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Today I made these delicious 4.5 lb beef ribs.I seasoned them with Caribique Beef Rub. I smoked them at 250 degrees using hickory pellets. I smoked them for a few hours spritzing ever 30 minutes until temperatures reached 160 degrees then I pulled them and wrapped in butcher paper. Topped with some butter and spritzed again. Smoked until temperatures reached 200 degrees and it was time to pull! These ribs were absolutely amazing!

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Video Transcription

hey everybody welcome back tored-white-blue cookin today we’re gonnahook some beef ribs on the pit-bossbreakdown here I have a four and a halfdown beautiful piece of meat we’re goingto go ahead and take some of thetrimmings off some of that fat and thenwe’re gonna put a little work a shire onit and we’re gonna top it off with somecurta qb4 up if you haven’t had it it isfantastic so let’s get driven[Music][Music][Music]all right so for the most part we got itall trimmed while the big hunks of Babhad to put her a little bitother than that it looks good take somemore shots[Music]all over the front[Music][Music]burr be human[Music]good old nice press same thing for theback[Music]eat all the edges[Music]all right we’re gonna let the sweat alittle bit and we’re with the pit bossall set up all right we’re gonna goahead turn all the pit boss fella girlwe’re gonna open that lid wide open andallow all this white smoke to escape andthen once it starts to dissipate um intothe air you can go ahead and shut thatdoor this is very important because youdon’t want to throw your food inside itwill just get an awful taste[Music]we’re going to be running this pit bossat 250 degrees today pelts we’re goingto be using our hickory pellets and itis up to temp we are going to throwthese beautiful beef ribs on the lefthand side of this[Music]we’re gonna let these go for about anhour then we ready to come back out andcheck on the bark see if we need to giveit a little bit of sprintsgot a little bit of a bone pull back andwe’re gonna get ahead and spritz it witha little bit of 50:50 apple juice andword and we’ll be checking on theseevery 30 minutes until it’s time to wrap[Music]just check-in the tender medicine aswell as a temperature[Music]we’re at underpin 63° we are going topull them off and get them ready to wrap[Music]all right we have our butcher paperwe’re gonna lay out on the table put ourribs right on down we’re gonna top itwith a little bit of butter as well assome spritz of our 50/50 mixture ofapple juice and water[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]all right we’re going to toss it back onfor about an hour and then we’ll be backto check it in Terrell town[Music]all right now is gone by check thetenderness and the temp we’re lookingwe’re right around 200 degrees I’d sayit’s time to fool[Music]all right we’re back it’s been aboutfour and a half five hours I let it restfor about an F let’s see what we’relooking likeoh it’s tender bones are falling look atthatall right let’s get cut cheers everyone[Music][Music]Wow look at that smokealthough juicers holy smokes[Music]guys thanks for joining me I’m gonnachow down on these beautiful beef ribsand if you like what you’re seeing hereplease subscribe for plenty more videosjust like this I’ll see you next time onthe red white and blue coat[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you

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