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Super Tender Beef Ribs with homemade bbq sauce | Nadiya’s Lifestyle

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Video Transcription

have my ribs boiling now for about 30minutes and boiling them is very highlyrecommended because it cuts down yourcook time when you put them in the ovenand it helps them get very very tenderif you just throw them in the ovenwithout boiling them it’s gonna takeextra long for them to cook and they maynot be as tender so I have my ribs hereafter they have been done boyso for the rub this is what I’m gonnause I made my own I am going to add whatI used so that you guys can know and sojust want to sprinkle this evenly ontoeach one on both sides now these are hotso be carefulwhen you’re trying to rub it in but youwant to get it all in there or you canuse a spoon or whatever where you’regonna do it and just make sure you getboth sides[Music]okay so now both sides of my ribs arewell-seasoned what I’m going to do iscover this very tightly when I cover itwith foil as tightly as you can and putthem in the oven on 350 I’m oven on 350and you’re gonna leave them in there forabout 40 minutes to an hour after thattime is up you’re gonna take it out coatthem with your sauce and put them backin the oven for a little while longer sonow I’m going to show you guys how Imake the sauce to put over the ridgeokay guys so for the homemade sauce I’mgoing to start with ketchupnow I’m going based off of how manymoons I have I have quite a bit of ribsI have four slabs there so I gotta makea little bit and it also depends on howsaucy you like your ribs I don’t likemine drowning in sauce I kind of likemyself to be cooked in to the ribs andso that’s about it I don’t want it toosaucy so after that I’m going to addsome spicy brown mustard next I’m goingto add Worcestershire sauce or howeveryou say it you think of it right inthere and last I’m going to add somehoney if you don’t have honey brownsugar works just as goodadd that in there and now just give it agood mix and now this is your sauce soyou make this sauce how you like it oryou can just use the jar um you knowbarbecue sauce whatever sauce you preferthis is just how I make itnow you taste it and you add you knowmore ketchup more honey brown sugarwhatever you want to make it to yourliking and also another thing that’soptional is if you have leftover rub youcan add just a little bit in there toseason it up that’s optional and you mixthat in thereto give it a little more flavor so nowthis is your sauce when your ribs aredone this is what you’re going to coatthem with like I said I don’t like minetoo saucy so I put mine this is gonna bejust enough for the baby that I haveokay so it’s been 45 minutes but I hadthem in and guys they are already sotender literally the knife goes rightthrough themso what I’m gonna do is put my barbecuesauce on there and put them back in foranother maybe 20 minutes let thebarbecue sauce soak up in there and thenthey’ll be done but what I’m gonna dowhen I put the barbecue sauce I’m notgonna cover it back up just put thebarbecue sauce in there and put it injust like that I have my sauce add itand like I said depending on how sauceto you like your wings that’s how muchsauce you can go ahead and add I justwant mine cooked into it I don’t want itto so easily you know like dripping offand stuff like that and then so you putit on both sidestrying to get it all over I coat it withthe sauce and I’m going to put them backin the oven for about another 20 minutesokay so it’s been about another 30minutes I cut one up so you guys can seehow juicy they are it’s nice and tenderand like I said I don’t like mine toosaucy so this is how they look and guysthese are beef ribs once again we don’teat pork so these are beef a lot ofpeople don’t like to do beef ribsbecause they don’t really have as muchmeat as the pork ribs but I got luckythis time and actually found some withsome meat on them so he just got a digand get the good ones for the beef ribsbut if you guys liked this video if youguys try this recipe out let me know inthe comments and let me know how youlike them and I’m gonna see you guys inthe next video

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