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Homemade Beef Jerky || What’s Cookin’ Wednesday

Welcome back to another What’s Cookin’ Wednesday! Jon is in the kitchen to show us how to make homed=made beef jerky!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys what’s up welcome back it’s BigJohn TV thanks for tuning in this is theWednesday this is a what’s cookingWednesday but I’m here I’m shooting theintro now if we go way back Big John TVshistory that means one of two thingswe’re either barbecuing or we’re justcooking with meat in general right wellI’m not firing up a pit today but we arecooking with me so I’m leading thisvideo I’m gonna shoot the intro I’mgonna show you how we get it set upJessica’s gonna get involved at somepoint but I’m running this show todaywe’re talking beef we’re talking beefjerkey specifically we were talking onour livestream Saturday with you guys wethrew out the idea of making spoof drinkand you guys love that idea so guesswhat here it is beef jerky is a greatsnack fantastic high in protein good foryou healthy blah blah blah it’sexpensive so let’s find a way to make itcheaper by doing it ourselves cut thecost down we know what’s in it exactlyso we can really really fine-tune it toour liked or liking our taste buds andyeah let’s go from thereI’m gonna show you the recipe I’m gonnashow you how to slice the mean how toprepare the meat and how to cook it inthe oven at home could not be any easierit’s gonna be fantasticthanks Chuck let’s get going okay solike I said this is gonna be reallysimple basic recipe kind of a goodstarting pointyou guys can deviate however you wantbut I think this is gonna be reallybasic gonna be fantastic flavor we’regonna start with a half a cup of soysaucethree tablespoons liquid smokethree tablespoons worse – sure sauce wehave four tablespoons of light brownsugar theoretically dark brown wouldwork – I don’t know why it specificallyhas to be light it doesn’t but whateverfour teaspoons of salt this is koshersalt we’ve got four teaspoons thepineapple juice pineapple juice willgive it a nice little zing it’ll alsohelp in tenderizing the meat just alittle bit which is a good thingteaspoon of coarse ground black peppertwo teaspoons of onion powder twoteaspoons of smoked paprikaand two teaspoons garlic powder this isthe Wurster sure there were still somein there all right gonna whisk it alltogether that smells fantastic so thisamount of liquid should be good for afour pound batch of beef jerkydepending on if you’re making more orless you’re gonna have to adjust yourrecipeall right marinade is done and readylet’s bring on the beef all right so thecut of meat that you use for the beefjerky is kind of an important one youall want something that’s good and leana couple different options out there Iwent with top round our grocery store isactually running a sale so it worked outkind of good so these hunks of beef orbuy one get one free so we only spent$17.45 and we ended up with over fourpounds of beef total so it’s a prettydarn good deal this is a technically atop round steak and the trick here isthese have been in the freezer for about45 minutes good callso this is a top round steak and justbecause we weren’t paying attention tothe store not that it matters at all butthis is a top round roast so you can seethe difference this is thinned out alittle bit you could throw that on thison the grill just like that but cook itlike just as it is this one one cook isgood because it’s thicker in the middleso what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna findthe grain of the meat oh did I finish mythought this was put in the freezer forabout 45 minutes 30 to 45 minutes to letit firm up a little bit that’s gonnahelp me slice itso I could get nice thin slices withoutit falling apart on me that’s gonna beimportant for the beef jerky as well allright so that’s fine you see the grainsof the meat the way that they run herethis way we’re gonna slice against thegrain so when the meat is done andcooked you’ll be able to pull it apart alittle bit easier you won’t have tofight in his heart also what we’re gonnado mmm let’s turn here you want to tryto keep them uniform in size andthickness I’m looking for alright sothis is what you’re going for about 1/4inch thickness trying to keep them thereright also what you couldn’t want to dois any outside fat you’re gonna want totrim that off now if that is flavor thatis good when you’re cooking a steak butin beef in the beef jerky realm thefattier parts may have a tendency to gorancid on you when they’re left to dryand to age and to sit in a bag for awhile so you really don’t want that soI’m just gonna trim this steak from oneend to the other because the grains aregoing that way anyway and as I’m goingI’m gonna cut off any fatty bits all theedges then I’m gonna hammer all the waythrough this[Music][Music][Music]all right so now that the steak is doneI’m gonna give this roast this roast isgonna be a little bit more difficult I’mprobably gonna just kind of chop it inhalf find where the grain is going againyou can see there’s a seam here so I’llprobably take it apart there then youcan you just find that grain go againstit cut it up into strips[Music][Music][Music]all right meats all done futurereference to you if you have a choicebetween a what we say a top round roastand top round steak stick with the statebecause the roast was a real pain to cutso much more fat chunks in there overallnot a bad amount of loss in there I cutout most of the fat that I could seeespecially on the outside but you seethese slices from the steak or a lotprettier pretty darn good what I’m gonnado now is I’m gonna dip each slice Imade just you know a couple at a timeinto the marinade and then it’s gonna gointo the container see I’m saying sosomething like this making sure that thepieces are all getting some[Music]yeah if you were to just dump these inthe container and the part of themarinade over the topyou wouldn’t get equal distribution tobe really difficult so like I could be alittle bit better about it myself herebut then that’s just took more timeconsuming but getting them in theremaking sure that there’s everything’sgetting marinade on them that’s the keyyou want every bit of meat completelycovered in this sauce[Music]all right just gonna dump the rest ofmarinating in whatever’s after the bowlis gonna get dumped in on top of themeatI saved this little piece of meat outthere just to make sure I get one lastlittle swipe in the bowl get it all outevery piece has got something going onwith it I’m gonna put the lid on thisbad boy it’s gonna go in the fridge ifyou’re in a hurry you can go an hour toideal you should go at least six that Imean that’s that’s ideal six hours we’regonna go full 24 so this you know we’retalking like a day ahead we’re gettingthis project started so this is gonnasit in the fridge and just soak in allthis juice for a full 24 hours and thenwe’re gonna cook it so I’m telling youthis smells fantasticyeah all right next step cooking allright our meat has marinated it smellsfantastic we’re gonna take each piece ofmeat I’m gonna take my watch off forthis actually we’re gonna take eachpiece of meat and pierce it with atoothpick and this is gonna get drapedon our rack in our oven so I’m gonnaprep all of these and then I’ll show youthe draping part let’s go[Music]all right there we have it that is ahuge pile of meat we’re gonna take thisover to the oven we’re gonna drape themacross the racks let’s go all rightyou’ll notice that here we’ve got ourbottom rack totally covered in foil ourfirst our other rack is off as high asit can go we want to leave as much spacebetween each of these pieces of meat aspossible just start sliding them in here[Music]you could also lay these out flat on therack cover it in foil you could use adrying rack cookie cooling rack to laythem out on you just want to make sureyou get nice airflow around all of them[Music]alright that is looking fantastic I’vegot it only doubt lots of airspacebetween each of them this is gonna gofor an hour and a half at 200 is thelowest my open registers I’ll try andturn it down just a little bit so it’saround 150 and then we’ll check it afterthat hour and a halflet’s go tie in the tip to let themoisture escape we’re gonna prop theoven open with a hot pad so that waysome of that moisture off the meat canescape right off the door and it’ll dryit out better all right total timecooking on this turkeys been about fourhours we needed to go a little bitlonger it’s a little bit thicker than Ithoughtwe’re going to turn the oven off letthese cool down and get them bagged upand get tasted[Music]all right beef jerkyfinal stage ready to eat now let’s givea quick recap because it’s been kind ofa long processwe cut the meat we made the marinade itsucked for 24 hours just to cept in tookover the cooking processI mean so we pierced all the meat withtoothpicks yep which also could just belaid out on a tray but then you have toflip it halfway great for you want tocheck it after an hour and a half seehow well it’s cooking really if it needsto be flip that’s when you’d flip itours ended up going for a total of fourhours yeah after the second hour and ahalf checked it again indeed it moretime that’s always a thing with me whenyou’re cooking meat barbecue meat ingeneral when it’s done it’s doneyou can’t cook to a certain time themeats not done it doesn’t matter howlong you cooked it cook it longer wethought it was gonna be three hours endsup being over four that’s when it wasdone take a piece break it open if itstill looks like a steak it’s not doneit’s not cooked through it’s notdehydrated it’s not dry enough but thisis beautiful and it is tasty yep so youcan see I mean you hear that that’s drythat’s how it’s supposed to be can’tcook it to a little bit of a softertexture but I like the dryer personallyI tell you the smell and the flavorprofile is 100% classic to mebeef jerky hmm this is gonna use somepepper could have gone red pepper that’sa great base you can add more blackpepper for a mild heat you can add redpepper for a real kick you could evenadd some teriyaki to make or getteriyaki even in asian asian asian flairbut this is dead center perfect baselike this is fantasticmmm now I probably could have been alittle bit better I saw my cuts some ofthem are a bit thick someone for a bitthin so that kind of you know that alldictate come on isn’t it how long ittaketo dry so you have to work with it it’skind of a little bit of a trial anderror thing throw it in the oventhat’s super low temperature crack thatdoor let it vent let it let the air getout let the steam steam get out let itlet it do its thingfantastic yep now let’s talk aboutstorage yep this isn’t gonna last longin our house no but it’ll stay good forabout two to four days on the counteryep which is about how long this elasticif you aren’t going to be able to getthrough it all pop it into a ziplock bagwith some paper towels yep it’ll soak upany additional moisture keep it nice anddry yep and it’ll stay for up to twoweeks in your fridge so fill the bag upand then just at the top of the bag Iwould just kind of like you know find itlike that so any moisture coming in fromthe top that’s where it would be anywayit would stop it and suck it up thereany moisture gets in the bag then itit’s not jerk anymore exactly does thishave no curing agents in it it’s notsmoked right it’s not gonna last ahorribly long amount of time so nexttime I’m gonna do jerky it’s gonna be ina smoker I think it’s gonna be a wholedifferent direction I think we need todo this more oftenwe spent $15 because the sale that wehad at the grocery store that’s a lot ofbeef jerky for 15 bucks maybe I did thathefty hefty pile yeah that’d be like Idon’t know like at least 40 bucks in thestore yeah easily so said it’s superhigh in protein super good for you veryminimal sugar right fantastic flavor yepI hope you guys give this one a try yepit is delicious smash that thumbs up ifyou haven’t already subscribe if youhaven’t done that make sure you ringthat Bell for notification so you knowwhen we post our videos if you do yourrecipes and dig our rest of our videosshare them with your friends bringpeople into Big John TV and you can findus on Facebook Twitter Instagram discordthey’re all over the place yeah hope youguys enjoyed this videocatch y’all MINIX alrightyou[Music][Music][Music]

19 Replies to “Homemade Beef Jerky || What’s Cookin’ Wednesday

  1. YUMMM! I am going to do this the next time that I can find a sale on beef! Thanks! I didn’t realize that it was this easy!

  2. Looks so easy and tasty !!! The cut of meat 🥩 you said was a top cut, I know that you guys use different names for cuts of meat too. Would a topside (as we in the U.K. call it) cut be okay ? Also can you use the same recipe for pork too ?

  3. Looked and smelt wonderful, yes I could almost smell the yummyness of the jerky! I can’t wait to try it, thanks you guys. You rock!

  4. This looks amazing ! , I love beef jerky but like you said it’s so expensive for a tiny amount. I have a fan oven , not sure if yours was , would it still cook the same ? . 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  5. What were the measurements for the ingredients for the marinated, thinking about giving this a try!!! Well done video 👍

  6. Loved the video cause I got to see Jon beginning it WOO!! But I wasn’t a fan seeing a pigs head on my Instagram feed(even tho it’s beef jerky), but dont eat jerky but loved the video!!

  7. If you can find it, A1 peppercorn steak sauce on thin cut beef, let sit over night in marinade and I put it in a dehydrator. Key is make sure the beat is thin

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