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How to make perfect beef ribs

Cooking yeah🤪🙃

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s me Cara and today in thisvideo we are going to be cooking thesebeef ribs on the grill so as I saidthese are beef ribs and we put someseasoning on it like John and seasoningsalt red pepper and total cook seasoningfor cooking and really and we are and wemix them all up inside of this and wepoured it on here so yeah that’s aboutit for right nowso we will get right back to you when wehave these ribs wrapped up and on thegrill so I’ll see you in and up at thattime[Music]so guys we’re gonna be using kairi’skocchi kocchi mm and it’s a pelletburning group and we have the Louisianarub over there but we’re gonna be usingproxy so like you’re right we’re gonnabe using they grow at at least 300degrees for about two hours so let’s dothisokay guys so we have it set to 300degrees and we have the Red Ponylet’s start really nice so it’s beenabout it’s been about two hours so we’regonna turn the grill to high smokeok we’ll see you in the next partyouafter about an hour of smoking these arethe ribs now so we’re going to test theribs by poking a holethese rims are pretty goodnice for housing direction[Music]those ones are pretty good tooyep these are pretty good ribs all rightwe’ll see you in a secondhere are the ribs acting under afour-hour we have some grilling andsmoking process so take a good look atthem and a good whiff of air and youcome home or your ID tag because we’reending the video like this so I hope youguys enjoyed the video and we will wehope to make more like this hit thatlike button and subscribe thank you

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