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How to make Grilled Steak with Portobello Mushrooms and Airfryed Potato’s

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Video Transcription

stay today with some potatoes somepotatoes talk about what you’re planningon making and how do you plan on makingthem airfryer for how long do you putolive oil in there yes any spices theMasterChef[Music]done just like that what’s next in ouragenda for the stateMother’s Day meal just put some somekosher salt and pepper on them andthat’s it huh that’s it all right allright all right rolling them on thegrill so it’s gonna just gonna eat itwith let’s do it up okay okayso we’ve got a skirt steak and what isthat two other three steaks this is nicethis is a top round where’s it sink itsays I hope round steak and then this isthe ripped shirt rip all right yeah youdon’t get ripped off like Hannaford’sWegmans tops all the other yep I thinkthat’s another steaksalt shotsoPiper Chuckwhat about the garlic okay oh yeahthat’s that’s for the potatoes sorrysorry[Music]to alert gonethe steak is prepped simple upper andsalt what is it there liquid smoke I putthat on there okay well no complain wegot some portobello mushrooms beingcleaned upyou’re gonna die some operatenot the face anything but the face noturn to crank on the grill you startingto rust because you didn’t put thisthing on it when it was raining no it’sa little stainless steel cleaner thatwas loud nice let it warm up get thosesteaks ready to roll so 350 to 400 yeahit’s a two hundo all rightsteaks are out and ready to be put onthe grill yeah beautiful day in May okayit’s messy not too badhow long do you cook them formedium-rarepretty sure done I would say when it’slike halfway up when it starts to turnlike it’s about to be cooked like a likea light greenish grayish color for nextcolor then you flip it yep it’s fiveminutes for medium rarewhile in there just a bit of butter foreach of them while the potatoes arestill warm and the sticks are cookingyou want to cook your veggies mm-hmm sothey all are done at the same timeand I cook the onions supper from themushrooms because Roman doesn’t like itthis is grills know there’s some goodportobellos let’s go trucking themsteaksfive more minutes son should I changethe setting her salad kits ready to gohave some croutons for that Caesarwellwith Mother’s Day lunch celebration thefinal product our creation we’re aboutto dig in and enjoy how did this take up30 minutes 30 minutes not too bad for 30minutes all right time to eat

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