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Offset Smoker BEEF RIBS! | Prepare, and SMOKE!

Offset Smoker BEEF RIBS! | Prepare, and SMOKE!
Smoked Dino Beef Short Ribs! on the Offset Stick Burner!
Time to fire up a few chimneys, throw on some mesquite logs and smoke some Dino Ribs!
Beef short ribs are simply uncut flanken style ribs. There is so much fat content inside a beef rib, it becomes extremely difficult to over-cook it or mess it up. First we will trim off the fat cap, cut out the silver skin, season it up then throw it on the offset stuck burner!
I will be using a Brinkmann Offset Smoker for this cook today!

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Special Thanks to Benjamin Winchell for the outstand Cinematography!

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Video Transcription

what’s going on everybody this is Stevewith the mr. big kid Channel and todaywe are gonna be cooking dino ribs sobasically we have these big six seveninch long rib sections with all thisbeef on top of it you can see the fourlittle bones here kind of your signatureshort rib cut right here we’re gonnatrim off all the silver skin and fatbecause there’s so much fat alreadyinside the meat we don’t really needthis big fat cap on it we’re gonnaseason it up like your beef seasoningswith salt black pepper and of course mysignature white pepper little garlic andmustard powder[Music]we’re going to start with the yellowmustard then we’re going to go to koshersalt its coarse salt then we’re going toput some white pepper on it then blackpepper and we’re gonna finish it offjust by sprinkling some garlic[Music]it’s after about an hour and a half allright so we’re sitting at about 188 and192 on our meat temperature right now soI’m gonna wrap it up in some butcherpaper right now and let it finishgetting to that 200 to 210 degree markand we’re going to sit in a smokerwe keep smoking until it hits that pointand we’re going to take a toothpick andcheck for tenderness once it passes thetoothpick test we’re gonna let it restfor a little bit and then time to cutinto some awesome ribs[Music]alright Clark temperature is 201 and 198so at this point you want to startprobing meat or tenderness so I have alittle thermometer right here and what Ido is I try to stick it right betweenthe ribs find it and see how easy itgoes in yeah it breaks through the paperand then just sinks right in we havemeat resting period is done[Music]we’re gonna just slice the ribs and wejust get a sliceoh look at that smoke ring right hereyou see that nice dark ring on theoutside nice and tenderhere we go taste testhmmm so much flavorI put the seasoning I’m pretty prettyheavy but some of that melts off youjust came out so good alright time fordinner guys[Music]you

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