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Traditionally a South American cut, the picanha sits between the rump and the sirloin. This means you get the flavour of the rump but the tenderness of the sirloin. Win win!

Bred on the green farmland pastures of Wexford Valley on the Irish coast, this herd’s stress free lifestyle and fine diet makes for an extra tender cut of beef.

First we grill the picanha over open flames on our bespoke clay barbecue, infusing it with smoky charred flavours. The rest of the cook is low and slow to ensure perfect tender and flavoursome medium rare beef for you to enjoy at home.

MR. WILDE recommends… you pour yourself a nice Rioja or Malbec, put your feet up and switch your phone off.

Once you’ve pulled it out the oven you MUST rest the beef, the longer you rest the better (within reason). If you have some extra time, wrap the picanha in tinfoil and lay a tea towel over it for an extra 15 minutes of resting.

[Please note this product has a raw weight of approximately 500 g // Serves 2]


This foolproof fine dining experience is delivered straight to your home. Available nationwide. Cooked by our chefs, finished by you. Even the most complicated or arduous culinary challenges take 15 minutes.


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