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Grilled Beef Tongue | Japanese head to Sendai just for this

Sendai has been renown for “Grilled Beef Tongue”. For the first time, many shake their head, but once you give a bite and you will be addicted instantly. Then you will understand why Japanese foodies keep coming back to Sendai just for it. In this video I visited a restaurant specialized in Wagyu and I will introduce you an exclusive cut of charcoal grilled beef tongue dish and tell you the secret of why it is so good.

Note: Iseya has 3 branches. No.1 is good if you feel like beef tongue and No.2. and No 3. are good if you are ready for a serious Wagyu A5 steak

1. Beef Tongue and Steak “Iseya”

2. Iseya (Main store)
3.Iseya (S-Pal branch)

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▶Main Camera: Sony α6400
▶Main Lens: SIGMA 16mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary C017
▶Microphone: Rode Videomic Rycote

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Thank you for the time todayFirst thing I want to ask you isWhat is so special about this placeand please tell me the difference
with other restaurantsWe opened our first steak restaurant in 1967and it has been 52 years sinceWe serve variety of Miyagi dishes here.Amongst all the dishes that we serveThis restaurant in particular mainly servesboth beef tongue and steakThe beef tongue we serve use Wagyu beefwhich is quite exclusive in the marketand that is I would like to recommendI have been to many beef tongue
restaurants in SendaiThis is my first time I had Wagy beef tongue.Is there any reason why you can serve
such an exclusive partAmount of tongue meat that you can
get from one cow is very smallYou need to have some power and techniques to buy themWe use a lot of Sirloins and fillet of
Sendai beef in our restaurantsThat may be one of the reasons why
we can stock the Wagyu tongue.So as result of having a long history of
serving Wagyu steaksYou can buy those exclusive cuts
such as Wagyu beef tongue, correct?Yes, it is definately due to
the over 50 years ofgood relationship and the trust
we have with our whole sellerAnd we would like to thank them for thatBeef tongue and steak restaurant
“Iseya”was just opened on the 12th of May 2020We are located on the 3rd floor of Sendai station.We are only 2 mins away from the ticket gateSo you can stay until the last minute
and enjoy our meal

16 Replies to “Grilled Beef Tongue | Japanese head to Sendai just for this

  1. I was very confused during the interview, until I realised I was supposed to have the English subtitles turned on. Maybe consider hardcoding the subs into the video, since I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t have subtitles turned on automatically? Other than that, good job, you’re improving! 🙂

  2. The camera angle when he gets his food (4:34)makes me feel like a child being taught by Uncle Ryo.. then he starts to eat all the food without sharing

  3. When you and the owner were taking in Japanese, the closed captioning in English was way off! I was laughing so much!

  4. I watch Ryotaro to try to channel his awesome, over-the-top level of confidence. While I consider myself ballsy (ish) at times, he flat-out leaves me (and arguably most people) in the dust when it comes to having a massively confident presence! Love it! Need more videos for you to teach us this, Ryotaro-sensei! Like # 100! Never did that before!

  5. I’d like to imagine that Ryotaro says “EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT!” before every meal, even without the camera on, lol

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