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Chicory-rubbed Pork Shoulder with Bourbon BBQ Sauce

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To savor the Southern flavors of Louisiana BBQ, try this Chicory-rubbed Pork Shoulder with Bourbon BBQ Sauce. Chef Barbara Alexander from The Culinary Institute of America shows us how to BBQ the pork shoulder for perfectly tender and succulent results. The shoulder is delicious sliced, chopped, or pulled.

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Video Transcription

to savor the southern flavors ofLouisiana barbecue try this chicoryrubbed pork shoulder with bourbonbarbecue sauce to begin withwe’ll prepare four components of thisrecipe the rub the spritz the butterwrapping mixture and the barbecue saucefirst we’ll make the rub by combiningthe chicory coffee salt brown sugarcracked black pepperancho chili powder smoked paprika andcocoa powder in a bowl mix to combineand then set aside rub the pork shoulderwith chicory rub and allow it to cureuncovered overnight in the fridge nextwe’ll make our hard apple cider spritzcombine the hard apple cider water brownsugar salt Worcestershire sauce andMaggi seasoning mix and pour the spritsingredients into a spray bottle and setaside for later we’re also going to getour butter wrapping mixture ready in thelarge mixing bowl combine butter honeybrown sugar the hard cider spritz andmustard set this mixture aside lastlywe’re going to make this deliciousbourbon barbecue sauce in a smallsaucepan heat the oil and saute theonion until it’s beginning to caramelizeadd the garlic and continue to cookuntil aromatic flambe with suburban forabout a minute then carefully add theketchup coffee rub cider vinegar andbrown sugar heat slowly until brownsugar dissolves and the sauce comes to aboil turn off the heat and add thegrainy mustard mix until combined removefrom heat and allow to cool now we’reready to start barbecuing set up yourgrill and heat to about 250 degreesFahrenheitdividing the grill into a two zonecooking a hot side with direct heat anda cooler side away from the direct heatnext add a few chunks of pecan apple orother suitable hardwoods to the coals orto your grill place the pork shoulder inthe smokeron the cool side of the to zone grillwith a drip pan underneath close thegrill lid and cook for one hourspritzing with the cider spritz every 30minutes or so cook for two and a half tothree hours or until the internaltemperature registers approximately ahundred and sixty-five degreesFahrenheittear off two sheets of heavy-dutyaluminum foil place the meat on the foiland coat the meat with the butterwrapping mixture wrap the shoulder verytightly and return to the smoker or coolside of the grill cook at 250 degreesFahrenheit for two-and-a-half tothree-and-a-half additional hourschecking the temperature after 2 and ahalf hours with a meat thermometer themeat will be done when the thickest partof the shoulder reaches 195 degreesFahrenheit unwrap the shoulderdiscarding the foil and excuses placethe pork shoulder back on to the coolpart of the grill glaze the pork withthe bourbon barbecue sauce cooking foranother 30 minutes to set the glazeallowed to rest tented with foil for aminimum of 30 minutes before servingserve the pork sliced chopped or cold[Music]you

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  1. Watching y’all make the potato salad bought tears to my eyes because my mother used to make her potato salad just like that. She was born and raised in South Carolina. She passed away in 2011😔.

  2. AJ just do the cooking, I can tell by your comments to Danni you are real particular when it comes to cooking😂

  3. Hey Fam. Great Tag Team Action, I’m gonna do my pork steaks like that. This was a great video, thanks for sharing, Love Yall ❤

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