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I decided to prepare something special for my Mom this Mother’s Day and I ordered some Wagyu Beef Cubes from Jjang Grill Korean BBQ.

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Jjang Grill Korean BBQ

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys what is up Joe here back at thebegin with another quarantine video andtoday is actually the day beforeMother’s Day and I just want to dosomething special for her because eversince this quarantine started he’salways been cooking our meals and youknow being a mother that she is so intoday’s video I’m doing somethingspecial for her I ordered some Japaneseand Koreansang-doo for lunch so it’s gonna bedelivered anytime soon so check it out[Music]all right the gritter is now ready nowwe just need to wait for the foodarrived Wowshocked oh ha ha ok so this is what Iordered for today’s lunch I ordered allof these from Jiang Grill Korean BBQthey’re located just here in Pearl ourvillage so what I ordered is mandu 12pieces 500 grams of Wagyu beef cubessome kimchi and lettuce and we also havesome fruits that we got from ourselvesall right so let’s go and start cooking[Music]so let me try first the man do get backwith their sauce really good them quitehealthy meat the abundant as well juicyokay okay so the Wagyu beef is nowcooked as you can see I’m gonna eat itwith lettuce and some kimchi so just dipit in some junk and let’s have a tasteof it to begin hmm the Wagyu is reallysoft I’m surprisingly I really like itfacing it with just that wag you itselfand some samjoe so soft and juicy theWagyu is really good so in terms ofcooking the meat we didn’t really haveto put oil into the grill pan becausethe meat itself has already oil so youdon’t need to worry about that it’sreally easy to cook that anyone canactually do it overall the highlight ofthis video is the Wagyu beef cubes myfamily you will enjoyed it excellentthanks your honor[Music]other words and I’m sure your economywill enjoy it toooverall the experience was reallywonderful I mean if you guys havesomething special to do on acertification this is a nice activity todo with your family especially duringthis time we yourself because of thequarantine this is a nice activity thatyou can do with your whole family re theice I do hope you enjoyed watching meeat some delicious food birthday lunchand I hope you get to experience thisyourself if you guys would like to orderresolve what I just ate you can have twoyoung grillKorean barbecue if you guys would liketo be updated in my next video pleasedon’t forget to like follow andsubscribe see my social media pages thisis Jose Serrano something else and Iwill see you in my next videosee you guys[Music]

6 Replies to “WAGYU BEEF CUBES FOOD REVIEW: Jjang Grill Korean BBQ

  1. The beef looked delicious plus super soft. Looked like it melted in your mouth. I looked for them in USA and wow super expensive but worth it I’m sure. Definitely going to try. BTW, I live in Tampa, Florida and the beaches are now open so masses of people have flocked. I’m still fearful so I’m not in a rush. Stay safe. Thank you.

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