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Jerk Beef Ribs & Caribbean BBQ Sauce with Spanish Tapas

Chef Marcus Flakes prepares his new Caribbean dish to inspire foodies and travelers.

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Video Transcription

you’re watching the chef Marcus flakeswelcome to my cuisine Network we’reingredients and travel become anexploration of cuisine destination helloeverybody this is chef Marcus flakeshere on the cuisine Network and I hopeeverybody had a very Merry Christmas Iknow I did I’ve got a lot of kitchengadgets and things like that so you knowI’m a happy camper and as long as I gotsomething to cook with utensils andthings like that I’m a happy camper soanyways we’re gonna start off withtoday’s recipe and it’s a partial recipeso this is a jerk baby back ribs withbarbecue sauce so I’m gonna go ahead andshow you guys how I make my barbecuesauce it is inspired from the Caribbeanisland and so I’m gonna go ahead andcall it Caribbean barbecue sauce becauseit’s gonna go with the jerk ribs sowe’re gonna go forward here alright sothis is what we got here and hopefullyyou can see that but you know we’regonna go ahead and start with a brownsugar so for brown sugar I’m gonna doabout one cup of brown sugar you knowwhen you do more brown sugar than youyou know you get a sweet product soanything above this would probably betoo sweet okay then we’re gonna doketchup we’re gonna do one and a halfcups of ketchup spread that in therethat’s one cup lots of ketchup becausethat’s the base of what how to makebarbecue sauce anywayand do the house alright and then we’regoing to end do a red wine vinegar ahalf a red wine vinegarthis is about a half a cup here youdefinitely want to measure when you’redoing these things it determines howmuch sauce you’re going to get so andalso you want to you want to controlthat flavor so definitely follow arecipe then the Worchester sauce we’regonna go with 1 tablespoon worship yourcutsgood flavor this is also a criticalingredient of barbecue sauce so that’sone heaping tablespoon alright and thenI’m gonna go ahead and add some watersee here and then we’re gonna add just alittle bit this here it’s gonna be kindof a kind of a dark sauce[Music]and that’s more question washes yoursauce I like washes your sauce so thisis this is the base of it and we’regonna go ahead and puree this all rightseal it up I have a I have one of thoseninjas so easy to puree did was add thebases what needs to go in here now I’mgonna add a little seasonings seasoningsyou definitely want to just kind of youknow season to taste so I’m just gonnaactually I’m gonna go ahead just pour alittle bit of salt I’m gonna say youlike a like a half teaspoon I’ll comeback and taste it all right crack pepperand then some paprika for a smoky tasteand I do about a teaspoon like that Idon’t use measuring spoons I’ve beendoing this for so long to the pointwhere how are we to know what would uhwhat measurements um adding to a recipeand then I’m a little an acid mustardhere so this is a Dijon mustard you canuse any kind of mustard typically theyuse dried mustard but I didn’t have thatso in this case I’m gonna go ahead andand just improvise all right add alittle bit of mustard you don’t want toadd too much because you know mustard isvery pungent and that’s about itokayand then we’re gonna go ahead and addsome habanero sauce just up guys lookjust a – boom[Music]honey about three dashes alright so nowwe’re going to go ahead and mix thisback up let the ninja do his job[Music]we’re gonna let that sit and then Ibring you guys over to our jerk ribsright all right look at this so theseare the jerk ribs guys okay so what Idid is basically put a black pepper andsome kosher salt I mixed in a little bitof my own seasonings and things likethat just to give it a little flavor itdefinitely has some Cayenne in therebecause it’s gonna be spicy and it’salso also be sweetened spices becausethis is jerk sauce all right so you guyssaw my jerk sauce and so here’s the jerksauce all right my lovin is alreadypreheated so all I’m gonna do is addjust jerk sauce on here I’m just gonnaslather that on thereall right just go ahead and add that onthere you want to go heavy too this isgonna take a while to cook so you guyswon’t even see this but this is gonna bemy dinner because I’m testing out a newrecipe and this happens to be it justhappens to be it this is my very ownrecipe that I’m doing I’m gonna add thiswith some with some topless potato andegg and season well season and it’sgonna have a little shape to it from thepan kind of like a potato pancake andthen on then I’m going to go ahead andadd some fuller ribbing and coleslawwhich I used to make in my restaurantand that was a very very famous you knowso definitely wanna go with that allright so as you can see I went prettyheavy with the jerk sauce because I wantthat jerk sauce to to work right intothese ribs I want it to work right Iwant that flavor to be present and Iwant that spice okay this is not gonnabe mildI want this to be nice and spicy andtasty imagine this with that barbecuesauce oh my goodness imagine that I meanthis is gonna be bomb this is gonna befun guys I mean so if you if you areconsidering me for any catering youmight want to try this okay you mightwant to try this and it’s easy to Kateonce it’s done you just stick it in thepan you know you can do a la carte oryou can do a buffet you know is it’s allready to be made and these things aregonna be fall off the bone this willfall off the bone that’s why I say it’sgonna take a while to meet a cookie okayso anyways that’s that’s what I got forthe day and you know I always appreciateyou guys you know watching me andeverything but this is chef Marco akachef Marcus flakes and I will be back[Music]

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