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Simple 17 lb Whole Beef Brisket Cooked on the Horizon Offset Smoker with Oak – How to

Today we are cooking a whole beef brisket, which is a large cut of meat that is taken from the chest area of the steer and is made up of the flat (narrow bottom), point (thick top) and fat cap. The whole brisket has a large amount of fat, part of it internal and the rest found layered on one side. A good brisket will have fat marbled throughout the meat which helps keep the beef tender and juicy during the cook. The tissues make the brisket tough if its not cooked long enough to break them down. When these tissue soften and melt, it adds rich flavor to the meat and makes it nice and juicy! We cooked the brisket today for 9 hours with only oak in the Horizon offset smoker. Fire management every 30 to 45 minutes while maintaining a temperature of 230 degrees.

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