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Beef Brisket WEber Smokey Mountain – Quick Video

Low and slow beef brisket on Weber Smokey Mountain simple recipe

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to my five or six minutevideo on smoking a beef brisket thebrisket I’ve got here from the butchertoday is about 1.4 kilograms so about 3pounds I’m gonna be smoking in the webersmokey mountain I’m gonna be aiming fortarget temperature of about 2 to 5 to250 degrees Fahrenheit in the in the inthe Smoky Mountain and the when the meatgets to about 165 degrees I’m going totake it off and I’m gonna wrap it infoil and put it in until it gets toabout 195 degrees I think all in all itmight take kind of six or seven hours tocook this what I’m gonna do I’m going torub some oil on it I’m gonna put thisrub on it as well and this rub is justsalt pepper and Tubby Tom’s dragons saltwhich is a Chinese style salt in hisexcellent so I’m gonna go ahead and dothat and then I’ll be back with you andI’ll show you the setup with the smokymountain before I then put this on soI’m going to be fairly liberal with theoil here and they get it coated all overand rub it in everywhere and I’m gonnado the same with the the seasoning aswell on it everywhere I’m not gonna rubit in every I just wanna coating coatingthe meat okay so this is nearly readyand now I’ll show you the setup on thissmokey mountainso don’t go over the setup of the webersmokey mountain i’ve got about an hourand a half of heat beets in here theheat beads I’m using really good theymaintain a good heat throughout the cookand they last foreverchimney starter along with some lumpwood charcoalI put the lumber at the bottom just toget that going because they’ll get goinga lot quicker and then it’ll get theheat beads going a couple of chunks ofwood I’ve been soaking them a little bitin in water I’m just gonna place themnear to the vent so then it draws thesmoke back through then I’ve already puta lot of water in the in the bucket hereI’ve got three temperature gauges I’mgonna have one in the lower grill Ihaven’t really used that for cooking atall yet so I want to see thetemperatures of that so I’ll be makingnotes of the temperatures of that whenI’m checking the meat temperature theyhave one directly in the meat I’m gonnahave one for a temperature at the topgrill when I get the meat to about 165 Ithink I said I’ll be taking it out andwrapping it so I’ll just go finishputting this together and I’m gonna getthe meat on there okay so the SmokyMountain is now up to temperature justjust over 220 degrees let’s put the meatin they actually got to temperature alot quicker than I thought it would soI’ve already gonna close up the lowervents just to try and reduce the speedat which is going up I’m also gonna putthe temperature gauge for the meat rightinto the thickest be a bit of the meatso see when it gets up to 165 degreesmeaning for just over four hours it’shitting about 170 degrees now initiallyit was getting hot really quickly had toclose a lot of events to get it cooleddown so now I’m just gonna wrap it infoil and I’m gonna put it back in thebarbecue and leave it till it gets toabout 190 degrees and then I’ll betaking it out to rest and probably restit for 45 minutes and then it’ll beready to go so the beef has been restingnow for about 45 minutes I took it outafter another hour and 20 minutes one ofthe things I didn’t mention was the factthat I when I put it in the foil Idrizzled a bit of maple syrup in theremainly down to how well that worked withthe ribs I did the other day saying nojust having a look looking pretty goodtransparent to the chopping board findretain some of those juices to pour overit afterwards let’s cut into it that’slooking pretty goodgot some good pink smoke rings on thatsmells amazing plenty of moisture in itjust try a little bit tastes superb I’mgonna have some of that with some freshbread and some salad hope you enjoyedthe video thank you

17 Replies to “Beef Brisket WEber Smokey Mountain – Quick Video

  1. “Heck, to give as Christmas Presents, it don’t matter, candied bacon is fantastic!”- Malcom Reed

  2. Once again a recipe that is everything about why I LOVE Malcom Reed’s cooking – simple ingredients, great spice combos and monster proportions – anyone can make this at home and blow people away with it!

  3. “Ones not enough, you know I’m gonna build another one” that’s what I was thinking great video as always sir. Awesome 😎

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