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How to Cook Strip Steak on the Grill

The first step to cooking a strip steak on the grill: always start with a hot grill. If you’re using propane, be sure to preheat; if charcoal, wait until the coals are white-hot. Salting your strip steak just prior to grilling is essential for great flavor. If your strip steaks are thick-cut they require more salt, although it’s completely up to you how much salt to use. Learn more tips and sure-fire grilling tips from Chef Gavin. He’s set to cook strip steaks on the grill in the Certified Angus Beef ® brand Test Kitchen (and don’t worry, we have proper ventilation for his indoor gril!).

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Video Transcription

is the New York Strip your favoritesteak to order when you go to a steakhouse well we’ll show you how toperfectly cook one on the grill at home[Music]you want to get a perfect cook on thesebeautiful strip steaks let’s get startedfirst thing you want to start with isreally hot coals see how they’ve ashedover a little bit and they’re glowingyellow that’s a high heat that meansthis grill is ready to goI’ve also scraped down the grates tomake sure they’re nice and clean andfree of debris so now I’m going toseason these strips with a good amountof coarse kosher salt and some freshcracked black pepper I look for a niceeven coating on the surface of thesesteaks if it seems like I’m using a lotof salt I kind of am but there’s thicksteaks and to really get the full flavorout of them you need a good amount ofsalt you can season them less but I findthat with a thick cut steak you want togo a little more than you would think ofbecause there’s a lot more surface areato cover now I’m going to go under thegrill first thing I always do is makesure that I’m not putting this stripsteak directly in line with these gratesin one way or another because thenyou’re just kind of an X if you wantthat nice diamond shape remember to godiagonally across the grill grates allright now these are on they’re makinggood contact with those grill gratesit’s hot now we’re just gonna let it goyou don’t want to fuss with them we’lljust put the lid on and let them cookfor a little bit till they get a goodsear all right so I’ve let those cookfor a few minutes on that first side nowto get those perfect diamond grill marksI’m gonna rotate them so now you can seewe got some good grill marks happeningso we’re gonna rotate 90 degrees thinkof your grill like a clock before I hadthem at ten and four and now I have themat two and eight all right they’re allmaking good contact with the grill getthat lid back on all right we let thoseguys cook a little bit longer on thatfirst side now I’m gonna give them aquick flip got a nice little bit of charsome grill marks happeningwe’ve got a beautiful sear on that firstside now we just wait a little bitlonger let those cook through and we’llhave a perfectly done strip steakalright I’ll give these one more flipback to their original positions get thelid back on for just a few more minutesso I’m going to check that temp makesure we’re where we want to be and startpulling them off because they’re lookingdone but we’re good across the board soI’m gonna pull these and I’ll just letthese rest because this is important tolet them rest at least five minutes I’dprobably recommend even ten get somestuff going on so I let these rest andlet the temperature rise to about 135which is a medium rare which is myfavorite way to enjoy a strip steak soif you’d like to see some more tips fromthe Test Kitchen check out some of ourother videos[Music]

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  1. I like your technique…but you fail to mention anything about timing! I’m not a professional cook so I need at least estimations of how long you are cooking these on each side. Even when you took the steaks temperature on the grill…you didn’t even give us the reading at that moment.

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