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How to make great Beef Jerky on a Smoker without a Dehydrator | A Pitmaster X Review

Have you ever wondered how to make beef jerky? Or, how can you make beef jerky without a dehydrator? Look no further, I will show you a step by step process on how to do it.

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Marinade Recipe: 1/4 Light Brown Sugar, 1/4 Rub (Gospel from Meat Church), 1 cup water, Dash of Molasses, and refrigerate overnight

Smoke Process: 7 hours between 150-200. DO NOT go over 200. It is safer to be in the 150-175 temp. Let air dry for 30 minutes and then enjoy tasty treats.

Beef Jerky from Pitmaster X:

Beef Jerky from John:

My name is Scott Bartlow and I’m from Oklahoma City. BBQ is my hobby. These videos are my process using a Kamado Joe smoker experimenting with simple recipes for grilling and the smoking process with different types of beef, pork, and chicken, fish, etc.

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Video Transcription

well hey guys welcome back to BartLowe’s barbecue and today that’s rightwe are smoking beef jerky and I am soexcited I’m gonna show you my step bystep process on how to make this beefjerky on your Kamat Ojo or any charcoalgrill you have in your smoker it’s gonnabe awesome I don’t think you’re going tobuy a store-bought beech or ever againlet’s go all right guys I just came backfrom the local grocery store it’s calledcrest here where I’m from and we weremaking the beef jerky as you know andthere’s a particular kind of meat thatyou need and that’s gonna be called theI round roast Choice beef here and alittle hack that you might want toconsider is not only buying this pieceof meat you know from the section andthe grocery store but then take it tothe butcher and ask them to slice itbecause they have professional meatslicing machines that will get itperfectly cut every single time now ifyou are a little ambitious and you wantto slice it yourself that is perfectlyfine and it will be perfectly goodbecause it’s your own beef jerky andyou’re making it for yourself or yourfriends so no one will know thedifference but for me I want to have itperfectly sliced and it’s one kind oftime-saving thing I can avoid by havingthe butcher do that process for me andthen we’re going to marinate thisovernight and then we’ll Pat it dry andthen we will put it low and slow on theKamat Oh Joe alright guys welcome backhere we are gonna show you a step bystep process on how to make beef jerkyhey I had an opportunity stop by mylocal beef jerkyEmporium store right in my own town andthis guy has owned his own store andbeen making beef jerky himself for overa decade and he gave me some great tipshe just simply said experimentexperiment experiment he said every timeyou cook or smoke Beacher you just trysomething new because if you’re nothaving to worry about makingwannabes every single time for the exactsame way then don’t worry about it trysomething new every time you make itbecause you’re gonna learn something andit might not turn out exactly the sameso being backyard barbecuers and homechefs and barbecue enthusiasts foodenthusiasts we were gonna just try somethings today and we’re going to makesome just original homegrown beef jerkyby getting the I essentially cut of meathere beef meat and look how and you goto your local butcher as I alreadymentioned and look how thin they alreadycut it for you you can almost see myfinger in the shadow through that meatand that’s how thin you want this beefjerky to be and so today’s recipe isgoing to be really simple a littleinspiration from my local barbecueEmporium and also pitmaster X so we’regoing to just do 1/4 barbecue rub andthis is where you get to get creativeI’m using meat churches all-purpose holygospel rub and so we’re going to do thatwe’re gonna rinse this out because we’regonna put some brown sugar 1/4 of brownsugar right therein this 1 gallon ziplock bag then we’regonna dump 1 cup of water and my friendsnow we have a marinade and one littlething that my beef jerky Emporium ownersaid is just a little dab of molasses inthere so I’m gonna take this tip on thatadd that in there and we are going tojust see how that tastes and all you gotto do is take this thin slice of meat sowe’re going to just let it sit in thisziplock bag and just drop it in thereand so we get all the piece of meat thatwe want right inthis marinade and my friends we’re gonnalet this sit overnight if you have time20 24 hours or if you do 12 hours that’sfine as welland we’re going to finish putting thisin a ziploc bag and let it just take inall of that great marinade and then wewere to Pat it dry the very next day andthat will show you that process rightbefore we put it on the Kamado joe andshow you a secret tips you’re gonnadefinitely want to stay tuned and watchwhat we do on the kamachoespecially if you don’t have a grillexpander I want to show you a secrettrick on what I do to really help thishang perfectly without that grillextender and if you have a beef jerkymachine there or a dehydrator awesomefor you or if you have a charcoal grillthat has some great grill space we’lltalk about that here in a moment as wellso first step is get your marinade andlet your meat sit overnight so let’s goand friends we’ve taken our meat out ofthe bagI made three bags to make sure it goteven seasoning and we put it on ourboard here and we now have patted drythe meat and then we’re gonna take thesethis yours and put them and let themhang vertically on the skewer and thenwe’re gonna put it on the grill great sowhat we’re gonna do is we are going totuck the meat in between the grates oneof the things you’re going to notice asI put one of these tin pans underneathon top of the heat deflector so that asthe meats hanging attain inside theten pan there and also a bit leakedanything it’s going right on that panand then we also have laid a few stripson top of the grid you know JohnStaedtler does it this way and thenpitmaster AK usually uses grillexpanders but when you’re using this asanother creative method to let it hangbecause we don’t have the heatdeflectors and then I’m gonna try athird alternative strategy for the extrameat that we have and putting the restof it on a ten pan on top of the grillor and see how all three of thesemethods turn out and report back to youall right guys we have the beef jerky onthe quemado Joe we are cooking it threedifferent ways inside to come on a jokewe’ve got it laying in between thegrates dangling we’ve had it on top ofgrades and we have it on a foil panwe’re gonna see which method is bestreally excited about this we’re tryingto keep the temperature between 150 and200 we don’t want to go past 200 becausewe don’t want to cook this too fast wewant it to be low and slow so that weget that right texture for the beefjerky so that’s a key thing that youwant to stay on maybe checking in everysingle hour so that it’s memorizing intemperature and actually cooking itversus low it slow kind of roasting itto get it to that great beef jerkytexture I’ve also thrown in some cherrywood chunks to kind of give it thatsmoky flavor as well so cannot wait totaste test this or know about smoke thisabout 6 to maybe 7 hours before and justcheck on it every hour it might be donesooner because the campano Joe is a veryefficient smoker so time will tell tosee how long it takeand until then enjoy the rideall right guys let’s get a sneak peek ofwhat this jerky looks like at the sixand a half hour mark and Friends thatlooks so good look at that colorit’s got that not only the brown that’slike that purple light purple look andit’s got the flex to it you know we’regonna take it off here in a moment andthat tear it apart and for me this lookslike it’s really done cause I likehaving jerky kind of two styles somethat earth is there’s really tough andsome that’s just a little soft and easyto eat so I’ve got a combination ofthose we’re gonna pull these off andwe’ll sit down and have a chat about ittell you what exactly what I thinkmm of beef jerky all right guys here’sthe true test here’s the beef jerky thisis just one slice let’s pull it apartthere we goit’s got that purple clear a little lookto ithmmall right here’s what I’m tasting I amtasting just a hint of sweetness alittle bit brown sugar in that rub butit’s not too overwhelming it’s just letalmost letting the natural flavors ofthe beef jerky come to life but it’s gota little sweet sweetness to it which isjust how I like itin seriously I’ve got a tray of beefjerkyand what we’re gonna do a ziplock bagfor some little tasty treats so we’regonna put those away for just somefamily friends or traveling in or whatnot so I mean what a great cook this wasby far one of my highlights of what I’vecooked so far and I can see myselfmaking this in the future I might bekilling people one of my family thatloves beef jerky as much but maybe youlike me and you like it and this is onething that you thought mean I don’t knowif I could make this because I don’thave you know all the tools to make beefjerky I don’t know how to do it I don’thave a dehydrator like no excuses youcan make beef jerky from home it’s sotasty and really it’s endless on whatyou can try out yourself because you cantry different flavors based on yourtaste liking and your taste buds so gofor itbe adventurous I might try teriyaki nexttime and I thought this was good sofriends if you like this would love foryou to not only just like it andsubscribe which you might be already asubscriber man go and make a commentbelow tell me what you think have youmade this before what are some tips andrecipes that you’ve made I would love totake that learning myself and do itnext time as well but also put on thatnotification button so you can bereminded of future barbecueyes again I love this barbecue communitya love that we’re learning together orcooking and from my backyard to yours soI hope you enjoy it and till next timeenjoy barbecue and talk to you soon

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