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The JUICIEST Pulled BBQ Beef Sandwiches with from scratch Buns and Cole Slaw

This pressure cooked tender beef BBQ recipe is something you can make for any event! It’s easy, delicious, and can be made in a short time.

You can do this very same process with Pork or Chicken.

Perfect for slow cooker meals. A party. Lunch or Dinner.

I used a 8 function Appliance Called The Ninja Foodi to cook the meat.

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Video Transcription

hey it’s your girl Vanessa you’rewatching necessary dishes and today I’mmaking pool barbecued beef sandwichesand I’m making the dough and the buns byscratch now how I started the dough I’vealready made it a couple previous videoson how to make fresh dough so I’m kindof going to skip this process but I’mgoing to tell you quickly where it is inthe ingredients it’s four cups of flour1 tablespoon of salt one teaspoon ofsugar and that’s just the dryingredients you’re gonna have for thewet ingredients 1 tablespoon of oliveoil 1 and 1/2 cups of warm water andthat’s at 120 to 130 temperature and I’mgonna mix that up with 1 tablespoon totwo tablespoons of yeast and I’m gonnalet that rise so it’s nice and foamy andI put that in a bowl and then I put thedry ingredients and slowly knee it untilit forms all together and it kind oflooks like this it normally doesn’t looklike it’s calm or lumpy because I thinkI added too much oil but this is this isjust in the process of it rising so Ithink by the time it’s done it should befine all right so I have about 2 to 2Knopf pounds of ground beef roast hereand I’m just gonna season it pretty goodbecause I’m gonna put a sear on itbefore I put it in the what I have is aninja foodie but it is also says manythings you want to look that up it’sreally really cool I use that thingdaily but I’m pretty much gonna put itin a pressure cooker you can also put itin the slow cooker for about I’d sayabout at least six to eight hours on onmedium high if not high it really kindof depends and it also depends on theweight too so I always keep atemperature thermometer around to makesure that trim meat is thoroughly cookedbut I’m gonna put the pressure curveabout 45 minutes to just speed up theprocess but I’m going to heavily saltthis up and what I have here isand I’m gonna put oil it up I’ll beright back all right so your meat shouldlook like this very thoroughly oiled upput their seasonings throughout thewhole meat and I have this pan going I’mprobably gonna put some oil that’s on amedium-high and what I’m gonna do isjust sear it on all the sides allpossible sides so that you get a goodchar because you’re gonna get thosecharred pieces 1ne when you pull itapart you want to have some of thosecharred pieces and it also locks thejuice into so that’s very important ifyou do that I mean you don’t have to doit but if you really want that extraflavor that’s a very very goodsuggestion all right yeah you could kindof look like bad it’s a little bitscared if you go a little bit longer onthe sphere to get it kind of darker orthrough outfit that’s pretty goodnothing all right you got it so I’mgonna pour this sauce on hereit’s a beautiful sauce I made I will putdown in the description of what thesauce is just like a barbecue base but Iadded some ingredientscook that up and I put a little bit morewater on this on the side of it – allright so I got some water and I addedsome oil – cuz when I shred it up Iwanted to be nice and juicy on it justin case you know this doesn’t haveenough fatty mess I’m gonna add some toit and now I’m gonna put it in thepressure cooker for about 60 minutes andthen I’m gonna check on it I’ll probablypull it apart a little bit more anddepending on how tender it is I’llprobably let it go a little bit longerif it’s how it how it is but already youcan kind of see you can kind of see nowthat this is a rising double its size Iprobably let it go a little bit longerbefore I break it down into equal bunsprobably another 20 minutes all right soI’m just gonna show you guys how I makemy Costawhat I have here is some shredded greencabbage which is about 4 cups 1 cup ofshredded carrots and I chopped up maybeabout about 1/2 a cup of bread andbutter chips so that’s kind of likesweet relish before it’s cut up so whenI have for the dressing is a half a cupof mayonnaise and put that in a separateBowl about 3 tablespoons of sugar saltpepper[Music]and a couple splashes of vinegar applecider vinegar so maybe a cap or two[Music][Music]what the sugar does is it breaks downall of the vegetable so let the thewater kind of I don’t know what it isI’m not sure the exact site yeah itpretty much breaks down the watermolecules out of the vegetables so thatit softens I think I’m saying that rightif I’m not just comment in the commentsyou know and I’m if I’m saying thatwrong I’m no scientist we try thisperfect host way to probably add alittle bit more vinegar you want itsweet but you want to King you herealright and the butter chips are alittle sweet too so so what I’m gonna dois add this to this[Music]give it a good little mix here should Igot a bigger bowl I’m gonna be carefulherethe pickles are totally optional I justI love picklesespecially on a pulled sandwich pulledbe full chicken pulled porkespecially barbecued – so this is gonnatake a little bit for it to fermentthat’s the correct word also ourbreakdown or get soft I don’t know manI’m just a self-taught chef you know allright so it’s next up here all rightthat looks like so mixed up there so I’mgonna cover this up and I’m gonna putthis in the refrigerator until is readyto be topped or you can hang on the sideyou can have it as a side or you can topit on top of your sandwich all rightthroughout the point where I’m going tobe making the buns and here it’s doublethe size I’m gonna hurry up batteriesgetting blown upI apologize if I can’t make it on timeoh it’s that’s a perfect consistency tooI make about eight I’m gonna do at thispoint is just kind of roll it all cuzI’m gonna have these rise one more timebecause I still have about 45 minutesuntil I have to take the meat out so I’mgonna just need that and what that’sgonna do is it’s gonna rise into thesoftball here[Music][Music]kids are launching something in the backthey just left me down here left a TV onstory of my life you know I like thishectic can I say I love it wouldn’t haveit any other wayit would be a little eerie if I didn’thave a little bit of background musicsorry if that’s annoying to you guysyou’re gonna want to see the end of thisvideo the promiseyouall right so I have the dough here Ijust sliding it down cuz when it’s gonnarise a little bit more and then when Ithink it’s gonna rise even more so Iwant to flatten it down not so much justenough to where it’ll form nice sizedpatties and won’t be like a ball superball where you can’t really let me guesseither way it’s good yeah so I’m gonnacover that up on both of them and thenby the time beef is done I’m just gonnabake it it’s gonna take about 10 minutesor so and then I’ll be ready to prep itall up all right so the buns are sittinghere they’ve risen a little bit they’rea hundred percent uneven but I’m justgonna have to work with what I get andwatch them in the process so what I havehere is a little egg wash I want to showyou cut a little bit of a shiny finishso I’m just like at the top of them verylightlyright now pop them in the oven at 400for about 10 – pubmed yep thunder youcan go like this to it and they canshred it’s readyall right so I’m just going to show youwhat it looks like on the inside so it’sperfect cooked all the way through andI’m just gonna put some butter on thisside and sear it on the sauce pan andget a little crusty so it can hold itsshape a little bit more it’s reallyreally softthat means super soft sorry so I’m justgonna have this go for about a minute orso so I can get a good little crust or Ican broil it but I just decided to do itthis way it seems a little bit quickerand I can watch it interesting alrightso I’m going to make my son’s plate seehere I just get a little slightly postedand I’m gonna I got the beef here I justshredded it let the sauce on there veryverynice amount[Music]all right as you can see it’s nice andtender it is shredded 10 there perfecteven the sauce has this perfectconsistency all right[Applause]all right so I got the sauce and I gotthis beautiful meat right here littlesuper tender the sauce is a perfectconsistency we go ahead and startplatingso I had just toasted the bun a littlebit I love the texture how it has smallpieces and also has thick pieces tooyou[Music]alright thanks again for watching thankyou for the support I’ll see you nextvideo peace out look how beautiful thatisnice and juicythat’s what you[Music]

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