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How To Cook Quick Korean Dish Bbq-Beef (Bulgogi)


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I love to cook most especially korean food and japanese food. Please try my QUICK KOREAN BBQ-Style BEEF (Bulgogi) As a way of saying thank you to my subcriber  on my youtube channel. I hope you like it my new uploaded video if you like my content please dont forget to like, comment, share, and subcribe most especially please hit my notification bell to update at my new upload video. thank you for watching!!!!!!


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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys I am welcome to my channelonly Kappa not subscribe or new Kazakhchallenge so don’t forget to pick mysubscribe button and I’m plan to cookbulgogi beef bulgogi I am so it’s lessc’mon I said you know bilko my partnerso I need to slice small youngStricklandso the Wiener pen and I show you how tomarinate the bulgogi okay[Music]onion and the beef and garlicso if opposite a column for a newmonarch ingredients so number one thisis mirin soy sauce sesame oil saltpepper salt sugar sesame seed and beefonion and garlic onion so aliamanuingredients and usamos Abdul Sabirbulgogi again so it’s like cinema teanew garlic and onion per second lavanon-official a marinade am[Music][Music]in an honest about it Olga V R this isonly one point till I say again come onthen toe toe teaspoon or tablespoonpalace already the soy saucewell in Anthonythree weeks a patient in yo soy saucedon’t say we smoke our way back withoutnegativathe next move in Mihrimah halftablespoon of them and salt[Music]lhasa sugar then mix then chambray itall garlic ha ha Carly and then you knowwhat they’ll have onion mix the oppositeis why famous bandana absolutea memory needs I’m not in a coma 30minutes then after he had definitely nohaving rice para cyanate the lava HolmesThomasso as you can see my marinade Hindi Isaw Brahma whatever you like my yo soysauce you’re gonna say that partabsorb no cottony your cell phone sothis is if this is a fancy I and so itallnow you marinated the bulgogia few moments laterso our guys as you can see you will gogive them a pass by in Kenya and yeahask so iron it on your buyer so he picksup a and absorb Nani come me um now somany kinda you you know I use it one ofyou home no matter mewe are he be pulling on the chair Brendamaybe go sesame or in mind in our garlicnaan cooking orange so possession ashout out shocking magazine in the openare they like open a Pappagallo hairso first chambray put sesame oil thennext after you[Music]and after Jana Rimini Rimini now Garnicathere’s also the remaining volumes wetake nothing but the Spanish an AsianFlair passwhat are you both in me 20 before somewater yeah and then hi Alan attritionfollow stringent Chevron Omega vectorand an Athenian corporate Paramusworking tender you are being beef[Music]so I am Enoch Powell another father youmeet them beef I’m looking malleableiron shop in a low heat in a low herethen mama Mia McGovern another personsitting in NASA personal Hawking bulgogibeef this is it hmm so someone himdeeper epic subscribe laughing channelso please don’t forget to hit mysubscribe button and mash mynotification Belle Epoque beaming aKorean dishes Japanese dishes aho atleast mono notify you thank you thankyou so much sand happening lagging to mycountry written and are keying a videothank you thank you so much bye godbless you all happy Sundy will go baby[Music]

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