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Lil Mea’s Mukbangs is proud to present OUR DELICIOUS GRILLED BBQ BEEF SHORT RIBS MUKBANG먹방 FEAST + FRIED RICE + BACON WRAPPED ASPARAGUS + FRIES + VEGGIES & SO MUCH MORE! EVERYTHING is made from SCRATCH! Yes, we made This Crazy, Yet Delicious Homemade Bbq Beef Short Ribs, Homemade Fried Rice, Homemade Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Homemade Fries and So Many More Amazing Goodies, just to name a few. Join Us for OUR DELICIOUS GRILLED BBQ BEEF SHORT RIBS MUKBANG먹방 FEAST with Fried Rice, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Fries & Veggies ride and get LIT, as we chow down on this EPIC GRILLED BBQ SHORT RIBS DINNER OF CHAMPIONS!

Be sure to watch this video till the very end and Let’s indulge in STORY Time. Find out how these times have affected my life and the struggles of day to day as a Stay at Home Mom? Also find out how I made this Delicious Meal and What went into it? Let’s have some AWESOME convo’s, have a few laughs and of course, experience This GRILLED BBQ BEEF SHORT RIBS MUKBANG먹방 FEAST + FRIED RICE + BACON WRAPPED ASPARAGUS + FRIES + VEGGIES with all the fixings together!

Also, Lil Mea’s Mukbangs channel is a place filled with positivity, kindness and respect, so please keep that in mind, as we embark on this new journey together, sharing in our love for food and cultures from around the world. Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, CLICK on that BELL Notification, SHARE and COMMENT. We’ll be sure to check you out in the comment section below, so please keep it friendly!

During these uncertain times, we wanted to give you a place to unwind, rest your minds for a moment, remain positive, give you some entertainment, something light hearted to focus on temporarily, and have a few laughs. Please be safe, stay vigilant and try to remain positive during these times…God Bless!


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Video Transcription

this is an exciting oneone of my favorites it’s the main course[Music]we have short ribs[Music][Music]sowelcome back minion squadi’m little mia and huhwhere’s justin i have no ideano guys to be fair he needed a break sowe’re giving him a little bit of a breakto kind of unwind because he also worksand also help me out with this mukbangas wellso the show must go on we will missjustincomment down below and let me know whatyou guys think do you want him backdo you want to see me doing moremukbangs hollaso guys this is an exciting oneyes we have so many goodies for you guysso we have short ribsyup short ribs guys one of my favoritesand alsoit’s the main course for this whole mealherei’m super excited because for one i loverice and we’ve got riceright here secondly we’ve got ourfries yes guys a mukbang can not becomplete when you’re doing ribswithout fries so we got fries right herei love my veggies so we gotcucumbers and tomatoes as well cherrytomatoes that isand last but certainly not leastwe have this awesome bacon wrappedasparagusi know i had to i know it’s just me butguysi’m hungry it’s been one of those eventsagainall day but you know what i’m notcomplainingbecause this was a really chill mukbangto do and i’m super glad that you guyshave joined meonce again for this episode of littleman’s mukbangbe sure to give this video a big thumbsup subscribeif you haven’t already bring that bellnotification so you get notifiedevery time we put a video out next besure to sharewith friends and family as well we’vegot to getstarted i’m starving i’m ready to dig ini’m ready to have this feast ofultimate proportions for my little selfof coursewhat do you say guys it’s a time to diginlet’s get this party startedso guys i’m about to dig in but i justwanted to sayone thing we’re uploading a video everyfriday and saturday between eight andtenbe sure to keep an eye out for our videonext weekendyou never know what’s going to pop up ohguys alsoi’m planning to do if you’reinterested in thatleave a comment down below and let meknow yeah we’re going to have fauxand there’s also hotpot that’s comingyour wayyes there’s a lot of different goodiesand so many more videos to comeso be on the lookout for that i’m alittle shortnormally justin helps me out withserving the foodbut i put everything a little closerbecause it’s just meand i think i can do it all myselfso as you guys knowi love my riceand we’ve got fried rice here guys besure to watch this video to the very endand i will go through all the fixingsbecause there are somereally great ingredients that went intomany of these different dishesthis is simple but it doesn’t look likeit but guys i assure you it’s not thatcomplicated to doand get creative use what you havebecause with these times it’s not easyto just go out thereand to go to the grocery store and makea quick runyou’re waiting in line these days guysso make a listget what you need and try to make itstretch for the wholeweek including if you’re doing mukbangsmukbangs tooand now i got my tongs ready as wellguyslet’s see oh yes let’s do thisshort ribs let’s check this out guyswhoa and because i’m short i’m a littlecloser to the camera as well so you cansee this really nicelet’s grab a couple of those because ilove short ribs so deliciousyou guys we did itwe did a barbecue todayi don’t even want to go through thedetails of what we did but guyswe barbecued and we did it for you guysso be sure to comment down below and letus know what you think about thisawesome mukbang what else i thinkwe got me some forget the tongs guyslet’s use your fingers i’m gonnause some of these bacon wrappedasparaguslet’s do two guys let’s do two checkthis outi’ve already washed my hands she’s athing of beauty isn’t sheand yes i had to use toothpicks to holdit together butrest assured i will take the toothpicksouti love cucumbers it always helps toclean the paletteand it’s so refreshingi just feel like every time you take abite of something and you actually havea bite of cucumber it’s likeit quenches your thirst and it alsomakes the food go down real nice toosome cherry tomatoes as welland fries[Music]but today it’s a little different so i’mkind ofall over the place but i assure you guysthis will be a good oneand let’s talk real talkas i’m eating this we’re gonna have realtalk here guysbecause i really want to know what’sgoing on with all of youbecause i’m sure that many of you areprobably feelingkind of similar things to what i’mfeeling so heyi want you guys to know you’re not aloneyou’re probably feeling exactly the sameway as i’m feelingso we’re going to talk about it not onlydo i have mythai chilis that you guys know i love mesometattoos from my mom’s garden of courseso shout out to momsfor this awesome awesome arrayof thai chilies but ialso have guys you can’teat fried rice or any type of asian mealwithout garlic oil one of my faves guysone of my favesit’s so delicious and it’s so spicy i’mkind of wondering if it’s spicier thanthe two times spicybecause every basis of two times asspicy i’ve had the nucleartwo times noodle challenge and guesswhat guysthat was really spicy but when i eatthisin particular this tastes a littlespicierso i’m not 100 sure i’ve got my spoonand not fuller but i’m probably going tolean more towards the spoonbecause of the rice plus i’m asian i’vegot mydrink here ginger ale of coursesomething to go nicely with this awesomemeali’m normally a water drinker and havewater beside me herebut ginger ale is one of those beveragesthat i actually really enjoyand plus it helps with your stomach aswell with the digestioncheers to the minion squashi love you guys thank you for tuning inso good so guysi’m gonna take my chili oil i’m gonnadigin to my riceso let me show you thishuge dish of goodiesi made this meal suggested and thelittle onefirst and watching them eat it i swearto you i was so hungry about that youknow whati’m gonna do this one for you guys thisone[Music]okay guys first bites for you guysyes yes big fightsit’s so good it’s so good the chili oilguysso i don’t know well we’re gonna have toplay around with this andeat and also try to talk to you guysabout some things thathas been weighing on my mind and i’msure thatmany can relate to it so let’s do thisa few bites first[Music]i have everything served beside me sothat i don’t have to goanywhere because i just want to eat andenjoy this mealand have an awesome conversation withyou guys scissors guys let’s cut this upso it’s likenice bite sizescheck this outfingersyou guys it’s so nice outi’m not gonna lie though it’s kind ofbad weathercanada’s weather and i’m wondering ifthe same for you guysin the states or wherever you areare you getting snow in aprilis the temperature in the minus becauseyou guyshere in southern ontario it is very rareto get snow in aprilwe’re in mid-april and the weather hasdropped a little strange but you guysthese are some strange times soi don’t even knowstill gonna try to make the best of thesituation righti love the meat right around the bone soi’m just gonna knot it[Music]i just hope i don’t chip a tooth orsomething because i’m not sure what’sgoing on with the dentistso you guys as you know during thesetimeseverybody’s at home some people aren’tdoingwork because they can’t a lot of peopleare finding itchallenging people with childrenpeople that are accustomed to workingout or whatnotand you guys i’m not going to liei think it’s kind of gotten to me alittle bit in the sense thatyou’re used to going out you’re used todoingthings like grocery shopping or going tothe mall ortaking your kid to the playground orgoing for walksa little time to just kind of get awayand now everything is so different andi feel for those that have been affectedby the virus i feel for those that havelost their jobsi feel for parents that have little onesi feel for everyonethat has had their life impacted by thissituationhow are you all coping comment downbelow guys i really need to knoware you feeling a little bit out of itare you feeling perhaps a little bitdepressed not gonna lie the other dayit hit me it hit me like a ton of bricksall of a sudden i was likei don’t know i’m not feeling i’m notfeeling 100and i realized it’s becauseregardless of trying to make the most ofthese timesi’m trying to be positiveeventually it still kind of weighs onyou do you guys feel the same waylet me know please comment down belowand howhow are you dealing with it how are youcoping with the situationif you can share any tips to kind ofdeal with these timeslet me know i used to do meditations alot andsince i’ve had my little one no excusesonce again because there’s amazing momsand dads out therethat can do it all but for mei haven’t been able to meditate asregularly as i used toand meditation was one of those thingsthat actually kind of helped me tobalance my mind balance my emotionsbalance my state of beingand it helped i know it’s not foreveryonei know not everybody believes in stufflike thatbut that’s okay that’s what worked formeit was a little harder we live in anapartmentthere’s really no time for quiet timewhen you have a little one runningaroundi know there’s parents out there thathave like three kids and four kids andthey’re still able to do the things thatthey normally canbut it is an adjustment i’m not perfectat it[Music]but you know what i gotta give my propsto all the parents out therewhether you’re a stay-at-home wife orstay-at-home dador what have youi see you i know how you feelsometimes we go a little unappreciatedbut you know what guys i appreciate youbecause i get iti’m a mom now i kind of understand whatthat was all abouti’ll be honest i didn’t know what thatwas about before and it didn’tunderstandbut it’s it’s definitely challenging attimes andto keep your head above water and tokind of like pull through and bulldozetolife not props to all of you guys[Music]click hereto all the amazing people out thereno matter who you are no matter whereyou arei see you and i love you all[Music]cheers[Music]but yeah guys it’s been a little bit ofachallenge just becauseour little one was accustomed to goingto the parkand i take him on the swings or his dadwould take him out to play[Music]not so easy anymore you know it’s quitean adjustmenti’m sure for everybodystill trying to make the most of itthough[Music]and you know here’s the thing guyswith these macarons too this was a goalwhen i set this goal out before2020 i made the goal that i reallywanted to take that step and dosomethingoutside of the box that i’m notaccustomed to doing and thatwould take me outside of my comfort zoneand this is definitely one of thosethingsand the goal was to have a platformwherei can reach out and do somethingpositive that touches people in apositive wayand if it brings a little bit of joyinto your life guysthat’s fulfilling that’s satisfying andthatmatters a lot[Music]so that’s a goal i love doing thesebecausei love food i love to cook i love to eati love sharing with everyone soshout out to all our subscribers thankyou for subscribingand being a part of the minion squad youguysrock thank you so much[Music]so excited about the hot pot to come upso excited about fauxand just so many dishes the food is socool you can do so many different thingsyou caneat it over and over again but also adda little bit of a twistyeah so awesome so guysas i’m eating this i just want to gooverhow i did everything another biteummmm short ribs so goodi miss that barbecue flavor so much[Music]so with the short ribsi marinated it for at least a couplehours beforethrowing on the barbecue so what wentinto thatthere is fried garlic yes guys friedgarlicalways enhances absolutely everythingand it tastes extremely amazingwith any dish especially fried rice aswell then you have yoursweet chili sauce which is specificallyfor seasoning and marinating meatsthen you have some barbecue sauce aswelland we have a little bit of sugar alittle bit of salta little bit of paprika always paprikabecause it adds a little bit of colordark soy sauce soy saucea little bit of oyster sauce oystersauce gives it thatglow guys that little bit of that goldenglowand honey garlic sauce as wellthat’s what we have with that one yesit was marinating with all that oh notto mention twoonion powder and garlic powder youalways want to have that as well with itand one last thing yes i need to mixguysyeah that’s a secret yes thatgoes amazing because what happens isthatthe flour or the cornstarch that’s inthe onion soup mixwhat it does is it just melts rightaround the meat and it justgives it a nice thick sauce onceeverything is melted togetherso over here we have fried rice supereasy to doa little bit of olive oilsome fried garlic as i mentioned somefresh garlic as well you’ve got yourpeppergarlic and onion powder then you havesoy sauce oyster sauce once again guyssee oyster sauce it goes in a lot ofdifferent dishes but you wouldn’t knowit it justadds that subtle hint of flavoras well as i put in here mushroomcube yeah you know where those flavorcube yeaha mushroom cube as well so it enhancesthe flavorand gives it a little bit of that nicemushroom flavoras well as in there there’s freshmushrooms as wellalso onions sauteed all in therecabbage melded together and green onionsas wellso mix that all up make sure thateverything issauteed nicely before you add the riceand make sure there’s a nice layer ofsauce as wellmix it all up you got yourself amazingfried riceand yes super simple easy to do goeswell with any meatsthat you barbecue or grill and then overhereso simple but so delicious so you cookthe baconboth sides make sure that it’s not toocrispygetting to that crispy point but stillable to wrap around the asparaguswe saute up the asparagus in a pan witholive oiladd into it lemon pepper guyslemon pepper there’s a nice saltiness toitthere’s also lemon zesty tasteand the pepper so that makes it sosimple you don’t have to grab all thesedifferent ingredients it’s all one shotthen we have our fries of course yougotta have fries rightover here we have paprika added to it wehavefresh red hot powder as well justsprinkled all over itonion powder garlic powder and a littlebit of salta little bit of onion salt and that’spretty much ityeah keeping it simple kind of guys butyeah that’s how we do so guysbe sure to give this video a big thumbsup subscribe if you haven’t alreadyclick on that bell notification as wellso you get notified every timei put a video up be sure to sharewith friends and family and guysthank you once again for joining me inthisawesome feast of ultimate proportionsfor me this was an awesome eventthank you for being here and kind ofallowing me to vent a little bit andalsobe there for any of you that may befeeling or going through similar thingsit’s okay guys it’s human natureyou know we’re meant to be socialcreatures we’re meant to be out thereand doing our thing and sometimes itdoesget to you a little bit but you guyskeep the positivity up be sure toacknowledgewhoever it is that you come across whenyou’re out and aboutyou know not often but here and therelet him knowi see you i get it we’re going throughthe same things it’s all goodbut you guys until we feast againi’m a little mia and i just wanted tosaypeace


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