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Beef Short Ribs | Perth BBQ School

Beef short ribs are one of the most popular cuts for low and slow barbecue and we’ll take you through how to get them done.
A few people said I should talk in the videos instead of just dropping hip hop bangers so because of them you get to see the tired, haggard face of a guy that’s been up late figuring out video editing because his business got shut down for two months.

We used our Ruckus Beef Rub on these, but if you’d like to make your own rub you can try:
1 cup coarse ground pepper
1 cup salt
1/3 cup ground coffee
1/3 cup garlic powder

Set your smoker to run 250-300f (130-150c) and don’t be afraid to sit around the 300f or even 350f mark if they are marbled short ribs, they can handle it!
Cook time allow 6-8 hours as a general rule. These only took 5 hours, but if it’s an important occasion they will suddenly take 9 hours just to mess with you.
They’re done when they probe tender, internal temp often around the 205f mark. If you’re not sure, take them further – when you know, you know.
Allow rest time of 1-2 hours and serve at an internal temp 150-175f (65-75c) so they don’t steam out all the moisture and pour fat everywhere.

Hope you enjoyed the video, I’m still figuring out all this editing and video stuff, let me know how I went.

Original of the video here

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