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Easy to cook Beef Ribs

Prepping and barbecue beef ribs, easy as to do!
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Video Transcription

all right I’m bringing from the swagyummies yes and today we’re gonna bedoing some beef short ribs so I was abit Food Box paid the other day and theyhad they had some leftover from a from acustomer order so I picked up a coupleof racks so when you’re in your butchersor wholesalers getting some meat you canjust tell by how good they’re going tobe just by the by the marbling on theend grain so if you can have a have alook at those before you select yourribs that’s the side on and that’s theother end there is that India so theyusually come either in a three bone rackor a five bone wreck so these are theseare these are nice these are got a nicenice set of four bones on them sothere’s a bit of a bit of a Thresh inthere so we’re going to leave themembrane on these ones but you can trimthem you can run a knife down and exposethe exposed to the membraneso expose the backside of the meet theair if you desire I prefer to leave themembrane on it just holds all thatmoisturein the be frankbut you can try both and see how it goesit’s really just personal preference sowe’re going to be taking the fat cap offthese ribs today basically if you justput rub onto that fat cap the fats goingto render and the rub is going to washoff and it’s not really going to be veryeffective at all so we’re just going toslide our slide our knife under theunder the fat cap there you can justfeel the you can just feel your knifeunder the just go back that wayI really are a great cut of meat to cookjust go back the other wayyou can just feel the knife just slidingunder that silver skinthey’re a great-tasting cut of meat thatjust got lots of lots of fat and justlots of flavor and they really cook todo too so we’re just gonna trim a littlebit off thethough a great cut saves saves doing aprosecute if you haven’t got time to doa brisket put a record beef Shorty’s onand you get some great results andalways looks good when you slice them upat the end you’ve got the big the bigbone on there – you’ve got that Dino ribDino room type effect there which alwayslooks greatso these are just a grass-fed silverfoon product they’re not the reserves oranything like that they’re just prettypretty pretty standard silver silverfood farms ribsso you can spend a lot of time justtaking all the little bits of silverskin off but I’m sort of not gonna gettoo fussy today with thesewe spend a lot of timeon them but they don’t they look prettygood lots of lots of marbling and andfat in there so they look pretty good sowe’re just going to use our favoritebeef rub combination again of theheavenly house the smoked I sorry thegirl to smoke then the lovely so we’regoing to put that on as a base layerthen we’re going to put that put thepistol powder over the topso if you’re taking the membrane off onthe other side you can get some rubbingaround there tooget the endswe go over the top of the pistol powderand we’ll just leave that for an hour orso just tojust to draw a bit of that moisture outjust to suck a bit of that flavor in sowe’ll come back we’ll leave that forabout an hour or so we’ll get the chokeBela ceramic eight going on and we’llsee you back in about an hourso we’ve just got half the chimney ofKingsford original into the Acornceramic Lea so we’ve just got some chargrill our lamp in there and we’ve justgot a sack of each on the top so we’rejust going to put the deflector in Ijust put a bit of tin foil on thedeflector just to catch all the catchall the rubbish that goes in therejust put the grate in close her up Vinceopen being towed them down there sowe’ll just wait for that to get up to300 and we’ll pop the hood rubs on ourbeef ribs of sweet it down nicely seesome of the moisture coming out and it’sjust sucks it flavor there Ken so we’rejust gonna certainly gonna look a lotdifferent the the meat certainly shrinksup and all those bones will be exposedthere’s a Cox so we’re just gonna popthem in the middle there so we’re notgonna we’re not gonna spritz or anythingthe the charge roller ache Warren it’squite a humid humid heat in there so itretains a lot of moisture but the thethree much insulative properties sowe’re gonna we’re gonna close that upand come back in about five or six hoursand they should be done arrived we’reabout an hour and sitting just under 300see what I mean about the humidity inthe ceramic acorn they’re looking prettygood just gonna give it a bit of aspritz this is just water they’relooking real good you can see the thebones all falling back doing whatthey’re supposed to do love the colorexcellent so pop back in about anotherhour and see see how they’re going CO 2and a half hours on sitting pretty at300that looks goodlooking really good love the colorjust give a little bit of a little pridescholar but a resistance thereso school setting at about 188 so givesyou a bit of an idea of what thetemperature and them is so if there wasa brisket we would have had it wrappedby now with that sort of color on it butwe’re just going to let them go so we’llpop it in about an hour or so and seehow they are three and a half hours andstill sitting pretty 300 yeah they’relooking looking really good oh yeahthat’s betterbut stuff here see we’re about 1 195this but he is really soft and see thechange in temperature so that’s reallythat just goes right in 206 it’s just alittle bit stuff over herethat stuff therea little bit overgive it a bit of a stretch we’ll give itanother half an hour and I think we’llwrap it up and brush them up we’ve beenon for three and a half hours now and wejust let it let it rest for another halfan hour so you can see everything withall the fats fats all bubbling nicely onit we’re just going to use the Handytrip from this morningI’m just gonna check therebargain further in reading aw sweeta little bit tight there but I thinkit’ll carry over excellentrodeo we’re gonna rip itwe’re just going to wrap it on butcherspaper first it just saves it just ripsup some of those bones to say puncturein the tinfoilso we’re just going to lift that bigthat ripped and just let it rest andsettle for a couple of hours and he willbe back for the sourcing we’ve hit thesedrifting for a couple of hours now sowe’re going to begoodthere’s a membrane therethere we go

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