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Grilled Beef Intestine and Banana Dessert After I Work Hard

Grilled Beef Intestine and Banana Dessert After I Work Hard

Hello all my beloved subscribers and visitors!
Welcome back to my channel, Today I continue prepared bamboo for build my small house and after I work hard I grilled beef intestine for my lunck and banna dessert.

☆ Grilled beef intestine: Beef intestine, lemongrass, garlic, chicken powder, fish sauce, salt, pink wampee, kaffir lime leaves, green onion, tamarind,
Pumpkin, glutinous rice, duck eggs, palm sugar, salt, pandan leaf.
☆ Banana Dessert: Banana, tabioca pearl, coconut milk, salt, sugar.

I hope all of you enjoy with my real life cooking recipe.

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