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BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches made in the Ninja Foodi

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Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwiches in the Ninja Foodi

Ninja foodi pressure cooker air fryer bbq pulled pork sandwiches.

Here is a pulled pork sandwich recipe to make using your ninja Foodi Pressure cooker air fryer combination appliance. First select a cut of pork preferably a pork shoulder or pork tenderloin, next pick your favorite bbq sauce, mine was Stubbs Hickory Bourbon Legendary BBQ Sauce. Pressure cook the sauce and meat, toast some hoagies in the air fryer. Now stack your pulled pork sandwiches and enjoy a delicious homemade meal. Don’t forget to add a side of “Healthy Baked Potato Chips made in the power air fryer oven”: . Check out the ingredients list below for the Ninja foodi bbq pulled pork sandwiches.

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2 Cups Low Sodium Chicken Broth
1 Cup Stubbs Hickory Bourbon Legendary BBQ Sauce
1 Medium Onion Sliced
3 Cloves Garlic Chopped
1 Tbsp. Thyme
1 Tbsp. Mint
1 Tbsp. Basil
1 Tsp. Black Pepper
Salt (to Taste)
1-2 Lbs Pork Tenderloin (or Pork Shoulder)
2 Tbsp. Rice Vinegar (Optional)

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Video Transcription

hi I’m here everyday Joe in today’svideo we’re gonna be making pulled porksandwiches out of the ninja foodie sostay tuned if you want to show supportfor this channel be sure to click thesubscribe button and to stay up to dateon new content when we release it bringthe notification bell now let’s get intothe video the ingredients were going toneed 2 cups the low-sodium chicken broththe barbecue sauce we’re gonna use isthe Stubbs hickory bourbon legendarybarbecue sauce 1 onion 3 cloves ofgarlic some fresh herbs thyme mint andbasil black pepper salt and the star ofthe show bought a pound and a quarterpork tenderloinwe’re gonna get some olive oil into thebase of the pan turn the booty on theyninja fujian then I set it to saute searon high and we’re gonna hit start herewe want to get that thing nice and hotwhile that’s doing its thing we’re gonnatake care of this pork tenderloin sothis is about a pound and a quarter porktenderloinjust gonna cut it in half it’s justgoing to be easier to handle ok andfirst I’m gonna spray with some oliveoil or any kind of oil you you like okok give it a nice oily rubdown ok thenwe’re gonna get a little salt on it oklittle black pepperbasically giving it a rub you know justwant to make sure we season it well it’swhat sits in there it’s gonna be toughto reach season because we’re gonnagonna sear all this on there it’s mylaser thermometer we’re gonna test itand we’re looking at three hundredthirty three hundred obviously cuz somecool spots here but we’re gonna let thisthing heat up get it as hot as we can itstarting to sizzle a little bit so let’stake our pork tenderloin and ah that’swhat we’re looking forall right get that in there get this onehere and in haha what a beautiful soundwe’re gonna Brown this tenderloin allthe way around on each side we’re gonnalet it go for a couple minutes and thenwe’ll start adding the rest up when youin when we do that part now thetenderloin it’s just about doneseared you can see pretty dark on on allsides to try to get it’s irresponsiblebut I’m gonna take this down right nowso we can that’s I paint some of thevegetables or the onions and the garlicfirst and hit it with some more oliveoil okay get the onions in there and acouple of cloves of garlic is chopped uplet’s give that a little stir hit itwith a little bit of salt and a littlebit of pepperadd yet to live of more olive oil inhereidiot tablespoon worth kegs what we’regonna do is once we get this sauteed alittle bit we’re gonna I’m going to addthe broth with chicken broth and thebarbecue sauce in there get everythingmixed up but you can put everything inand let it sit because we’re going topressure cook it for about 20 minutes sowe’re almost there here we don’t have toworry about cooking it too much it’sgoing to sit there for a while pressurecooking’s got to take care of most ofthe cooking that’s pretty much readywe’re gonna take our chicken broth thisis a low-sodium one because I want to beable to control the sodium in here lookat that liquid in here then we’re gonnaget the Stubbs Hickory bourbon barbecuesauce in thereget that in there too let’s get all thatgoodness out of there give that a stiradd some of the herbsand you get already smell it reallysmells really good nice barbecue scentto it well also what I’m going to add isa little bit of rice vinegar they liveit give it a little bit of Tang and ahelp tenderize the pork – so I’m goingto go maybe two tablespoons this is arice vinegar it’s not as harsh as like aregular vinegar a great vinegar oranything like thatget that little milder a little sweeternow we’re going to get that in thereso now we’re gonna hit the pork in thereand I’m using a small piece oftenderloin you can use a pork shoulderthat works tooI just use a small one just be in themissus tonight so we get that in therewe’re gonna get the pressure cookinggoing so let’s turn that off first soyou want to make sure you get your lidwhen you put your lid on verify thatyour seal is pushed all the way inusually when you clean it sometimes itdoesn’t doesn’t go all the way in sowe’re going to line up the arrows righthere and you can feel a little bit ofpressure building up steam in there alittle bit of pressure they might haveto push it down a little bit turn itturn the foodie on set the pressure tohigh timer to twenty minutes and startso we want to make sure the valve issent to seal when that button comes upwe are ready to start the timer thetimer will start automatically at thatpoint so bring you back when we’re donewith the pressure cooking and when we’redone with that we’re gonna let it coolbut a natural cool for about 10 minutesand then release it and by that pointthere we should be ready to tear into itand shred it all up okay we’re justabout done I let it naturally for about10 minutes so we’re just gonna hit thevalve to release the remaining steam andI just put a towel on there just to keepthe steam for flying all over the placenow the steam has been releasedcompletely released so we’re gonna turnthat off for now and take the lid offand make sure you open it away from youbecause there’s still plenty of steamokayso let’s so what I want to do is I wantto check to see if the pork is readyhere oh yeah this is a grater to bepulled apart hereso it’s pretty ready so all I want to dohere is I want to make sure that I canthicken up the sauce a little bit sowhat I’m going to do first is firstwe’re gonna take the pork out again youknow this is a small tenderloin aboutpound and a quarter okay I’m gonna putthat on there and then I turn get foodyback on yeah and we’re gonna hit it hitthe sear put it on high we want to getthe liquid to boil and reduce a littlebit thicken up a little bit so whilethat’s happening I’m gonna tear up thethe pork loin now you can see I mean itjust falling apart I mean you justeasily tears up so we’re just gonna tearthat up so I’m gonna finish tearing allthis up or shredding it all up we’regonna get it back into the pootie andwe’re gonna let boil for a little bitlet it let it reduce probably until theliquid is halfway of what it is and atthe same time we’re going to taste itand make sure that how the flavoring isokay so I’ll bring you back when I’mdoneshredding all this up and we get it backinto the food okay so now I let thisboil for a couple minutes about three orfour minutesI also added just a little bit of acornstarch slurry in it because I liketo get extra thick so this isevaporating somewhat and it’s gonna geta little thicker so now we’re gonna takethe shredded pork that we have here soit’s shredded up really nicely it’s gotsome nice crispy areas to where we wouldwe seared everything so we’re just gonnatake the pork just get it right back inget it right back into the sauce here sowhen it thickens up it’s all going tocome together nicely just head in thereokay so what I did also is I turned theheat down to medium right now it is uhboiling pretty quickly I’m going to letthis cook for another five to sevenminutes until it reduces and thickens upa little bit more I’m gonna get it allinto a bowl because I need the foodiebecause I’m gonna be toasting up somefresh bread and some pressure sub rollsthat we’re gonna make our sandwichesfrom so I want to get this pot cleanedup get everything into a bowl get thebread in there toast that up and I’llshow you how to assemble it when we comeback alright so now I’ve taken all thepulled pork put it in my my tray hereI’ve cleaned everything out brought upbread what I’m gonna do with with it isjust this a soft roll just gonna spraywith some olive oil because I’m gonnatoast it up okay just give it a littlebit here okay put it in the rack herealright and I’m gonna toast it up for acouple minutes and then I’m gonna addsome cheese I’m using some Swiss cheesewhen add some Swiss cheese to it just togive it that cheesy flavor close this upstart here crisp a crisp and 400 degreesand maybe about two minutes I thinkthat’s all gonna need so we’re gonna letit go I’m gonna keep peeking at it tomake sure that we’re not burning it butI only want to just slightly toast it onit so I can add the cheese it’ll meltnicely alright now that I’ve toasted thebread I’m gonna put the pulled pork ontop of the bottom half and then we’regoing to layer that with some cheese soyou can see this off this stuff it’sfantastic tastes great so I’m just kindof had some the top here now you can putasas much as you want on yours what I’malso gonna put on mine hit some cheeseputting some Swiss cheese that’s more onthat one thereokay and I’m gonna toast this up firstso awesomeso we’re gonna put the cheese on let thecheese melt right on to it has a toastup for a few minutes okay like that I’mgonna close the top and give it 400 forup two minutes just enough to melt thecheese then we’ll finish it up here I’vealso get some sherry peppers here I’mjust gonna put a couple on mine I likemine a little extra spicy so I’m gonnaadd a couple of these cherry peppers ontop of on top of my sandwich and I’llshow you what it looks like when we’redone and we can finish it up for thetaste testit’s gonna pull this out here put it onthe counter say look at it nicely niceand melted beautiful put that to thesidethat’s not assembling this sandwich hereso I’m gonna grab this one here and Iand on mine I’m gonna put some of thesesherry peppers a little bit of heatthere in vinegar there vinegar cherrypeppersgrab the top put that on top there giveit a little push all come on and give ita cut here we’ll make a fancy cut we’llgo a little angle here okay Wow look atthat come on now come on let me look atthat that’s just beautifulit’s a thing of beauty so we’re gonnagive it a big bite hereit’s still pretty warm Wowyeah a little sweetness oil heat you getthe cheese all the other flavors of thebarbecue sauce if you haven’t triedStubbs Bobby your sauce give it a shota little bit you know a little tangy alittle spicy a little sweet okay so ifyou enjoyed watching this video enjoywatch me make these type of videos goahead give me some thumbs up somecomments go ahead and subscribe hit theglobe here the face on it hit thatthat’s a subscribe button I also checkout some of the videos here that can weplay share for you did you know it’ssome other videos from our playlist givethem give them a look you know give yousome give me some comments let me knowwhat you think of these type of videosif you like the ninja booty if you usethe foodie or some other brand I alwayslike to hear from subscribers andviewers again I appreciate you watchingthe video and now I’ll see you in thenext one

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