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Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Champion Joey Smith gives a tell-all masterclass on how he cooks Texas Style Beef Ribs. From trim to taste he will give step by step detail instructions. For all the details on how to cook these amazing beef ribs check out his class at:

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]hello I’m Joey Smith pit master of theTexas chrome competition barbecue teamout of Austin Texas and the worldchampion winner of the use of livestockshow and rodeo just brisket on a boneit’s a brisket on a bone amount but thisis completely different are gonna selectmeats we’re gonna trim meats we’re gonnapick out all the competition rubs that’sa championship sauces we’re gonna beusing for you today so what she waslooking for that crow very tender so youwant to get between the bones and we’resitting around 205 206 207 we said wewere shooting at 208 and but it’s like afeeling that’s done when it’s done we’reabout to take this to the next level oncontent I get the juice in that rootthat is some good stuff that is yummyyummy goodness the bones slide rod ohyeah leave it right there gonna sliceall of them up all of this will enhanceyour barbecue knowledge and ability toprovide award-winning barbecue at yournext tailgating event backyard barbecueor competition another home run week Ithink we’ve been hitting them out of thepark all day start cooking like a worldchampion today[Music]

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