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Smoked Turkey Cooked On A Yoder YS 640

On this cook, I smoked up some Turkey on my Yoder YS640 pellet smoker. I cooked these turkey breast to 165° internal. The temperature on my Yoder was 275° and the total cook time was 3 hours on the small (6lbs) turkey breast and 3 hours 15 minutes on the larger (8lbs) turkey breast. The turkey was extremely juicy considering it wasn’t brined. The rubs I used were Victory Lane BBQ Season Everything, Smokin Chicken rub and topped the breast off with Gold Dust at the end of the cook.

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Video Transcription

hello welcome back to my channel I’m Joesmoking Jules played barbecue Halloweenis over it’s almost Thanksgiving solet’s smoke up some turkey stay tunedall right so here’s our beautiful turkeybreast now this turkey breast right hereis an eight pound turkey breast and thisone is a six pound turkey breast andthere’s quite a bit of a size differencehere so obviously this one will becooking a little bit faster and I’m okaywith thatso now these are a Butterball turkeybreast and you’ll see them aroundThanksgiving I did purchase these at mylocal grocery store and they’ve beendefrosting for about four days nowbelieve it or not it does take that longso I’m not gonna cook them the way theycome in the package again these areButterball turkey breasts because you dohave a lot of this backbone that I’m notyou know obviously it’s just uh I thinkthey do it to charge you a little bitmore for the turkey but whatever so whatI’m gonna do is I’m just gonna cleanthis up take some of this backbone offor the yeah I’m sorry the backbone allright so I’m not having more bone theregrab a knife there you go so all this isjust the backbone you know I don’t Imean there’s a little bit of meat onthere I might I might throw them in thesmoker I don’t know but I don’t needthat so let’s cut off this side and thereason I have these paper towels here isbecause I want to pick up any excessmoisture that’s gonna keep my skin fromgetting crispy or even rubbery actuallyI’m gonna start on this side here I didpurchase these kitchen shears on Amazona few years back and these things areawesomecareful there we go these are silverarmadillo just in case you guys werewondering what kitchen shears these werealright so again this is again there’s alittle bit of meat but I think that justgets in the way so I will be smokingthis in my Yoda Y 640 pala smoker justlike this so at this point any excessskin any pieces that you don’t want toeat obviously you want to remove them atthis point you know you can spatchcockthis as well but I’m just gonna cook itlike thisjust like that that’s perfect maybe cutoff some it’s extra skin here and herethere we go alright so the rubs that I’mgonna use you guys will be surprised tohear that I’m not using the garlicjalapeno season all I’m starting offwith this season everything this is theVictory Lane season everything it’s kindof like an SPG exactly what it is sojust put enough of that on the insidecavity just like that and then I’m gonnause the smokin chicken rub delicious rubgood color you see that here okay Pat itdown flip it overWow if you really want a nicepresentation on your turkey breastactually let me turn this around so youguys can see this you want to try not totouch or disturb the rubnow one trick that you can do becausethis skin might rise on you is run sometoothpicks here on the bottom and on thefront side of the breast just so thatthe skin doesn’t rise on you as it’scooking but I’m not again I’m not tooworried about that so here you don’twant to touch the rub so you end up witha beautiful looking turkey breast andmake sure you’re even on the applicationother rubs no binderokay just like that grab your smokingchicken rub excuse me and add enough ofthis amazing rub good tasting rub aswell okayjust rock your breasts over like thisand get this side just like thisnow you don’t want to Pat this down justlet it sit leave it alone for aboutmaybe 15 20 minutes before you even putin the smoker the rub will get some ofthat moisture off of that skin but thisis what its gonna look like when it’scooked as well as gonna have a beautifulbeautiful color so I’m gonna get theother turkey breast ready and I’ll seeyou guys outside of the smoker so staytuned alright so we’re outside of myYoda weighs 640 pellet smoker and I dohave the temperature set at 275 degreesI just put the turkey breast in andthat’s what they look like they’relooking beautiful already it’s not evencooked so I do have this on the bottomshelf I may have gotten away on the topshelf I just didn’t want to run into anyclearance issues so I’m gonna cook theseon the bottom shelf and again you cansee that the ropes have already bondedthemselves or itself to the turkey skinthere so I’m gonna let this cook forabout an hour the internal temperaturethat I’m looking for is 165 degreestechnically I can pull it at 160 let itrest might go up to 165 even 170 but I’mgonna play it safe cook it to 165 pullit let it rest for about 15 minutesbefore I even slice into it so we’ll seeyou guys in about an hour so stay tunedalright so we’re one I went to the cooklet’s take a look at these turkeybreastsoh man beautiful so the surface isgetting a little bit dry and so what Iwant to do is I’ve got my spray bottlehere my spritz bottle will just plainwater and I’ve got the the nozzles setat a very fine spray so I’m gonna holdthis about oh maybe 14 inches away fromthe turkey breast again this is justplain water and just spritz it a littlebit I don’t want to interrupt that thatrub again it’s just a very fine almostlike a very fine ringjust like that just keep that nut skinmoist beautiful so I’m not even gonnaprobe this yet I’m gonna give us anotherprobably 45 minutes then I’m gonna comeback and it will take an internaltemperature and we’ll see we’re at atthat point so stay tuned alright so it’sbeen an hour and 45 minutes now and ohyeah these turkey breasts are lookinggood they’re not anywhere near done Idon’t think but let’s take an internaltemperature here 120 degrees so I stillhave about 40 degrees to go I’m gonnagive him a little bit of a spritz herewe’re getting just plain water I meanyou don’t want to disturb the rubs sojust a little bit of spritz like thatand I’m gonna go ahead and crank up mytemperature to 290 degrees from 275 to290 there we go and that’s gonna speedup the process a little bit so when Ihit about a hundred and forty degrees orso I’m gonna make a glaze inside welljust honey and a little bit of butterand just glaze the outside of thatturkey breast so I want to turn it andbring you guys back when the breast had140 degrees so stay tuned alright so 2hours and 20 minutes into my cook andI’ve got a 140 degrees internaltemperature what I’ve got here is butterand honey just some of that Kerry goldbutter just make sure it’s mixed goodbecause the honey will settle to thebottom of the butter and we’re justgonna glaze this a little bitthat just try not to to rub too hardbecause you will disturb your ear rubjust Pat it if you willjust like that get some of that honeyget some of that butter in thereand it’s gonna take the flavour toanother level for sure unless its kindof help darken the color a little bitbecause of the sugar and the butterjust like thatoh yesabsolutely gorgeous looking turkeybreasts there let’s get the second onehereand just Pat itjust like that[Music]you can see where I probed the turkeybreast there the rub came off you cangrab some of the rub and just sprinkleit on the top there if you wanted to ifnot you just thinking like thatbeautifulyou can see the rub coming off hereon the inside hereon the sprink a little bit more rubon those bare spots man now these turkeybreasts are looking beautifulall right so 20 more degrees to goand we’ll be slicing into these turkeybreasts here pretty soon there you haveit stay tunedalright so my turkey has hit a hundredand sixty degrees internal temperaturewe are at two hours and 45 minutes laststep is I’m gonna add a little bit ofthis Goldust hope you guys and see thatand this stuff is amazing it’s got somespices a little bit of brown sugar sojust these last five degrees justsprinkle a little bit of Goldust onthere it’s gonna go amazing I promiseyou those extra spices on top of thathoney and butter mixture just to give ita little extra pop on the top you canuse this Goldust on just about anythingas a finishing dust it’s absolutelydeliciousjust like that so another five minutesor so five degrees and we’ll see youguys inside so stay tunedalright so the turkey is ready and Iwant to talk temperatures for a littlebit so again I cooked the I startedcooking the turkey breast at 275then I cranked it up to 290 but thiseight pound breast took three hours and15 minutes and the smaller breast whichis a six pound breast took right atthree hours so the difference was thatthe right side of the why is 640 closerto the exhaust where this larger turkeybreast was at runs a little bit hotterthan the left side and I think that thatequalized the temperatures so just incase you guys are wondering depending onwhich size turkey breast you guys arecooking you can place them in differentpositions so if he also noticed I didcook these turkey breasts on a bakingsheet or a cooking sheet and and thatallows more smoke to come through thebottom of it and easy handling so I canjust lift that that cookie sheet orpizza sheet and lift the turkey breastall at once so so I’m gonna slice intothis larger turkey breast and see how wedid see there’s a smoke ring andobviously checked the flavor I am usingan electric knife I think that electricknives for turkeys work the best I coulduse a knife a regular knife but I get Iuse I like to use electric niceespecially for carving Turkey so I’mjust gonna grab a slice from right hereright off the edgeoh man oh you guys didn’t see that butlook at all this juice coming out ofthere holy smokes that looks absolutelyamazing a little bit of a smoke ringgonna get a little bit thicker slicehereyou’re right let’s take a look in herelook at that hope you guys can make upthat smoke ring on this turkey breastabsolutely beautiful smoke ring the manthat the turkey is extremely juicy Idon’t know if you guys saw that when Iwhen I sliced it open it just starteddripping juice out of it so I’m gonnaback the camera up and let’s give this ataste all right so let’s give thisTurkey a taste I’m gonna slice thisthicker slice that I cut up earlier mansuper tender the juices that are on thiscutting board you got to get some ofthat but look at this I hope you guyscan see that smoke ring on this turkeybreast it’s about a good inch into theturkey so here we go Cheers mmm anextremely tender really juicy that skinon the outside manflavorful a little bit of sweetsweetness on it mmm absolutely deliciousI’m ready for Thanksgiving good forturkey sandwiches I mean turkey is goodfor a lot of things leftover turkey isanyway give this a shot especially ifyou have a Yoder why 640 or any otherpellet smoker thanks for watching untilnext timeJoe is smoking chills play barbecue seeyou guys

19 Replies to “Smoked Turkey Cooked On A Yoder YS 640

  1. Picture perfect smoked turkey Joe, it really came out beautiful. I may give this a try before Thanksgiving for a video, plus hey turkey leftovers are fantastic. Great job brother!

  2. Literally 🤤 over here.. That looks phenomenal and that juice says it all.. Can you please make a road trip and cook for my family?? Lol ✌️

  3. you’ve been teasing this long enough. lol Joe, I love the smaller birds(10lbs)or so. never had much luck with the bigger 17+lb birds, always dry. these look perfect, nice and juicy. great video as usual.

  4. this looks amazing , it looks soo good , brilliant video and love the channel , makes me real hungry . good job

  5. I love good smoked turkey anytime. These looked amazing, but I think I missed what ” flavor?” Of wood pellets that you used? Liked the idea of the pizza pan. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎.

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