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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]so JC so bro submarine hey Steven lookoutside you got here[Music]this is whether there’s weatherbeautiful day brotherbeautiful day something they’re makingengine stance committal chili andhanging out it’s a blessed day brothernice dayrocks a girl or something south let’s goto our brother yeah yeah what’s up Alex[Music]there you go brother there you go I’mfirewall with me I’m gonna fire mylittle baby 14 today get it done here’sthe pork steaks you’re not gonna usesome of this right heregood shit just a this is good brotheryou guys got try this over here let’splease stop right there but that’s goodstuff you got tireda little behind what’s up Joe all rightbrother self get them three shoesthank you ladies any ordersI’ve already been shit brother I’m on itI shouldn’t seem dazed we used some ofthis stuff but yeah I should have gottracking I’m already seen cool because Imade one of my friends with it oh notmet my family my friends my baby andhe’s friends with a lot of my old Navyfriends I’ve been hitting him up furthercontact I mean I’ll see him I see me Ipitch and they still like the Sabres oldlike me you’re some good shit a bay leafis exactly what it is[Music]thank you it is brother you’re gonna seeyou I love itI use on everything beep I got that fromDavid Wicky maybe we can send that Davidwill keep you know I need to switch mydegree I like the way this I like theway the meat tastes on the other day Inever done it but the lady has it readyit’s a little grate with some blemishesany but so Steve no matter you know thatyou know actually there’s no matter no[Music]matter okay I ain’t gonna do no morejuice today I’m gonna do a cool thing isyou cookies right you can make themtaste like baconhe’s my love my feelingshoney really ribs baby back I like porkyI like so guy wants to see me do my logsplitter I’ll show you guys right nowonly got one piece leftI already been 20 are putting two piecesthat are too big in there see it outJade I owe some lady I’m afraid youhundred bucks for this thing dude theygot big that thing isher but I chopped up all that would takeout that one big piece left over theredudeI didn’t do cuz there’s an axe stuck youknow any of the acts out how to stickthat ass in there to get my axe out myboys got the axe stuff you know what mekeep trying to get big logs like thatbreak them it sends shock to my wholebody’s are dictators whole[Music]it’s crazy you feel stuff that you neverwould have felt before you know I meansee today’s a beautiful day man heycoffee doesn’t my values together youmight when you see itsee right there so begin see my tablerock you girl baby am i rushing yeah doit baby I don’t like a ball I’m aimingright there oh snap you let me tell youstarted watching this show and I said hetrained his husky you wanna do one ofthose dog shows and he said this dog wasdoing good get it all trained at homeeverybody was going fine did everythingperfect I’m gonna take a right nowHuskies up his smartest dog you everseen your life or what he can’t do it hecan’t control himself around people soMyron so when they got there and theygot to the place where the fun peopledog has lost is my ran all over thingswe’re all crazy in lots what’s up Eddiethat’s the name of my buddy outdone nameis anything to hear the other user goodfood man I said we stood watch or sixmonths straight every 15 hours a fivehour watch together and you saying watchsomeone that long get close to that dudeyou pretty much learn everything abouthim just from stories and stuff likethat I know his whole life my son has myson a SkillsUSA this this weekend and mydaughter my daughter[Music]I’m not going goes all the way inBakersfield I got a lot of products toput out some work on it yeah just let meget this and we see if you guys are intothis though so the automobile worldthere’s no such thing as a fill portinjection intake okay there’s no suchthing it don’t exist for Oldsmobile forall school 455 big blocks all schoolcolors is for watch[Music]are you car car guys out there look atthat brother look at thatI built this the one and only Oldsmobile455 400 425 450 5 port injection intakemanifold Eric a baby air gapI built this no one has this so Dannyfigures out brother that’s the one andonly intake no and no one has it youknow the other ones that I know beenbuilt I built them and they’re rightDannyI like this do you guys know DannyRoslyn I’m great with Danny’s just alittle bit better that’s that guy knowsthat guys anybody link from machine workin this area that’s Rob’s areaDanny rosin rosin performance that’sright there you ain’t gonna find nowherebetter to get your machine worked in youwant to send him your motor you can doit that way – there’s all motors does itall I just do all so that’s all I gottado also bill welding barbecues hangingout working hard good legs with a goodknife yeah yeah I had a guy over you saywhy are you guys good backwards I’m alsowhat straight backwards is straight youknow adults at my video on the YouTubeit’s it’s it’s straight right now butwhen I watch the video it’s backwards soI don’t knowget such a good dark get my Google backI don’t know if you guys ever heard offight take my cake mix up I’m gonna hangit out brother everything you hang outso big so check out so this village Xcompany called fight cake and they got afight they got a feelin Jacksonportinjecting system where it’s easy toinstall like a throttle body injectionso I’m out order one up I’m ordered fromsuddenly because I’ve been calling themand the Horde wound up and hook it allup and make sure it all works and seehow it fits on my system and we’re gonnago from there but I gotta try that outsee if it works I watch I’ll show youguys when I got all put together playingmetallic on Pandora went on big dadchilling brother killings just it madeit not work at all Google PlayI seehate that dog next doorhow about right there brother so aboutright thereoh how many just send me a picture isfirst cook huh me huh that’s rightI told you Dan I can’t do itI need people someone has to send me insome measurements are the measurementsof the great everything I’m not gonnabuy it 360 just to make the barbecuebrother and I’m gonna do it so I’mprobably the only one like this to behonest with you that’s not a popularbarbecue and I’m probably only gonnasell 10 of them so for me to go out andbuy a 360 that I’m never gonna use is Ijust can’t do it but if someone wants totake the time and give me themeasurements I told someone lucky getsome go to dollar storeget it big what’s up do you know get abig piece of craft paper trace me outthe out the the great and increasedraise me off the edge of the barbecueand cut it and fold it all up and mailit to me in the mail probably costs onestamp or two stamps and I’ll do it I’lldo it but if I’m not buying a barbecuefor this I apologize I’m not I’m justnot doing it those those things are realexpensive and and I can’t find one useand I know for sure that that I’m notgonna sell a bottle it’s just not thatpopular dude everybody gotta wear a babywhatever is king brother whatever isking you can’t go wrong with Weber’swhoever’s a king – look at that you gethim on did you get performers you canget everything for England give my lifeof real cheap they may be my limitsdance they might win a contest but I’mTom ball as far as popular as everybodyhas them you know I’m not talking aboutthat they’re not a good for like at acontest you know not though I hope Ididn’t offend you by that and I don’tmean that way I mean they’re not popularlike everybody doesn’t got one knobpeople can’t afford to spend seven eighthundred dollars for a barbecue looked ator I can’t even find them useI’ll tell you I bet you I won’t sellthem any funbut I’ll bake it I just need someone togive me the measurements so so then Ithought if I pinned your brother that’snot what I meant to do brothernot whatsoever it’s just it’s just I’mnot I can’t even do I’ve looked onCraigslist see if I can find them and noone no one no one has a mother himselfI’ve never seen one I think I think Idid find one and they wanted like 250bucks for a used one like for you allright I want to see them up close I wantto see why that why they cost so muchmoney what’s what’s what makes them costso much like immediately just like aregular barbecue perfect gas perfectbrother you sent me a template we’llmake it happenI already told my son how I plan to doit I just needed those two templates andI’ll do it I already have an idea it’sgonna be the solid great so that’s me ithas to be a solid great you can’t bethis tough so it’s gonna be a solidgreat but you’ll see you’ll see how I’mgonna do it but you see I had madeDaniel’s how Daniel loses some because Imade it square it’s not gonna loseanything it’s gonna be it’s gonna be theshape because I can cut it out I’m gonnacut it out for shame you’ll see I can’ttell you everything I wanna know my ideabut you give me it give me the templateof the great and that template of thebarbecue and we’ll make it happenDaniel told me there’s two bumps on theinside so so make sure you mark wherethose bumps are I gotta know where thosebumps are at I’m always talking about Isaid there’s two bumps on the insidethat when I did his and hit on them sofine so mark where those bumps are at Ialready have it I already have it righthere brotherright here so I thought we run as simpleas that I’ve already planned it I justneed the template so I get the rightsize the problem I have with the I don’teven have one to try it onis that rightI know I’ve never found one on craziestnever I told you I thought about 362 361and they wanted they wanted a lot Idon’t remember how much it was I knowwhat it was 250 plus check it out checkit out this this seasoning right herethe season gives the meat a cool colorto like a reddish color good man it’sgood I like it and so you guys know I’vebeen cooking with almonds wood almondwood are I just can’t get enough food onthere is hot but this piece was fromyesterday look I’m I still left I made avideo yesterday I didn’t go live I madea video I didn’t post it let’s pull thatone stuck in the air that’s why so longit looks to me like the cast aluminumthose barbecues I can’t tell but looksto me like they’re and they’re just areal thing almost like a transmissionthat was made a same thing and trymissions made out of like reporting amold like a cat saloonoh yeah hold on hold on they start stopstop the video stop the video rightthere but guys good huhgod is good god is good god is did it’sa blessed day brother blessed day whenyou got weather like thisyou got good marriages you know betterthan that brother look at this weatherjust didn’t get no better than this andI’m working for Chris Sutton I’ve beenusing his sauce so so I’ll be makingdifferent sauce are you making differentlike guacamole and stuff like that butthen I add his sauce to it people likewhat you put in is why does it tastelike that I can’t tell you man comes outgood really good check out YouTube checkit our brothers is how you do it rightthere yeah you guys see the new legs onthemon the 14th loving your brother lovingit got my baby bag now it’s for life nowI never never gonna break now for lifenow brothers sit for life I got the oh Iguess I got so many that I mean so busyI got so many things dude I want to putnew items on guy with your website I’mgonna sell the little comb odds do Imean love it I’ve been using to the comeon I use it in the house I don’t evenuse on the barbecue I use it to makelike tortillas and everything it comesout and I haven’t we have a come on butwhen I make works better we’ve beenusing that one I may already meet youcould make two steaks on it I made twosteaks I didn’t go live I just made ashort little video I’ve been doing lotstuff with guys haven’t been making Joeyman promise so those leave put those onand Danny put those intakes on my carwebsite I don’t even want Lackey and I’mjust work man I get up at 6:00 in themorning sign certain calls start workingso i working start working and nextthing you know it’s time to eat it’stime to barbecue that’s my favorite timeof the day barbecue timeleave all the fat on there leave earlyyeah no black hole drive-by baby I’mtalking about right thereoh you know better than their brothersall right cook these all the way throughit’s a nice um bacon almost like a baconflavor I finally got some some porkbelly and what makes a mom let me callit they call it pork belly hands areimportant you smoke themI saw someone a there’s like real fatand bad for you but I’m gonna make thoseI don’t think I’ll make them thisweekend let’s go the fights this weekendbrother so you guys get ready it’s gonnabe the Dante Walter versus uhI know the Damon’s the gypsy king okay Icheck that out it’s on pay-per-viewSaturday night so we go fight these I’mcuriousI want to see the way indeed the lastfight was was uh was badassDante Walter knocked him down and thatfool got up and they went at it again soScott for this one if you ordered if youcome pick it up 100 bucks right nowthey’re on self runner bucks but they’reon sell online for one $39.99 that’sshit that’s that’s included shippingprice Tyson Fury there you go brotheryeah I’m going for Tyson Fury I likeTyson Fury you know why because he’s aregular guy he don’t he’s not all buffand all craziest dude get in there’sjust slang them you mean me wrong I likeDante wall or two in shape we knockeverybody out there you go pork bellyburnt ends now someone make I want tomake those and then I got pork butts forhimself for a dollar fifty eight apparelso I bought this huge thing importantwithnever I do is I make a blue Porton giveit away there buddyI want to do that and does that I’m allyou do that for Saturday nightwatch the fight you have some pork bellysandwich our pork belly some pulled porksandwichesI’ll go light I’ll go light when I’mdoing itI’ll try to do that I’ll try to do thatthe fight but they catch it they theyturn it off that’s I deal with like withno sound or something but it’s stillcatchyyeah dude that’s so someone picked up abarbecue someone someone purchased thebarbecue today and I buy something aboutcouponing today so dude I’ve been seeinglike crazy amount of post post so manyposts and I can’t keep up withresponding back something like you knowwhat tonight I’m gonna live just dingeverybody all at once I’m still gettinghits on knockin reeds and then some guydid one on Instagram where he’s cookingon some on some some rocks on somebricksJohnny dudelittle things like that I’m gonna do acook late I did I couldn’t like thatwhen I first had Gabby’s girl I madehamburgers what’s on some breaks I’mgonna do I’ll cook like that watch nowour brother is Gabby’s grill brotherit’s good don’t worry about itwatch you’ll see it won’t burn I promiseyou this Gabby’s grills brother theydon’t if it burns you did on burgersdon’t get me wrong I burn stuff where Iwalked away I was doing chickie and Ihad it on on the skin side down and inmy cousin came and knocked on the doorand I started bullshitting with her andfor oh shit I’m cooking and I haddropped it down when I came out here thewhole pot barbecue was on fire I can’treally test the handles it was all onfireI just put a glove on they rolled it upand then it good thing it was a whatonly the skin was burned the inside thechicken was marksyou can’t even tell but now they couldnow when I go around they call me burntchicken like you she’s my big cousin nowB matter no I’m bullshitting me as thingabout Santamaria brother santamaría itdoesn’t do that you can burn it but it’shard you drop it down you want thatflame that flame is your flavor brotherthat flame is everything I got a colorthose thing that’s from that that uhthat this right here this eveningI dropped it good shit right herebrother what’s so watermelon what’s goodoperate watermelons coming brotherhe’s always have some funny going on ithappens yeah yeah yeah I’m and I’madamant about no I don’t like my meat 3you have any black on it I mean I’mreally adamant about it sometimes I’llget it like I’m doing that like I’mdoing like a meat loaf or somebody Ileaving on one side for a long time waitthere’s a certain kind where it’s blackbut it doesn’t taste burnt and then hisburnt or the chicken part that was burntit was Burt it tasted bad I had to pullthe skin up how many those don’t even doitthe me know didn’t a friend oh yeah dudeso you guys all know out there soeverybody knows a haircut today nicelygot his good brother got his gig got hisgood got his good and got his good yeahkind of cool cuz the guy came today whoelse all these barbecues I’m on my boydoes I don’t i weld up Rallo I need awell blonde I can bust one out but uhlike I cut all the metal today for thatI could enough metal for seven inchesdance i welded on some brackets twicefor rotisserie I do all the shipping allthe talking on the phone and then thepayoff is right now I’m gonna hang outwith you guys I hope they were thatburnt added flavorjust remember I’m Santa Maria are younew guys to it gotta maintain a flamebrothers you gotta maintain that blingthat’s your flavor right thereadd your flavor right there bud what’sall that right there dude that they getthat it’s all that right there I don’tdo how-to videos but I do I do watch twovideos watch two videos that’s what’scalled me I’m gonna call them watch twovideos watched to do it I get mad at mei watching that 45 minute movie I’m likeall right video Mike I’m not bowing onto Eddie I’m sorry he was seriously madat me he was mad he was like email meback you said there was a video I did Idid there is a video on it he’s likethat’s way too long I’m not watchingthat again what’s up brotheryeah yeah I’ll tell you this man I goskip skip through it Dean I don’t knowwe all miss awhile I tells me something you need tolearn to do them like I do not to do ityou I can do it I can do it but it thenI’m it takes me a long time so I don’tdo it because of that because it takesme so long like man I guess I got thingsto do I’ll just go alive boom what’s upI got things to do reallyI got things you plus I don’t get to sayguys get it as much guys goodthat’s my edit already got it’s goodseen two guys good same three got it’sgood and Singapore most of all God isgood that’s my idea I had it there yougoyou guys didn’t see me I did that shitso quick like a remixwhat’s up double D Texas barbecue whatour brother that’s a new guy how youdoing brother I’m jr. Castro Gabby’sgrills make the barbecues hangoutbarbeque hangout spread the word dudethat was good that’s most important partof the video you don’t get up to myvideo get that guy’s good God loves thesong and anybody can get it I mean allyeah dudes ask for in your heart yeahyeah that meat that right there whatonce I want you once you guys forgotyour heart you could automatically cooklike thatthat’s want to get a but that’s one ofthe gifts that God gives us barbecuethat’s my best game all right juicejuice I haven’t put nothing on ityeah anyway guys amen brother that’sright anyway guys imma get off hereI just wanted to say quick say what’s upyou guys see me do this good 100 timesthey’re almost done probably likeanother 10-15 minutes they’ll be donebut it’s one kid on here saying godbless you guys thanks for everything youdothanks for eating party gave us grillsand you’re awesome brother everythingall you ever do you guys do for me I wasmad Frank I’ll tell the customer todaythat advertising we has all been donethrough the customers from from word ofmouth from stuff like that and I got toget on here and thank everybody for thatthat’s the most porn thing so I maysound like a broken record player Idon’t care I’m gonna say it over andoverthank you guys I love it I love you guysfor it I appreciate it and it means alot to me so I don’t mind getting onhere saying it thanking you guys andselling you guys and blessing you guyshuh anyway guys you guys have a goodnightyou guys be safe out there it’sWednesday we got two more days and havea good and blessed rest a week huh yeahyay god is good cabbies grills so nexttime late all right all right uh you tooand we’ll get out of your brother’somiai did you guys stay on but I’m gonnaget off i’ma get I’m gonna turn theradio up I’m gonna get out of hereI’m gonna finish this up I’ll make shortvideo and then uh anyway guys you guyshave a good night and like always thanksfor watching huh you guys have a fun andsafe Wednesday and uh yeah yeah godbless you guys Lee


  1. So glad I subscribed you really put out great content anyone you enjoys BBQ should have you on there list .. for a video suggestion I would really like to see what you use for your savory rub on your ribs I hate sugary rubs been watching your older videos and it looks amazing … But I know some things are trade secrets lol keep up the great vids

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