to dowe’re going to put this in arefrigeratorand we’re gonna let it sit for five toseven days and every day we’re gonnabring this out of the refrigerator andwe’re just going to turn this over andwe’re just gonna massage it a little bitput it back in the refrigerator the nextday will come out put it over massage ita little bit and you’ll be as you’llknow whenever this thing is curedbecause it’ll get a real firm texture toit it’s gonna take five to seven days atleast five days depending on the pieceof meat could take seven days so I’mgonna get this in the refrigerator andwhen we get ready to cure this well Imean when we get ready to smoke thisI’ll be back with you in seven days[Music][Music]

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