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The Beef Brisket! Ep 2 of Cooking with Ryan

Get tasty recipes for while your working from home!

Put it on at midday and by dinner time it’s ready to rumble 👍🏻

Great for when you have a bit of veg lying around or when you looking to get a couple of meals out of something.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to episode 2 or cookingwith Brian yesI’ll put an item to its now from cookingeveryone today we are going to be makinga beef brisket in the slow cooker I madethis a couple of weeks ago I posted onthe East Coast and got a few good alikey like vegetables onion[Music][Music][Music]sighs one state to preparing the meatokay Perry mates at this yeah eat chunkydid a brisket got salt that bad boy wayout[Music]so everything else I pre-cut for yourentertainment or academics well yeahyeah do you meansaute solid ice so what I saw I sawthings like a Souls you found like highschool that’s cool neither in the panbreathing in crackling noise[Music]I’m doing it’s being come back to theold chopping board see you meet Fred sothese little bad words we’re going tocross him I also said quality right heredone now and ORD this to the mate fret[Music][Music]good didn’t we just discussed economyokay this is cookie with a come onah now I’m gonna get to see it up fromthe fiery bitch put the meat on thebarbecue and stop thistwo minutes on each sideAnika where’s your father now when theend of the brown this new goodnessthat’s what we’re gonna put it in potokay hey give it a week now we got allof the engine they’re all having a goodtime[Music][Music]and here’s where the fun really beginshere’s where the Fox truly begins youmean the stuff for the medium this isgonna psyche max oh boy those babies letme get the rest of the garlic the tinselover the whole thing spread it out withyour knife this is the technical editor[Music]Rosemarie that you steal from your nightin your navel that around on that wayyou do it and cook and we’re going upcan already smell the flight up we likea bit of rosemary oh my gosprinkle it it and then just preparepresentation Instagram now guysthis is the broth that we made from acouple of weeks ago when we slow cooksome dad died it wasn’t ityes he buys but we’re gonna do it upwe’re just gonna add it into a leaderso let’s pour that juicy juicy Gruffalookay let’s go to soak through veg it alluplet me help tasty going give us a littlebit of seals down bond just write it upthis is an optional age group salt bigpinch salt that bad those bad boys upand they get it solve that bad boy upokay bitter the old pepper be cracking alittle bit can’t have enough of thisstuff so give it a shake now we’ll comeback to that CT I was dying for you letme see[Music]this baby out the other however that nowif the internet could smell it smellspretty good he’s feeling pretty good[Music]well that’s what it’s pulling apart asyou try and pick it up the brew scoopand we’re gonna start pulling it apartvery soon got all the juicy veg in hereso cook it in let’s pull this bad boy[Music][Music]and now these definite on the waterlittle bit of Tyson make that that guyshe’s the beef brisket as a white I wantto thank you for watchingthere is any more exercise to come Ican’t wait to do something else for youI’ve got to figure out what elsesomething cool but as always stay safestay strong stay connected[Music]

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