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How to Make the Most Amazing Oven Baked Pork Barbecue Ribs | HOW TO BAKE BAKE PORK RIBS IN THE OVEN

How to Make the Most Amazing Oven Baked Pork Barbecue Ribs | HOW TO BAKE PORK RIBS IN THE OVEN

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to Kiana’s kitcheni’m Kawana for those of you that are newto my channel welcome my name is Kianain today’s video I’m gonna share withyou all and how I make delicious ovenbaked barbecue ribs so without furtherado let’s go okay guys I have my ribshere I actually got these from Walmartthey were like $13 for the slab of ribsand that is like a really nice slab ofribs they are very thick so what I’mgonna do is go ahead and get thesecleaned and then I’m gonna start to takeoff as much of the fat as possible nowbefore I even start again I’m not one ofthose they really get deep down peoplebe getting a little knife and want totake off the skin the back of the ribsand all of that I just try to cut off asmuch of the fat as I can okay because Idon’t like to have fatty ribs but I tryto get off as much as I can but againwhatever I can’t get off it just is whatit is okay I’ll just take off what I canso now that I got off as much of the fatas I could I’m gonna go ahead and justslice these up I don’t want to bake thewhole slab as is a lot of people do thatbut I just like to go ahead and cut mineup and I just kind of feel for that boneyou can see it at the top as well butyou guys can see there’s like anotherone like right next to it so I justwanted to make sure I wasn’t cuttinginto the bone because yeah you try tobite into the rib and you biting into abone it’s not really really good so umyeah that’s what I did so after I gotthese cleaned and I then got them intomy bowl and I started to season themokay so here they are here got my bowlgot them in thereI’m just gonna share with you guys theseasons that I used all my ribs againhere guys use what you want okayeverybody don’t like the same stuffeverybody use the same stuff so I’m justsharing with you guys each one of thespices that I am using you see theCaesar thought onion powder garlicpowder and onion powder and yeah this iswhat happened right here guys who woulda knew that this one didn’t come with alittle top at the top of the bottle withthe holes in it yeah it just came outokay but what I did was we’ll just goahead and rinse some of that off andjust start it over on that part rightthere so I went on the head got my chilipowder in there now I’m going in withsome paprika which is basically forcolor and a hint of flavor it reallydon’t give you that much flavor butagain guys I’m sharing with you thespices that I am using so use what youwant and what I did will start but Iforgot that evil you definitely needthat olive oil this is going to makeyour ribs turn out to be a lot moost andjuicy and a lot of people even pan seartheir ribs before they bake up if youwant to do that you can do that as wellbut that olive oil is definitely gonnado the trick with helping me to keep ina lot of that moisture once I get theseinto the oven I am gonna bake my ribsokay and for added moisture andjuiciness I’m going in with some butterwhich I like to add into my ribs beforeI cover them with the aluminum foil I’mjust gonna put little pieces of butterall over I already have my oven set to375 and we’re gonna bake these ribs forabout I want to say anywhere from like45 to 50 minutes covered and then I’mgonna take the cover off and just letthem cook the remaining time maybeanother 34 minutes I love my ribs to bevery very tender and juicy okay so nowI’m gonna go on with that aluminum foiland yeah we’re gonna get these into theoven so like I said guys the cookingtimes may vary if you don’t cut yours upjust go ahead and you know just add yourslab in there and just cook it how youwant that’s again if you don’t want tocover thembut yeah when you cover them I poke theholes in the top and that kind of helpsthe steam to release giving you moretender ribs okay again that’s totallyoptional you don’t have to do that butthat’s just what I like to do so here itis here guys after that cooking time Ihad them in there for about 45 minutesand you guys can see my ribs turn outthey oh my god my kitchen is lit okaylately and you see all the liquid therethat reduced which isn’t much but I’mgonna go ahead and check this fortenderness and then I’m gonna flip themoverbut that oil that’s in there guys I amgonna pour that out I don’t like to haveall that extra oil in my pan or whatevera lot of people are different somepeople keep it in there saying oh that’sgonna make them juicier this and thatbut guys trust me when I say these ribsare tender already they are just that soI’m just going ahead I’m gonna flipthese over and then I’m gonna get themback into the oven for about another 30minutes and then I’m gonna go on withthe BBQ sauce but that’s after I getthis drained okay I am gonna pour thisoff of here but real quick guys I wannasay welcome welcome welcome welcome guysto all of my new subscribers I the waymy channel is growing up I am likereally at all and I just want to thankyou guys so so much okay thank you so somuch for all the support and love eventhe haters guys thank you because wewithout you steady clicking on mychannel doing what you’re doing guys mychannel will not be doing what it’sdoing so I think you think you thank youbut this right here is the barbecuesauce that I’m gonna be using I did notfeel like making my own so I am usingthe store-bought so like I told you I’mgonna pour off that excess oil and thenI’m gonna go on with the barbecue sauceand then get this back into the oven sothat it can stick now some people liketo add their sauce on there and just eatit as is but I like to go on with thesauce and then get it into the oven thatjust helped the sauce to stick better tothe ribs okayjust the FYIand I didn’t have a barbecue brush soI’m using a paper towel which I do a lotokay this is not a first I just kind ofDAB the barbecue sauce all over the ribsand um ya get these back into the ovenfor about another five minutes or sojust so that sauce can stick and um yeahguys that’s pretty much itso here they are here you guys can seethey turned out perfect so I hope youguys enjoyed my video of me showing youhow I cook barbecue ribs in the oven orcook ribs in the oven I hope you guysenjoyed my video if you did please giveme a thumbs up because that helped meout a lotsupport my channel by subscribing anduntil next time you guys take care bye[Music][Applause][Music]

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