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Corned Beef Brisket & Cabbage Bomb on Pit Boss 7

Hello, My Name is Rob and today we are cooking, Corned Beef Brisket & Cabbage Bomb on Pit Boss 7

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Video Transcription

we’re champ barbecuers today we aredoing up corned beef brisket in the pitboss vertical seven oh hell yeah here inNew York we got nailed with a snowstormlet’s go check it out but as you can seeI’m on a t-shirt it’s supposed to be 15degrees outside today that’s fair enoughyeah that’s my fire ring back there Ithink that’s 18 inches on the snow is upto the top yeah[Music]so the only thing I got heating thisright now one burner on low on a blackstone and the pit-boss is that 300degrees kicks out a little bit of heatand yeah but I got an exhaust fan I’mgonna kick that back on again turn itoff to the video and but it stays 60degrees[Music]it’s awesome so we are going to bemaking a cabbage bomb as well we’regoing to be doing some small potatoesand carrots with that corned beefbrisket when we wrap it and cabbage bombwe’ve got going on we’re gonna be usingsome local seeds thick meat that’s yourproblem for this cabbage bottom[Music]on top of crapping out the entire EastCoast at least spectrum the Internetright now today on Saturday and yeahonly only when you get accustomed tousing something all the time it becomesa hassle but come on you’re Grillinlistening to music drinking beer havinga damn good time so how about you guyswhat are you doing internet free atleast for most of these goes[Music][Music][Music]all right the cabbage bomb I just placedon the pit-boss seven with the foil openwe want to get some smoke in thatcabbage for sure and then the cornedbeef brisket just hit 165 we’re pullingthat we’re putting it on all of theseveg with some beer a german-style beerwe’re gonna pour that in there slap somebutter on top cover it put it back inthe pit boss until we hit about 200degrees internal temp in that cornedbeef brisket oh hell yeah and I thinkthat’s it look CheersWow anyway things Baguio hellso according to beef brisket I put it inthe pit boss at 300 degrees withcompetition blend and charcoal thosepellets it’s a great combination try itout if you haven’t there’s so manydifferent kinds of pellets out therethese the two together I like it it’spretty damn good and we’ve got carrotstomatoes or yeah we’ve got carrotspotatoes onions at the base of thiswe’re gonna put that corned beef brisketon top put some beer in there butter ontop of the corned beef brisket wrap thatsucker put her back in the heat and ohhell yeah in a couple hours she hadabout 200 degrees let her rest it’sgonna be dynamite and I hope I hopethere’s leftovers to do oh you know itReubens tomorrow so if not I’ll figureit out we’ll do Reubens either way I’llgo grab pastrami or something if there’sno leftovers because corporate brisketso damn good you know what I’m talkingabout you know it usually we do power initself anyway guys[Music][Music][Music]corned beef brisket is done what it hasto rest so let’s pull it out and let ithangwell yeaheverything should be done oh hell yeahlooks like my ink bird crapped out notnecessarily the unit itself just one ofthe probes I got to get some new probesfor this gimmick or a whole new guy Ireally want that maverick man but $90but accuracy man it pays to haveaccurate food you don’t waste your moneyon food so you dry something out so Iguess it is worth it in the end but Ithink I can get the same thing out ofthat $20 in clear account dang itjust gotta get some backup probes forwhen this happens I got the pit-bossprobe in it does work but I found it tobe about 10 degrees off from the inkerbut maybe maybe the burgers off I don’tknowso yeah so I’m gonna get some new meprobes or a whole new external meatprobe[Music][Music]everything should be done I’ll tell you[Music]oh hell yeahOh corned beef cabbage carriage taterson the pit-boss well yeah nice crunchthat cabbage bottom is not overdone ithas got great crispnessOh hmm carrot a rocketthat corned beef is a little overdonethat line but stuff deliciousyeah I went about 10 degrees too much onthat it still tasted deliciouscorned beef brisket the flat how can yougo wrong no you can’t that cabbage couldhave went a little bit longer oh hellyou had to make it a little softer butthe crunch is nice – I really likecrunchy cabbage what do you think whatdo you guys think comment down belowcrunchy cabbage or mushy cabbage Ipersonally like the crunchy and mostpeople that I don’t know like the mushyso anyway delicious dinner and subscribeit’s your first time here comment downbelownail that jingle bell yeah you jinglethe bell and I will catch you guys onthe next cook[Music]

12 Replies to “Corned Beef Brisket & Cabbage Bomb on Pit Boss 7

  1. I’ve overcooked corned beef on a few occasions myself. Never made a cabbage bomb before but I like the sound of it.. I’m gonna give that a go.. Thanks brother. Have a great week man.

  2. Oh hell yeah! I love cabbage all ways, coleslaw, mushy or with a little crunch or just munching on it raw but mostly with lots of butter salt and pepper. You can’t beat corned beef on the smoker, the next day for leftovers I like to put the slices in a screamin hot cast iron skillet and get a little crisp on it, yuuuuummy. Everything there looked great Rob. 👍👍👍

  3. Oh heck yeah Rob! I love smoked corned beef with veggies and that cabbage looked awesome, I’m definitely going to try that. Half the time I’ll take the corned beef and make pastrami out of it. I’m down with cabbage either crunchy or mushy.

  4. The cornbeef may have went over a few degrees but you could still see the goodness. We’re too hard on our selves..The crunch is good and the soft is good. I just love cabbage! Cheers

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