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Quick Butchering (Ribeye Roast and Primal Ribeye Beef Ribs)

Hit the market to replenish my meat supply so I thought I’d share how I butcher it up for many dinners as well as my first attempt to snag a Primal Ribeye Rack of Ribs out of it.

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Video Transcription

hey boys and girls so I went hit themeat store today head to re-up they hadsome good sales going on now I’vementioned before previous videos thingslike that not recently but I always buyroasts buy full roasts either New Yorkstrip my juice either strip loin roastribeye roast things like that and then Itake them homebutcher them up all I want you get toeat good meatand you’re not just going to the grocerystore dropping 50 60 bucks on a pack offour ribeye steaks things like that youknow you can eat that stuff all the timeit just saves a lot of money I get toenjoy good meat now I’m sure is I meanmost you know what we’d like to do primeribs my favorite this is one of myfavorites prime rib salad fries mansimple as that that was my last meal I’dbe happy but it’s been a couple of weekssince I actually got to do a prime ribso is my last roast I got was a striploin and there just has many good salesno no good deals so I did get a gooddeal this time I wanted to try somethingI’m not gonna leave the bone in but Iwanted to make sure I got a nice thickgross so I can still utilize my you knowcut a roast out of it cut some steaksout of it things like that but what I’mgonna do is when I butcher it up I’mactually going to leave a little bitmore meat and I’m gonna leave some ofthe roll there at the end on the bonesand I am going to slow roast the primalcuts of the ribeye and enjoy someserious beef ribs I think it’ll be goodI’ve thought about it a million timesbut it’s just you know I’ve never doneit but I’m doing it so I figured I’dtake you guys along see how this worksout I’m not sure I’m no butcher I’ve cutup a lot of meat personally but hey youknowthis is what we got and let’s see if wecan make this work so here we got ourour big boy here nice marblinggood-looking roast so what my plan is isI’m gonna leave some of this on the backand I’m going to leave some of this meatconnected I don’t want to take too muchbecause I still want to be able to cutsome nice steaks out of it but I prefermy steaks thicker then I do larger youknow just for cooking reasons thingslike that so I can with this nice thickroast like this I can definitely takemore meat off than what what I wouldtypically do so I’d figured this roastis perfect one to start so I think howI’m gonna go about doing this is got mybone here I’m just gonna make a littlemark so I can see where I’m working andthen I am going to man this is this isuh probably leave about a good halfbecause we got all this meat inside aswell so let me take this bad boy andwe’re going to here’s our bone here I’mgonna actually that’s a usually a cutoff so I’ll take that and I am justgonna take it down like so I make suremy blade is curved the other way thoughotherwise I’m gonna have a problem andmake sure I come out on this side aroundthe same anywayand I’m sure there’s gonna be some guysout there that would be like why in thehell would you ever do that all thisother stuff you know why not let’s seewhat happens you know now I’m gonnabring it around here she’s still alittle coldshe’s nicely chilled but I’m gonna comeout I want to come out like right aroundthere so all right now we got a goodjumping-off point on this end I’ll tiltmy blade down in there like that and Iwill come across just like so you findmy there we goand again I don’t want to take too muchwhere did I come out down here and I’mgonna bring her around so now that I gotthat kind of marked out coming here witha little more force a little more powerand see if I can’t just take this badboy right across without hacking it toomuch trying to work it like that insteadof just pulling it straight just to makesure I’m staying in the same direction Iwant to leave some meat on you know butI don’t want this beautiful piece ofmeat to just turn into a rack of ribsyou know it’s okay but I think I thinkwe’re doing all right guys let me tipthis up here so I get a little bit morecontrol and I can see what’s happeningdown thereand my Center is definitely uhdefinitely way colder than the rest ofit I could have let it sit out a littlebit but I figured I didn’t want it to betoo soft you know I wanted to be able tomanipulate it a little bit but I thinkwe’re doing all right guys tonight I amdoing the prime rib these ribs areprobably tomorrow night’s dinner youknow just so everybody everybody can getsick and tired of beef all in one weekyou know I think this is actuallyactually doing well I think we’regetting there guys oh my blade twisted alittle bit there yeah the center partdamn drew frozen in there I just want tomake sure I come out at that right pointin the back so I’m actually gonna takethis guy I’m just kind of alright sohere we have our ribs now trim these upjust a little bit I’m gonna remove alittle bit of the rear fat I am gonnaremove the membrane and man those aregonna be some seriously good eats so wegot a real nice amount of nice amount ofmeat left on there not to mention allthe meats in between the bones as well alittle bit thinner than I would havepreferred but we still have beautifulsteaks and things like that to get cutoff this roast but here’s our primalrack of ribs right here boys and girlsand I think they’re gonna be stupid goodsoput that aside and I’m gonna use thisend over here and let’s let’s hack off anice little prime rib for tonightthere’s four of us we’re gonna go rightabout there with this bad boy again it’sstill frozennow my hands are slippery so giveme one secondwhen in doubt paper towel all rightthere we go so I’m talking aboutit’s nice little prime rib there’s onefor me and a couple for everybody elseyou know what I mean so and then I willum I’m just gonna slice this guy up intosome steaks I’m going to square my endoff here this right here this little endcap once I since I still have all thetrimmings from that brisket I did theother day I grind this up along withthat brisket and make some damn goodburgers so now we got our even-even dalroast and I’m just going to take theseguys nice inch and a half chef’s cutit’s like soso there we got there’s a couple ofdinners there now just for my wifebecause I love your deer some thinnerones because she prefers a thinner steakI’ll do a nice little three-quarter orso for her a couple of dinners[Music]that’s a good-looking good-lookingcouple of steaks right there and I’mgonna just go right down the middle thisguy right here make a couple chef cutsfor meso that’s itgot a nice dinner for burgersonce I grind that up with my brisketwe’ll have a nice brisket ribeye burgersone night we got our prime rib roast fortonightand then we got this guy right hereprimal beef ribs that’s what I’m talkingabout so I will like I said doing primerib tonight I’ll get the I’m gonna do avideo for the prime ribs I’ll probablydo that just an entirely separate recipevideo because I want to get thesetrimmed up get them fixed up and gettheirs ready to slow roast them tossthem on the grill throw some smoke Adamfor a couple hours and just love themturn to butter so now unlike normalpiece of course they’re not gonna I’mnot gonna take them to you know 190 200degrees I’ll take them to standard youknow ribeye probably go to like 130because essentially that’s what it is sothat’s that but primary tonight that’sall I got

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