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Easy juicy grilled pork chops with veggies

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Video Transcription

[Music]today you will be grilling some porkchopsI do have six bone-in pork chops I didlet them sit in a half of cup of dr.pepper and also half of a lime juicefreshly squeezed in do you want these tosit in this marinade for about 15minutes before you do put the seasoningon them it just makes them more juicywhen you do put them on the grill andour seasonings that we’re going to puton them we have a tablespoon of garlicpowder we have one tablespoon of lemonpepper we have a tablespoon of adoboseasoning we also have a tablespoon ofchili flakes we have a half a teaspoonof chili powder half a teaspoon of saltand 1/2 a teaspoon of meat tenderizer solet’s get started for about 15 minutes[Music]along with these four chunks we’re alsogoing to have whole white mushroomsasparagus and everything we will becooking on the grill today and we’regoing to season both sides of our porkchops[Music]youso I’m gonna let these marinate foranother five minutes before I throw themon the grill and in the meantime we’regoing to start on our veggies let’s getstarted on seasoning our vegetablesI do have 16 ounces of whole whitemushroom and I also have one bundle ofasparagus we’re going to be using extravirgin olive oil minced garlic and I dohave a teaspoon of lemon pepper ateaspoon of black pepper and a teaspoonof garlic salt first we are going todrizzle two teaspoons of olive oil overour mushrooms and a tablespoon over ourasparagus[Music]tablespoon of minced garlic on top ofour mushrooms and half a teaspoon withour[Music]actually mixer TV and we’re just goingto sprinkle half of this over ourmushrooms and we’re going to get onewith office then we’re going to sprinklethe other half on top of large areas andgive that a tossnow that these are done and marinated weare going to start putting them on thegrillyou

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