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Smoked Beef Ribs

Follow along with me as I cook and try beef ribs for the first time.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys this is Ian from crushingcarbon BBQ I’m just trying something newout I wanted to take you all along onthis journey we’re trying beef ribstoday as you can see I got the pic goinggot the charcoal started this is not aprofessional barbecue video by any meansI just wanted to take you all along sothat you can see what it takes to dobeef ribs for a first time or maybe theyturn out great maybe not let’s see whathappens y’allall right guys right here we’ve got somedelicious beef ribs I got them from mylocal butcher as you can see they’ve gota lot of fat on the top here and nowI’ve watched a ton of videos like I saythis isn’t professional I’m not tellingyou how to do it I just am taking youalong on the journey of how I do um butI’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews as todo you trim it do you not trim it mine’sgot a substantial amount of fat on thetop cap so I’m gonna go ahead and trimthese ribs up a little bit um we’regonna focus on that then we’re gonnaseize them and then they’re going on thesmoker[Music]all right we’re gonna go heavy with somecoarse ground kosher salt always koshersalt always this is one I got from AaronFranklin and we’re just gonna Pat thatin therewe’re just doing salt and pepper onthese beef ribs we’re just gonna treatit like a brisket because that meatsalready so flavorful and there’s alreadyso much meat in there that you don’treally need to go too crazy you can usea rough if you want I’ve seen somepeople use rubsI personally am just gonna do salt andpepper like I say treat it just like abrisket and you want to make sure youseason the sides all right and then wegot coarse ground black pepper lots ofpepper we’re gonna be nice and liberalwith the pepper because the pepper isgonna help create that awesome bark thatwe’re looking for same thing on thesides nice and liberal with it don’tforget to season the little end cap overhere we’re just gonna Pat that in andnow you’ll notice I didn’t season thisback membrane or did I try to pull anyof it off the difference between porkribs you want to get that silver skinthat membrane off of pork ribs but withbeef ribs because they’re going so longand they’re so tender what you got to dois you got to leave it on becausethat’ll from falling apart these aregonna be fall-off-the-bone tender I meanlike soft butter so if you overcook themand you take that membrane off they’lljust fall apart and that’ll be a bigmess that you don’t want so what I’mlooking and I don’t season this becauseI’ve done a lot of research and fromwhat I understand you’re not evengetting really any smoked flavor there’snot a ton of meat on the other side ofbone and you’re not really going to getany kind of rub or seasoning or anythingto penetrate that bone so we’re about toget ready to throw it on the pit andwe’ll go from there[Music]all right guys we got the smoker allready to go we’ve got our beef ribs allseasoned up looking good trimmed up nowwe’re gonna do these beef ribs anywherebetween 275 and 300 if you have a Trageror a pit boss or something like thatanywhere in those ranges that’s whatyou’re looking for I’m using a stickburner so it takes a little bit moretime a little more babysitting but Ithink the final product will show whatit’s all about and now right here youcan see we’re gonna get a good bit ofpull back on these ribs because we’vegot a nice big fat fat cap on one sideof it so whenever we pull them out afterabout three and a half hours we’re gonnacheck on these guys and we’re gonna getthem probably a good substantial amountof pull back so let’s go ahead and putthem on the pit and see what we get andI’m actually gonna do this thickerMeteor side towards the heat and notmuch sizzle when you put them on therethat’s exactly what you’re looking forand I’ll see y’all in three and a halfhoursalright guys we’re at about thethree-and-a-half hour mark for our beefrib cook we’re gonna take a look at howthese are doing if they got a good barkif they’re going along quite nicewe’re probably gonna wrap them and we’lldo that now so let’s take a look atthese now that is looking pretty muchspot-on – what I wanted you’ve got areally good bark there significantamount of pull back but we knew thatbefore because of that amount of fatthat we had in these ribs don’t getalarmed when you have pull back likethat because that just means you got abig old nice chunk of meat on top ofthat bone so all right we’re gonna goahead and transfer them over here to ouraluminum foil pretty good I got aboutsix ounces of beef broth here and thisis just something to give them a littlea little something to braise and youdon’t want to go crazy with it but it’sjust something to tenderize them just alittle bit of juice to get them going sowe get that really good tender rib inthe end which is just what we’re lookingfordon’t want to lose it let’s go ahead andpour the rest of our beef broth in there[Music]- crazy type because you don’t want tolose any of that juice and you don’twant those bones so just make sure thatthey’re nice and snug all right we’llsee you guys in another three and a halfhours check them see where we’re at andit’s time to dig in all right guys umwe’re at the six hour mark on the beefribs right now we’ve got them wrappedwe’ve got the beef broth in therethis is just a check to see where we’reat with cook and see if they need to golonger if it’s time for them to come offso let’s take a peek at what we gotwhoa those actually look pretty good nowwhen we temp check them we’re lookingfor there it is that’s exactly whatwe’re looking for we’re looking for asoftened butter just a nice softconsistency that is perfect that’s justwhat we’re looking for and this looksabsolutely perfect so what we’re gonnado is we’re gonna let it rest for 30minutes to an hour and a cooler and thenwe’ll slice it up okay guysmoment of truth first ever beef ribsum smoked them for six and a half hoursthey look perfect when they came offeverything about them looks pretty goodto me I mean they’ve been resting atthis point for about 40 minutes we’velet them rest and look at that heat westill got on them really surprising justslice it right down the bone let’s seewhat we get[Music]oh I think they’re done juicy tender allright guysafter having beef ribs for the firsttime admittedly and cooking them for thefirst time they turned out fantastic Iwould highly recommend that if you canget access to these at your localbutcher please do sothey were fall-off-the-bone tender wellworth the work that you got to put intothem make sure that you follow us oninstagram at crushing underscore carbonBB q we’re putting up photos and videosall the time if you liked this videomake sure you like and subscribe andwe’ll be coming at you with new contentweekly if you have any suggestions oryou have any questions leave that in thecomments below any access that you needwill be in the description below thankyou very much again and happy barbecuinguntil next time everybody[Music]

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