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How to Smoke Beef Ribs!!

In this video, Mike is going to dive into how we cook our massive beef ribs! These ribs are definitely a staple in Texas BBQ, and in our restaurant!

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Video Transcription

it’s beef rib time also known as adinosaur rib we’re gonna cook these alittle bit hotter put them on the frontof the pit start them out 275 make itthe way up to about 315 I always put thebig bone to the fire to start so it’stime to check on the beef ribs prettyhard to mess up tell you the truththere’s a lot of marbling in them a lotof fat in them so you want to cook thema little bit hotter rendered down thatfat you’re gonna have a hard timemessing them up generally take about 8hours to cook so this beef rib righthere this looks like it’s about 6 hoursin you can tell the Bark’s formingreally good now we just want to put somemoisture on the outside of it so we’regonna spritz with apple cider vinegarand let it keep cooking one tip on thebeef ribs if you see it start to pullback in a certain areayou’re gonna angle that away from thefire so the the fire and the heatdoesn’t directly hit that you know it’llhelp with the pull back on the ribs soyou don’t lose as much so we are exactlyeight hours in we’re gonna check thesebeef ribs and see if they’re doneI can already tell they’re really reallysoft there’s a good chance he’s thing isgonna be done I’m gonna bring them overto the table and we’ll check them outthe probe so very similar to thebriskets you’re gonna take your cheaplittle ice pick little $2 probe and whatyou’re looking for is just a smooth poolright through the meat so on the bottomof these beef ribs there’s gonna be amembrane it’s a membrane right there youwant to poke through the middle of thebones and you’re looking for noresistance on that membrane if there isa little bit of resistance it needs togo back on that right there is noresistance salt on all the sides it’sready to eatyou[Music]

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  1. 6 hours straight untouched? Also it looked like you pulled the ribs at 8 hours and they weren’t wrapped. You guys don’t wrap at a certain point on yalls beef ribs?

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