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NINJA FOODI GRILL BRISKET! | Part 2 | Ninja Foodi Grill Recipes!

On this video we make another Brisket flat on the Ninja Foodi Grill. This is the 2nd time for the brisket in the Ninja Foodi Grill and this time it turned out amazing! Follow the steps in this video and you’ll have something pretty close to good Texas brisket on an indoor grill!


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Video Transcription

guys we’re gonna do a brisket one moretime in my ninja food he grilled comingup it’s cooking with CJ a show aboutcookie drinking barbecue and all theother stuff that goes along with you Iam NOT a chef I’m not a bartender I amNOT a pit master but I play all three onTV I’m gonna show you how to make quickeasy tasty recipes and have a little bitof fun along the way so let’s get thisparty started[Music]what’s up everybody welcome to cookingwith CJ I’m CJ and if your returningsubscriber party just crew you know Ilove you and if you’re new the channelmake sure you hit that red subscribebutton that bill nice tweet and youlearn all what we’re doing here so whatare we doing here today guys well it’stime for part two of making a brisket inthe ninja footy girlokay so we’ll put part one up here whereI would say it wasn’t exactly a winwasn’t exactly a fail but it turned outdry like really dry like jerky theflavor was awesome but it turned out dryso what we did we looked at the filmwe checked the footage went back on itwhat can we do differently so here’swhat we did differently with this oneand I’ll walk you through it first andforemost we are going to make sure thatthe tin foil wrap is not puncturedthere’s those holes in it because that’swhat happened or I believe happened lasttimeto make all the juices run out and justdry out the brisket okay so I will getyou around an eighty-foot agirl stationand I’ll walk you through everything butwe are using a little bit bigger brisketflat we’re gonna do some injecting thistime use a little butter in the wrap alittle bit more beef broth so we’regonna do some things a little bitdifferently I believe we have the key tomake this work it’s gonna be tenderjuicy lovelyfingers crossed all right so let’s makethis happencome on over the ninja footy grillstation otherwise known as my kitchenisland let’s get started alright thingwe’re gonna do here is make sure we trimup this small brisket flat it’s gonna gothrough give it a once-over on the fatcap there isn’t much of a fat cap herebut we’re gonna go ahead and trim alittle bit of it off try not to take toomuch off just cleaning up a little bitthen we’re gonna flip it over to theother sideand start clearing off all that silverskin on there do the best best job youcan if you if you get a little bit morethan meat than you want to you hey it iswhat it is the next thing we’re gonna dois inject it with beef broth okay so wegot our injector here it’s got a littleCampbell soup beef broth I’m gonna takea plunger full and just go down the lineI just do it every other inch or so andkind of move it around there push alittle the juice in there moving aroundplunging it some more really easy to doonce that’s done we’re gonna take someof our Cosmo q barbeque rubs we’re gonnause SPG as the first coverage so itssalt pepper garlic and then we’re gonnause our hot cow cover as the secondseasoning on there I’ve used thiscombination many times before and it isawesome so trust me when I say go aheadand do this I’ll put a link down belowto Kosmos website so you’ll see meputting a pretty good coverage on hereit’s a big piece of meat so we canhandle you know a fair amount ofseasoning yeah so we got it all seasonedup and we’re going to let it rest forabout 1/2 hour to 45 minutes just in thekitchen here let it sweat let the theseasonings kind of penetrate the meat alittle bit all right so the brisketsbeen resting for a little bit we’regonna set up the ninja foodie grillwe’re going to use the roast functionwe’re gonna set the timer for 2 hourswe’re gonna set the grill temperaturefor 325 last time I believe I use 350the other thing you’ll notice is I didnot use the liquid smoke this time I cantaste it a little bit on the last one Icooked but I did not feel like it wasnecessary to use e so we left it outokay let’s get this thing in the ninjafoodie grillwe have a temperature at 350 last timewe’re looking at 325 this time I thinkit’ll work I have my meat stickthermometer in there my wirelessthermometer in there I’ll get this inthere and we’re gonna let it go until ithits to 170 or so internalalright guys so we’ve hit the 170internal we’re going ahead and pull thisout and wrap it first thing we’re gonnado is take the meat thermometer out themeat stick them on there out we’re goingto put four or five cubes of butter ontop it’s probably about 4 ounces workand then we’re gonna pour half a can ofthe beef broth in there and then we’regonna wrap it up all tight we’re gonnadouble wrap it just for extra protectionbut as you can see here there’s no leakscoming out at the top or the bottom orthe sides or anywhere it’s ready to gohopefully one same problem you’re gonnasee here take out the grill grate I’mgonna take out the pan I’ll put a cleanpan back in let me to put that brisketback in there and let it finish off I’mgonna let it go the rest of the twohours it’s going to tip out at 200quickly so just let it keep roasting inthere in the braise liquid for the 2hour duration for the rest of the timeokayall right guys two hours is up let’s getthis thing pulled out we’re gonna wrapit in a towel and let it rest for about45 minutes and we’ll be back on thescene and get this thing cut up and messwith it and see how it get it turned outguys we’re done letting the set rest fora bit until you know the top I have onegloved up pan just to be safe the holesare this one we checked it fortenderness right see what we gotI tell you 100% that is not dry allright it looks tons better than it didbefore so hopefully we’re on the righttrack the bark got a little soft on usbut that’s okaygreens are running that way so it’simportant to remember that I’m gonnakeep this view over here and I’m gonnastore it withand store it with the risk appetite allright so let’s look at that again yousee the grains running this way so let’scut it this way we’re gonna cut itagainst the green no guys it feels likewe got a winner here it’s pretty tenderit’s definitely moist since this is theflat we’re just gonna keep slicingagainst the grain like we have to turnit around not bad not badlet’s take a look can’t really tell youknow I’ll show you how moist it is youknow I’ll have a big fat cap in therebut you see some of the juices flowingin there got the bend test its bendingpretty wellpull it apart it’s a little tight butagain where this isn’t you know 12 hourssmoked here okay let’s take a bite mmmall right that’s a winner boys and girlsmmm dip it in that jus over on the sidethank you baby Jesus it workedturned out exactly how I hoped guys it’snot you know 12 hour smoke on yoursmoker okaybut it is a nice tender juicy brisketokay so I feel like I won I feel like weyou know we uh took it in there we wentwe we took our lumps and our bumps withthe first one but this one turned outamazing all right just keep your wraptight okay don’t let me there’s no holesin the wrap you’d be good to go guys ifyou have any questions put them in thecomments down below I think I describedeverything pretty much the right wayshow you what I did I could not be anyhappier with this okay so this isfriggin awesome if you want to getyourself one of these ninja fully grillsthe link is down below if you want toget the knife I used or the or the meatstick thermometer I’ll use whatever it’sall down below hit that link down belowhit show more and you could gonna see Jmerch down below – everything’s donebelow heat show more and I’ll open upthe world to you that is good for CJguys if you want to become a patreonclick this link right here just a couplelittle Besant behind the scene things alittle tear some things to help pop thechannel it’s much appreciatedalright so become one of one of the fewshow producers alright thank you forstopping by thanks for cooking with CJtake care[Music]you

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