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Vortex Grilled Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs grilled on the Webber Kettle using the Vortex

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Video Transcription

hey Jimmy from cuff and stuff BBQ welltoday we’ve got a request actually fromthe grandbabies they wanted chicken legscooked on the grill so today we’re goingto use the little gadget called a vortexit’s a gift that I got for Christmas Ihaven’t tried it yet so we’re going tothrow it out there on a little WeberKettle fire it up and see how it does sohang tight okay so what we got we got afew legs we’re gonna take a little rubon I’m not gonna cover them too much butwe’re gonna give them a good dusting andget both sidesokay this is a robe I use a good bitgood all right let’s take them out andwe go outside and get our fire readyokay this is a brand new vortex that’snever been used beforestir it around a little bit now that wasa chimney full of charcoal and it’s Idon’t know two or three inches downbelow it we just poured it in the bottomwe’re gonna put a lid on it with it wideopen we’re gonna let it come up totemperature brush it down and put ourchicken on okay got a great on got itbrushed off put down in the Vortech alittle bit smoke in it and that is likeaall right let’s put the chicken onarrange these chicken around the outsidering here I think we’ll get it all onhere easy toowe’ll be outsideall right and I’m gonna shut this matdown to about a third open and we’regonna let the tip tear come up and we’regonna keep an eye on it we’re gonna goto an internal temp of 170 to 175 that’sdark meat so I want to cook it but we’regonna keep an eye on it and we’ll bringyou back okay about 30 minutes or sookayokay all of these over now I did take apeek at him a little bit earlier and Ihad turned them all in this direction sothe fat part of the leg is facing thevortex go okay well we’re about 175 onmost of these and so what I’m gonna do alittle bit of glaze on these and just alittle bitbut lost my light I hope you can seewhat we’re doing this is just a regularbarbecue sauce that we like use it a lotand you can see I’m not putting a ton onit I’m just putting a light glaze ittook these a little longer than Iexpected and I just used a chimney fullof charcoal so and it didn’t quite fillit up that might have been part of myproblem is it kind of got off to a slowstart but it came on strong there at theend and so we finally got it up I’mgonna put this back on and let thisplace it and I’m probably gonna do theother side so I’ll bring you back in theminute okayall right let’s do the same thing on theother sideget a little glaze on this side on eachone of them and we’ll brush them outhe’s gonna be good smell good but I saythat about everything I guess all rightthere we go put the top back on set fora few minutes and when we take them offand take them in and bring you back okayso they’ve been off the grill about 10minutes or so let them cool down just alittle bit let them restlet’s try about to see what we got hereyeah hmm that’s good let’s try anotherbite mm-hmmthey’re still good juicy moist hmm andtaste the smoke it was good that rub andthat barbecue sauce goes together I’veused it before they work well togetherso that is our first attempt with thevortex on the weber grill thanks forwatching if you haven’t subscribed hitthis button over here we’ll have anothervideo on this side for you until nexttime paint a

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  1. When you get a gift like that the people giving it to you get the real gift ha ha ha!!! They want that chicken too

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