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Wild Turkey KILL, CLEAN, COOK! Part 2

I show you how to make wild turkey taste great! Enjoy!
Marinade recipe:

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to another videoof Brad’s hnf today is a special day itis Easter and for all those that do notknow Easter is about Jesus dying on thecross for our sins and rising againbeating sin and death so that is what wecelebrate today during Easter’s Eastergoodness and not rabbits pooping outcandy so the beginning of what I’m aboutto show you is filmed yesterday which isSaturday the day before Easter and theday we killed the turkey is Friday andso after we killed the turkey which iswhat you saw in the last video I’m gonnaknew the cat couldn’t cook part of it soif you I listen to the video I tenderizehalf of the meat and didn’t tenderizehalf of the other meat and so yesterdayI grilled the non tenderize meat andtomorrow I’m going to fry theretenderize meat and so stay tuned for therest of video and I’ll see you guys atthe end we have our stuff in the fridgeit is marinating and a certain marinadewe have the wishbone here random fact Iwon that wishbone competition against mysister because he decided to keep it andwe had the turkey breasts in there ifyou’re wondering why I didn’t keep thelegs it’s because they got a child buysome pellets and I’m telling you Ididn’t want to eat it and I called mygrandpa and he is like they’re just fullof tendons and they’re just kind of hardto eat unless you want to put it in thecrock pot and it was like eight o’clockseven o’clock my time we finished justdoing the breasts and it’s taking ithome and so it would have been a longernight but so I’m not wasting things itwould just be pretty gross to eat sincewith all the pellets and tendons and Idon’t think we could salvage it but Iwill say the breasts are way bigger thanDucks that I’m youto eating and so that’ll be veryinteresting to try wild turkey for thefirst time and I’m really excited to seehow it turns out and I’ll see you guysonce we put it on the grillright guys we have the grill heating upright now we have the turkey breastsright here is showing about 350 andwe’re gonna wait till it gets to about400 then we’ll throw them on and theinternal temperature of the turkey hasto be 160 degrees right 170 alright cuzit’s wild turkey was gonna do that butit’s been marinating in the marinade andif you haven’t already realized I putthe link in the description below andwe’ll have to see how it turns out wetenderize half the meats and then halfthe meats we didn’t tenderize or cookingthe non tenderized meats right now andthe tenderize meats I think we’re gonnafry them later so those will be tastyand you have to stay tuned for that seeyou guys lateralright so we flipped it once on bothsides so one side one side one side nowwe’re gonna flip it one more time checkthe temperature and see if we’re gonnabe able to eat it next time we’re gonnasee if we can do it fried soI’m struggling right nowthis one sure we could eat that now butI’m notgirl man oh all right we just had thistiny little piece that we had we justgot it done so bone Appetit yeah mytaste right here tastes like turkeychicken this is really good it’s evensweet goodness it’s not hard at all thisis the non tenderize one exactly sotender young birds I think taste good Imean that’s what I’m experiencing rightnow there you go dad so I’m not lyingreally good awesomeall right it’s like 8:30 right now andit is Thursday it’s been a while sincelast time I cooked that last bit ofTurkey and so the other night I quickremembered it and I got it done and Ifried a lot the turkey here’s what’sleft of it and it’s not good if youfrigerator and it’s all squishy now butwe’re going to save it with the airfryerhopefully I don’t know how this is gonnaturn out but we’re gonna see how it isI’m sorry I couldn’t show you directlyhow to do it but basically all you didlet’s take it out of the marinade and Ijust threw it in flour and garlic saltmixed together and threw it in somevegetable oil on a skillet and it workedreally well all crispy and good and Ireally liked it a lot so I’m gonna throwthis in the airfryer and I’ll see youonce done we got it done it’s a littleburnt I think I left it in there toolong but there’s hot ok let’s see thisit’s gonna be a bit too hot probablyhuh huh way too hot but ma’am now Scoobtake it down to my dad and see how helikes ithow’s it looking dad what do you thinkall right guys there’s a little bit ofthe turkey left that we have not usedcoz we couldn’t write it all in onenight so we are saving the rest to putin a crock-pot and put it in like a stewor a soup and so once you put it in astew and put some noodles in it and putit in the crock pot for a long time Ithink that would be a really good mealI’m not gonna film it because it’s gonnatake pretty much a long time to film andit’s gonna be about five minutes ofasking people how it tastes so if youlike this video please hit the like andsubscribe button and I’ll see you guysin part three what shows you how tomount the turkey fan and I have a littlebit of it I already done right now asI’m making this outro and we still havea little bit yet to do so I’ll see youguys in the next video

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