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How to make AMAZING Smoked Beef Shank | Jess Pryles

How to make AMAZING Smoked Beef Shank

Tender, smokey and rich, the shank or shin is one of the most glorious cuts you can BBQ. Here’s how to achieve perfectly tender smoked beef shank.
The beauty of barbecue lies in its ability to transform unloved cuts into something epic. The low and slow cooking process allows even the toughest meats to break down into glorious piles of soft and gelatinous shreds.

For the shank – I use a two step process to win the day. Smobraising – smoking, THEN braising. Simply, this process is exposing the meat to several hours of smoke flavoring, then adding it to a liquid to braise until tender.

It’s not always easy to get your hands on a whole beef shin or shank (they’re the same cut, btw). You do pay a little more considering it has a whopping heavy bone in it, but it’s also extremely cost effective because you’re not paying for someone to butcher it in advance, and it’s already a cheap cut. If you cannot find a whole beef shank, you can use slices which you may find sold as Osso Buco. Note – if you use smaller pieces/slices, the cooking time will be dramatically decreased.

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ABOUT ME: Howdy! I’m Jess Pryles. I’m a meat advocate and the boss at Hardcore Carnivore. I’m a live fire cook, author, and TV personality with a particular passion for beef and meat science. Plus, I know a thing or two about Texas style barbecue. Born in Australia, I now reside in Austin, Texas.

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Video Transcription

today we’re turning this into this[Music]hey I’m just prize from hardcorecarnivore and I get to share one of myvery favorites with you today there areall my favorites let’s be honest Ireally do enjoy taking secondary cuts ofbeef and the secondary cuts are the onesthat are basically just less popular soa primary cut would be something like aribeye steak or a fillet and shank whichis what we’re doing today woulddefinitely be an example of a secondarycut but a shank is just like a brisketits rippled with lots of collagen thatturns to gelatin during cooking it’sincredibly flavorful you just need togive it a little care and cook it longenough but I’m gonna show you how tomake smoked beef shank here we go okayso here we have our beef shin alsocalled beef shank they’re pretty muchinterchangeable and you can see it’s gota big old shin bone running all the waythrough it the nice part about this cutaside from obviously eating it is itneeds zero work upfront so no trimming Idon’t have to do anything to itaside from seasoned it I’m gonna seasonit in this foil pan it just keeps thingsa little neater and if you’re doing morethan one it lets you use the seasoningthat kind of fell off the side insteadof it going to waste I’m gonna be usinghardcore carnivore black seasoning todaythat’s my seasoning it has activatedcharcoal in it so it turns the outsidelike this really intense color and helpsthe bark set up classic flavors likegarlic and coarse black pepper which iswhat we find in Texas barbecue and oncethis is all seasoned up it goes straightout onto the smoker so I’ve got mysmoker preheated to 300 degreesFahrenheit and I’m using Post Oak youcould use mosquito pecan or Hickory orany of the great beef woods and thefirst stage is just to get some heavysmoke on this shank and that’s gonna beabout two and a half hours once my shankhas gotten a little bit of a smoke bathI’m gonna go ahead and take it out ofthe smoker and put it in a foil pan andhere’s where you can get creative withwhat you’re adding today I’m using beefbroth and actually some leftover coffeewhich is going to taste really good youwant the pan to be at least a coreof the way filled with liquid put yourshank inside cover it with foil and thenback on to the smoker until tender nowthis is going to take about five or sixhours so at about the 5 hour mark youjust want to start checking it I’m usinga probe thermometer to check for thisshank to be ready but I’m not checkingthe actual temperature I’m literallyjust using the probe to push through allparts of the shank and make sure thatit’s completely tender and that there’sno resistance to that probe whatsoeveronce I am sure that it is tender I goahead and take it out of the smoker andlook at this thingI mean it’s magnificent it’s a prettybig kind of showcase piece and you canserve it just like this if you want tobut you are gonna have to pull the meatand when it comes time to shreddingthat’s when all the steps that you savedwhen you didn’t have to trim it kind ofcome into play because there’s a lot oflike fat and tendon and kind of weirdbits running through this shank so asyou pull the meat you just want to keepan eye out for any bits that kind offeel a little funky or hard or nobleyyou’ll see them like here’s an exampleof a tendon and you just want to goahead and discard those and justcontinue shredding the meat you canactually spoon some of the pan juiceback over to keep it moist and I usuallygo in with a little extra seasoning atthis stage too just to make sure thatthat meat is super flavorful one of myfavorite ways to eat this is in the tacoI just grabbed a soft flour tortillapile on the meat little squeeze of limeit really doesn’t need anything else andit is so dang delicious mmm has so muchflavor that has so much flavor it’sridiculous and we really didn’t do muchto it it’s got the smoke but there’sjust so much beefy flavor naturally inthese shanks don’t forget I release anew video every week so keep coming backfor recipes and tips and all that goodstuff in the meantime it’s time to trackdown some shanks for yourselves see younext time

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