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BBQ Turkey Creek Wings, Mixed Beans + Homemade Hush Puppies

Join me for this Hearty Homemade Meal .

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Video Transcription

hello hello hello miss they like clayhere today and how are you doing todayI’m doing fine thank you so much forasking and I hope everything is wellwith you I hope that you’re doing fineas well and I’m here today for my dinnerand today what I have let me bring it upa little bit closer and show you what itlooks like I had a roasted turkey winglooking like a big chicken wing I have athree mixed beans I have northern beingspecial beings and navy beansI made some hush puppies and I have asalad and I’m hungry I’m ready to eatlet me show you what it looks like thebeans the Greece and Turkey yes yes yesI got a Miss Sally right there and it’ssmoking and I’m hungryso let’s see what it tastes like andover here on the side I have some syrupfor minehush cookies I’m gonna dip it in therelike so and I’m going to take a bite outof life I almost made these such suckerson camera show you guys how I make thembut I got a little bit pressed for timeso it’s delicious and it’s queues me hmmand I have like I say three beans navybeans northern beans and pinto beansI also have some barbecue sauce justlook if I want to dip it I have some hotsauce and I have some mustard srirachasauce okay so I’m ready I tasted italready your food is good I want you toremember you don’t need to take it toride with me it’s free it’s free youdon’t need a ticket to ride with me it’sfree it’s freesubscribe to the channel it’s free it’sfreehere’s the like button baby it’s freeit’s free please subscribe to thechannel hit the notification bell soeach time I upload a new video you willbe there and I want to say thank you forall your support thank you for watchingmy videos thank you thank you thank youso much thank you thank you thank youand thank you again so I’m going tobreak into this this turkey wing let meshow you what it looks like a niceturkey wing hot off the press yes yesyes oh steel crispymm-hmm I like it when the skin is crispylike chicken I almost made some gravywith the dog but I didn’t want the sauceyou know how we make gravy eat theStandish really soft I want too muchcare for that so I marinated it and putit in the ovenand you get the crispiness understandmm-hmm so how’s everybody doing todaygot a little bit more snow todayall these beans are goodI like pickles tomatoes and onions withmy beans how many of you like that Ilove anything with my beans that’s why Ihave some red onions I have some romatomatoes and I have some pickles and I’mgoing to mix it with my beans deliciousso pickles tomatoes onions let’s grabsome of these things the pickle gives ita little bit of an invitation thoughjust came right off that bottle look atthere yeah and this is what I wanted todo I wanted to dip it in the barbecuesauce barbecue turkeythat is so good why did you Turkey Ialways chased you and if you’re in theWisconsin area I hope you guys are safeand I pray for those people who wereharmed and for their families who wereharmed in that shooting in Wisconsintoday when I was a truck driver I wentto that miller brewery company todeliver some beer so I know exactlywhere it’s atthe xxx was that it was a angry employerwho was terminated and he came back toretaliate if you did hear it alreadyfive people were killed and at the endhe was killed he was terminated the sameday in town they didn’t go home thinkabout it oh I mean I guess he did butfairyou go to work to provide a living foryourself and your family and who’s tosay you’re going to make it back homebecause of a disgruntled employee whowas terminatedwhat’s angry and just went on therampage I pray for all those at thatmiller brewery their families it’s sosad and now that we got the coronabuyers coming over this way too I hopeeverybody’s will leave a comment if youlive in that areawe have so much to be thankful for yeswe do I was just thinking people justdon’t have not people some of somepeople don’t have any any respect forlife what do you thinkI like the photo chip how many you guyslike my friendship holodeck but I’m nottalking a lot maybe I am but I have alot of things I’m thinking about youknow I mean so but I was hungrythese beans then take that long to cookbecause I sloped the beans overnight soyou soak your beans overnight it cutsthe cooking time in half turkey back inthe book and the barbecue sauce blackKentucky mr. delicious YUMhow many guys like hushpuppies yesdipping sauce dipping sauce good thatbig piece of Turkey right there is Isaid look at me look at all that meatlook at all that me to come a spring alittle hot sauce on this be shot youlittle hot sauce you know I like spicythey’re nice puppies what you trying tosay miss me like that hush puppiesas this serrata this looks like a ladydonut almost like a lake took the waytake your wings so if you’re wearingjokey Wang check Wang I couldn’t eat awhole turkey late and that’s why I don’tbuy them now I can eat a whole wingprobably not everyone see you know eatsome now eat some later by the wholeturkey lame I couldn’t do that one it’sa lot of meat there’s a lot of chewinglet’s go and I’m glad that I put themthe other instead of boil and boil itlet’s get back to these bangs and theseonions and I have a mixed green salad soexcuse me I’m full thank you forwatching thank you for viewinghope you guys be safe out thereexcuse me and pay attention to yoursurroundings in the meantime in betweentime I’ll see you soon bye

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  1. wow great upload my friend so yummy mouth watering Oh! my keep sharing my atay connected hope you can visit me my friend congrats and God bless.

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